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every object on my parents’ bookshelf transcribed from a photograph in order from left to right top to bottom.


every object on my parents’ bookshelf transcribed from a photograph in order from left to right top to bottom.

oakland 2012

small fires the garlands caught fire when we let the candle burn too low these days we keep them in glass globes and go around extinguishing each other before bedtime

artifacts from memory no.1 a letter left in a fax machine means a honeymoon diary, a horizontal pressure means a stack of self help sex books means how to fat proof your child means how to raise a godly child means a wedding album in a white box, BEFORE BILL in black pen on a white box between other white boxes TAXES 1996 and TAXES 1989 also in black pen. a gg magazine behind a bookshelf. a cupboard for keeping future children in. a cupboard for just in case. a language of artifacts. a shelf of porcelein jesters, is tumble bodies, balance point, is blue group home, is tooth decay, the absence of an uncle, a museum of a man, is never mentioned.

a sticky note on a mirror. a sticky note on a pillow. a prayerbook left on a pillow, just in case.

artifacts from memory no. 2 a window seat where there is


artifacts from memory no. 3 sinks, the open mouths of homes piled deep, clogged with bits of string, hair, hoarded nothing treasures small stuffed creatures. the cat made its home in the mouth and slept and did not dream of teeth.

every object on my parents’ bookshelf transcribed from a photograph in order from left to right top to bottom. the journals of Lewis and Clark McMAHON! the handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment Rocky Mountain wildflowers The prophet Double deuce Perchance to dream Jurrasic Park The hunt for– [obscured by a Salisbury pewter commemorative coin] Crescent City How to– The Audobon Society Field Guide to North American Birds Beautiful swimmers leaning against a geometric end sculpture [obscured by a dimestore native american yellow feathered bow and arrow] Is Sex Necessary?

The Nothing Book Manual for common moments How to make wine in your Own Kitchen The Best Short Stories of the Modern Age The Third Wave The Best Known secrets of William– Notes to Myself An engagement view of life String figures and how to make them The Book of Ruth Sex with the Queen Indian Basket Weaving This is my Beloved Encounters with the Future Mistral’s Daughter Dr. Ruth’s Guide for Married Lovers. Cass– [obscured by New Testament] a home in Mitford a consumer research Buying Guide, 2005 a season in Purgatory Diana Scarlett On leaving Charleston

leaning against by an Arizona green tea bottle, a red toy cablecar #504 a pack of mints open-mouthed mask leaning against a painting of Montecello. Food remedies, Bottom line year book, 2000 Growing younger Herbs that heal The Apprentice held up by A Kids guide to Washington DC, a Spongebob Squarepants lunchbox, a high school lanyard. an artificial plant in a basket. the complete monty python flying circus. Keys for business Getting aquainted with accounting the mirror makers technical english the best baby name book the little english handbook

who’s hiring who writer’s adviser comparative essays present and past plain english handbook [obscured by leaning framed photograph of William (father) with arm around Ruth (mother), both smiling] christmas family album spring family album autumn family album– [obscured by child drawing of renaissance painting of a lounging lady, her lover at her knee, a dog looking on, longing.] hello France Great Britain Going Places with children in Washington DC Brittany Paris Guide to– Italian Italy 2005

above: haphazard horizontal stacks of maps 2010: Virginia Travel Guide 2010: Virginia Travel Guide a folded page that reads: “States...and for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance–” “keep pace with the times. we might as well require a man to wear still the–” above: haphazard horizontal stacks of maps colorado & utah Paris Top 10: Paris Egon Ronay’s Guide 1995 Europe Europe travelbook Small hotels on the beach Berlitz French Berlitz French Relais & Chateaux Country Inns and Back Roads National Geographic’s guide to State Parks The Innkeeper’ Register 1995 The Complete Lake Tahoe guidebook Inn Spots & Special Places Southern California to Las Vegas Illinois, Indiana & Others

New Jersey & Pennsylvania Northern California to Nevada Mid-Atlantic Guide to Alexandria Guide to– the the trip book the Best of Washington DC National Geographic Guide to Small Town Escapes Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina Asheville & Henderson South Carolina a Falcon Guide to Hiking South Carolina above & at a tilt: Illinois, Indiana & Ohio Idaho, Montana & Wyoming Oregon & Washington Kentucky & Tennessee Arizona & New Mexico.

oakland 2012

every object on my parents' bookshelf