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Emlyn Northcote-Rojas

Candid fleeting moments reinterpreted as an archive of nostalgia. In my line of work I pull focus towards the people around me, capturing the everyday and social interactions between myself and those closest to me as a means of visually preserving my memory. Throughout my experience I have sought out to work in a journalistic form in order to progress in the way I see and capture my subject matter to illustrate the story visually. As a practicing film photographer, alternative chemical processes have become a key aspect in the work that I do, drawing my approach to a fine art form and treating the negative like a painter treats his canvas allowing further exploration towards other styles such as fashion, and the nude. Photography has directed me to many destinations both in the medium and around the world with a keen interest in the human condition and fine art.

Emlyn Northcote-Rojas Photography Portfolio  
Emlyn Northcote-Rojas Photography Portfolio  

Online portfolio demonstrating the snapshot aesthetic style of a variety of subject matter and conventional photographic processes.