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zoning Both buildings are zoned as central employment.

design regulations / restrictions


The East Morrison Apartment building was part of the Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area. The facade of the building was part of the sStorefront Improvement Program, is an urban renewal site from 1986 to present. The urban development goals for the area are 1) to Maintain Portland’s role as the major regional employment, population, cultural center through public policies that encourage expanded opportunity for housing and jobs while retaining the character of established residential, neighborhood and business center, and 2) Urban Diversity: Promote a range of employment opportunities and living environments for Portland residents in order to attract and retain a stable and diversified population (Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area Housing Strategy Document, City of Portland).

Occupancies / Occupant Load and Construction East Morrison Apartment Building: Group R-2—Residential, R-B Residential, Apartment Buildings (Life and Safety Code), Group M—Mercantile, M-B (Life and Safety Code), Group B—Business, Separated Multiple Occupancy Jay’s Garage Building: Group M-- Mercantile, M-C, 1 story ≤ 3000 SF. (Life and Safety Code) (50 Sharon Koomen Harmon).

occupant loads for each occupancy group Maximum Floor Areas per Occupant: Dormitories: 60 sq ft. gross; Mercantile 60 sq. ft. gross, Residential 320 sq. ft gross (119 Materials Structures Standards, McMorrough) Total Occupant Load= 30-40 (residents/residential) Total Occupant Load= 20-30 (tenants/commerical lease)

Construction Type

egress and fire rating

Noncombustible materials—concrete and masonry. Type II or Type IV construction. “IIIA or IIIB, exterior walls must be of noncombustible materials and interior building elements may be of any material permitted by the code” (116 McMorrough).

maximum travel distance to an exit With a sprinkler system: 250 ft. Without a sprinkler system: 200 ft.

dead end corridor lengths limits The most common dead end length is a maximum of 20’

minimum egress width The width for stairways is .3” per occupant ~ 27” (without sprinkler system) The width for stairways is .2” per occupant ~ 18” (without sprinkler system)


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