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Introduction In 1980 the Vietnam War was still fresh in the minds of Americans and China was still a closed society. The fax machine was still a novelty in business and overseas communication relied on the Telex machine and the telephone. Jpegs, internet, and emails where still in development. Most people failed to realize how these technologies would change the worldwide financial and production resource markets and dramatically change the way the whole world did business. Companies like Emissary pioneered the now borderless world of home accent commerce that retailers and consumers benefit from today. Our name Emissary was chosen because it describes, in a word, our company philosophy: to be an emissary for our North American clients to the bountiful world of home accent resources from Asia. At the same time we represent the hand crafted goods from Asian villages to the US Markets.

Emissary Trading Company’s


29 Year History


1972 1980

Captain Peter Nealing USAF is stationed in Thailand and conceptualizes Emissary Trading Company while visiting local village artisans.

Emissary is founded to import decorative brass from Thailand and first shows in New York and Atlanta.

Carved wood products were added. We quickly became the largest importer with an extensive variety. At the same time we part-


nered with the Atlanta based, Coca-Cola Company; purchasing and shipping home accent products to the United States for them.

1985 1988 Emissary first shows in High Point.

Emissary purchases our current 70,000 sq ft headquarters and warehouse in Chamblee, Georgia (Metro Atlanta).

Peter Nealing is in China during the June 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Later that year we receive and introduce decorative ceramic planters and garden


accents from China. Emissary was the first company to commit to bringing in decorative outdoor planters in depth of color and style.

Emissary invests in welding and bending equipment to


manufacture metal plant stands and soon is making store display racks and etageres.


At the urging of his Vietnamese employees, Peter Nealing first travels to Viet Nam to establish product connections.

Emissary has the first container from Viet Nam to land in Savan-


nah GA when the war embargo is lifted. That container was filled with indoor and outdoor ceramics.

Emissary is the first company to commit to bring in Garden Seats in depth


of color and style and we remain the leader in this growing category.

Design and Introduction of Emissary Classics. 42 styles.


Each available in 11 different colored glazes.


Established lamp manufacturing in Atlanta.

2000 2001 Established a metal factory in Viet Nam.

Arthur Wang was named Creative Director to expand our proprietary designs and thus differentiate Emissary from new competition that are now sourcing in Viet Nam and China.

Emissary has warehouse and production facilities in Atlanta


and Vietnam. Offices in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Atlanta,

and New York City. We employ 21 people representing several distinct cultures.

Emissary Trading Company’s Differentiation

Design Products should have a clean design element. Our designs do not fit into one particular category. The designs should be unique and not follow but lead. We both create designs and discover designs that will enhance our presentation.

Color In ceramics it is the glaze that is important. The color, vibrancy of the glaze and the way that it sits on the piece is the beauty of the piece. We spend considerable time finding the best glazes and the factories that can produce those glazes consistently. Emissary offers over 200 unique colors and glazes throughout our line.

Depth Designers and stores love to shop Emissary because of the constant flow and variety of product available. No other company has consistently brought in as many styles, colors, sizes, and glazes as we have. At any given time we have approximately 3,000 distinct SKU’s available to our customers. For example, in garden seats we have over 70 unique styles and with colors and glazes that translates to over 200 SKU’s in that category. Journalists and interior designers are choosing Emissary’s garden stools for publication in well known decor magazines. Shown here are photos from Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Veranda and House Beautiful.

Service We listen to our customers. Our customers both directly and indirectly tell us which products are best, what our shipping problems are, how our sales reps are doing, and any quality problems with the products. Knowing a problem is the first step in correcting the problem. Our goal is to always take care of our customers.

Advertising and Promotions

This ad appeared in the Fall 2009 High Point Accessory Preview


This ad appeared in the Spring 2009 edition of Home Accents Today.


100 page Product Catalog featuring Emissary’s full line of products.

Direct Mail Postcards


Color coded product cards of the entire line are produced for sales representatives

Emissary Website


Product Prints and CD Images Meditating Buddha Designed by Emissary’s Creative Director, Arthur Wang, from classical Buddha images. It has the correct proportions that present a calming influence.

Black Wine Jar This is a series of planters brand new to the US Market. They have been around for hundreds of years and previously have been used exclusively by Chinese wineries as fermentation and storage vessel for rice wine. We liked the look and variety of sizes. These are available from small 18� high containers to a very large 70 inch high container which weighs 400 lbs. 13

Moss Crystal Series This group of outdoor planters and a garden seat was designed to contemporize outdoor ceramics. It features clean , new ,and updated shapes with elegant lines. The most striking feature of this collection is a the glaze. This glaze utilizes a new technique we call “reactive glaze”. Originally this was a phenomenon in firing which we considered an error. We liked the look and have been able to duplicate it. This glaze has elements in it which “pop” or react at certain temperatures.

High Fired Medallion Garden Stool Oversized (18x20.5”H) for use as an indoor or outdoor table. Available in 7 glazes. The medallion design is twin intertwined dragons with a cloud motif. The table is reminiscent of turn of the century Chinese designs. 14

Cast Recycled Iron Pan/Outdoor Fireplace We are showing one of 5 different sizes here. Each size has a complementary set of accessories such as stands and grates which are made at our factory in Atlanta. The pans themselves are made from recycled scrap iron in Viet Nam. They also can used as planters, water gardens, and at parties to ice beverages.


Garden Fountain Part of our Hidden Village Collection. This fountain is made by artisans located in a very remote region of China. In this village they use very old and rudimentary firing and glazing techniques which give the pieces a very rustic, earthy , and natural look. This set ships complete with bowl, pump pedestal, pump, and fountain .just add water for your new 16

outdoor water feature.

Company Information

Company Name: Emissary Trading Company Contact Name and Title: Peter Nealing, President Address:

3580 Broad Street

Atlanta, GA 30341

Email Address: Company President/ CEO: Peter Nealing Alternate Contact Name and Title: Tom Gardner, National Sales Manager Phone Number: 770-986-9000 Fax Number: 770-457-9967 Website:


3580 Broad St. Atlanta, GA 30341 770-986-9000



Fax: 770-457-9967 Email:

Arts Award Book  

Book submitted for the 21st ARTS Award Manufacturer of the Year in the Outdoor Living category nomination.

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