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Keeping Up With Division 6




Paying dues is essential to the success of our district, and international!

Increasing overall membership and increasing attendance at meetings is crucial!

Attending district events allows you to become more involved with Key Club, learn more while having fun, and meet Key Clubbers from all over NJ!











Message from your LTG Dear Division 6, While it is just now hitting us that school has begun, it is important that we tackle everything now so it is less worrisome later on in the year. This newsletter has a lot of information on district events coming up soon, paying dues, deadlines that are coming up, and more, as well as ways to improve your club. Therefore, it is important that you read through this newsletter thoroughly (as well as your officer training packet) to ensure that you do the best that you can do this year! Keep in mind all of the amazing opportunities you get to fulfill this year!  Also, I am here as a resource! If you have ANY questions at all (whether silly or not), feel free to ask! I'd be happy to answer! Have a wonderful September! Emma

* FUN FACT * I was born in Indiana and moved to New Jersey when I was 3 months old.


DUES: $13.50-$18.50 Clubs can charge up to $5 more from the base of $13.50 to fundraise! Being a member of Key Club International means supporting the organization by paying annual dues of $13.50. Of this $13.50, $7.00 is given to Key Club International and the remaining $6.50 goes to the District of NJ. The dues fund amazing events like Fall Rally and District Convention as well as other items such as scholarships and club service projects. In addition to the annual dues, your club is permitted to charge an additional amount up to $5. Dues are incredibly important and keep New Jersey Key Club and Key Club International operating. The steps to pay dues are listed below.

Not only is it very important to pay dues but it is also very important to pay dues prior to the deadline.  The early bird deadline is November 1, 2018 and the regular deadline is December 1, 2018. A club becomes suspended if they do not pay dues by February 1, 2019 and they become inactive if they do not pay dues by October 1, 2019. Suspended and inactive clubs do not count towards quorum and members cannot run for District Board or International positions.  Also, members of suspended and inactive clubs cannot attend events like Fall Rally and District Convention. Furthermore, these clubs cannot apply for district or international scholarships or club service grants including the Youth Opportunities Fund.

More information about dues; be sure you understand the dues process!Â

More information about dues; be sure you understand the dues process!Â


Increasing membership is extremely important in being in Key Club. It allows our district to grow, and increase the amount of Key Clubbers in our state. While the district as a whole has over 10,000 members, it is important that we continue to grow and share the opportunities that Key Club has to everyone. This section of the newsletter covers ways to increase membership, meeting attendance, getting involved, preparing for success, and more. 

PREPARING FOR SUCCESS A GUIDE OF WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING TO PREPARE FOR YOUR CLUB 1. Get into contact with local organizations! Getting in contact with organizations is essential to start the new year well. Ask them about volunteer opportunities, and see if Key Clubbers can help out. This will allow your club to get a diverse amount of organizations to volunteer at, and you will not need to worry too much about it during the year! 2. Meet with your officers! During the summer, set a scheduled time for club meetings during the school year so it is consistent (ex. every other Friday after school). Set a schedule time for board meetings as well. You should have a board meeting at least once a month to discuss what will be talked about/planned at club meetings. Also talk to your officers about ways to make the club better!

3. Fundraise! Beginning to fundraise during the summer will set you ahead. You can fundraise with Rose Sale, as well as other fundraisers. It will be easier to fundraise during the school year if you had already begun fundraising. 4. Communicate with your members. Keep your members in the loop! Many of them will want to continue doing service often, so be sure to let them know in case any events come up! Make sure you also inform them of district events coming up!

INCREASING MEETING ATTENDANCE IDEAS ON HOW TO MAKE CLUB MEETINGS MORE FUN! 1) Play icebreakers and games! People want to make new friends and have a good time! 2) Give members an incentive to come! Some clubs have a "Member of the Month" where whoever attends the most meetings and volunteer events gets a prize. This could be anything, such as a gift card! 3) Do a service project during the meeting! This is a great way to get service hours during meetings, and allow students who are unable to go to a lot of Key Club events still get service hours.

4) Promote the date and time of the meeting at least a week beforehand, and send a reminder the day of the meeting! Many people forget when the meeting is. Sending out reminders will definitely help. If you use Remind101, this is a great tool to notify members. 5) Promote district events! Many members do not know of District Events, such as Fall Rally or DCON. Make sure to promote these AT meetings AND on your social media platform and encourage them to attend. When Key Clubbers get involved on the district level, they will be more likely to attend meetings to find out more.

How to Get People to Join Key Club: Show this flyer to your peers and mention all of the great opportunities they can experience by joining Key Club!

Being a Successful Club: This guide shows some tips to being a great Key Club. You can use them to your advantage to make your club better!

Fundraising Guide: This guide can be used to fundraise for club events, district events, district project, transportation, anything for your club! Use it to your advantage!

FALL RALLY INFORMATION Are you ready to have an amazing and fun filled day at Six Flags Great Adventure and meet almost 3,000 other Key Clubbers from the entire state of New Jersey? Well, get ready for this years New Jersey District’s Fall Rally, taking place on October 7th, 2018 at Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Show off your best club spirit during the opening ceremony and join the quest for the coveted spirit stick. Bring your loudest cheers and get ready to show some divisional pride with the help of your Lieutenant Governor! The day starts off with inspirational speeches from your district executives and a food drive for the district project: Hunger in New Jersey. All proceeds from the food drive will benefit the New Jersey Federation of Food Banks, which provides meals to food insecure families in New Jersey. Get a chance to hear from our keynote speaker, Stephen Gandley, past Kiwanis District Governor and Key Club Zone Administrator. After the session, all Key Clubbers can meet Mr. Gandley and get a chance to talk with him. Experience the fun rides and attractions with your fellow Key Clubbers at Six Flags for the rest of the day and attend Fright Fest by night! Witness all the hard work and dedication the Lieutenant Governors and Executives have put into the event and get to know Key Club on the District Level. All this and much more for an early registration price of $40; early registration must be postmarked by September 28th and your school will get a free bus parking pass for registering early! Late registration(onsite) is $45 and registration is only $7 if you have a season pass! If you have any questions or concerns, contact Katie Lynch at or Alexis Faison at

Fall Rally 2018: Be sure to promote Fall Rally to your club, as it pays for many opportunities such as senior scholarships!Â

Fall Rally 2018: Be sure to promote Fall Rally to your club, as it pays for many opportunities such as senior scholarships!Â

FALL RTCS INFORMATION Regional Training Conferences are a great way to learn more about your role in Key Club, whether you are an officer or a general member! You will also be able to learn more about how to make your club more successful, fun, and exciting, as well as attend a bunch of fun workshops! However, these are the LAST RTCs for this year! These are your last chances to attend one! Remember, officers must attend an RTC in order to receive a Distinguished Officer Award at District Convention in March, 2019! You only need to attend one of these RTCs, so SAVE ONE OF THE DATES! Millburn High School September 22 9:00am-1:00pm Hackettstown High School September 23 9:00am-1:00pm Central Regional High School September 30 9:00am-1:00pm

Fall RTCs 2018: Important information on RTCs-- please plan to attend one! General members can also attend.

Fall RTCs 2018: If you attend RTCs, you won't regret it! Bring your friends and have a load of fun!

Key Leader is a Kiwanis weekend leadership education program for high school students. Its mission is to provide a lifechanging experience that inspires young people to achieve their personal best through service leadership.You're encouraged to attend, especially if you would like to run for Lieutenant Governor!

Key Leader is one of the best district events. This brochure gives you more information on it.Â

District Convention is a yearly gathering of Key Clubbers at the end of the service year to celebrate the end of a successful year and the beginning of a new one. With District Convention being three days long, you will get to experience some new opportunities and have a blast! Experience fun workshops, listen to keynote speakers, meet Key Clubbers from all around New Jersey, compete for the spirit stick, attend fun dances, go to the boardwalk, hang out and meet new friends, and more!

The Students Change Hunger Food Challenge is a statewide challenge to collect the most food and funds for their Food Bank. It begins Monday, September 17th and runs through Monday, December 10th. Register now at Contact or for more information!

The Kiwanis foundation is hosting a NJ Devils fundraiser, where anybody can buy a ticket to see the game on October 18th.

This year's advocacy focus is Sexual Harassment Prvenetion with an Emphasis on Bullying! This flyer contains some information about our advocacy focus.

Club Monthly Report Forms are due on the 8th of every month. It is important to remember to submit them on time because the District Board uses them to evaluate your club's improvement.

Your district board's contact information!

Division 6 September Newsletter #6  

This newsletter contains important information about dues, back to school, district events, and other resources! Use it to your advantage :)

Division 6 September Newsletter #6  

This newsletter contains important information about dues, back to school, district events, and other resources! Use it to your advantage :)