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Issue #4 November 2016

Welcome Polarize Magazine is a music photography magazine. The magazine features photography by Emily Kovacic with her views on what she experienced as well as artist interviews and portraits. The magazine is currently published on in relation with Emily Kovacic Photography. Polarize Magazine is currently available on the web and for print. Photos in this issue were shot for the following: -UMusicians -E Minor Media -Dirty Heads Inquries: Instagram: @emilykovacic Facebook Page: Emily Kovacic Photography

Ra Ra Riot

Aaron Gillespie

Welcome to the

e inbetween...

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Q & A What would you like people to know about LAYNE? I think the message we want people to walk away with is it’s okay to feel emotional and there’s a lot of power in emotion and using that is something powerful and super human and to not be afraid of feeling a lot even if it’s bad because you can always use that as fuel and power. So I think that’s probably the message that we want seen as a whole. Layne, you were inspired by the environment for the EP, has touring made an impact on your writing with being in new places? Yeah, I actually haven’t written. I haven’t had time to write at all on this tour. We’ve been going, going, going but definitely when we get back to L.A. I’m sure it will like hit me and all. I will have gathered different feelings and all. Like this tour, this city has a special environment and Chicago had a different feeling too. I’m sure I’ll definitely walk away with some different mindsets and emotions about it for sure. Where do you see your music headed from here? Well we just put out this record. Going to do some more tours and then hopefully put out, definitely put out another EP or full length depending on what happens at the top of next year, so pretty soon. Also just getting on bigger tours and getting out in front of people and hanging out with friends and fans and doing all of that. Just growing it. What three bands would you like to tour with? The 1975, Melanie Martinez, PVRIS...but I mean I can’t bring it down to just three there’s so many bands but those three for sure and then more. Was it hard to choose just five songs for the EP? Yeah, on this one yeah, because we did like fifteen to twenty songs this year. It was all sporadic, so it was like definitely hard because we didn’t sit down and make an EP like you normally do where you do it in one time. We did it kind of over the course of a year so it was kind of weird like to pull from a year ago and then pull from like two weeks ago. It was kind of weird but yeah I feel the next one will be easier as far as that goes. Thanks for the interview! Anything you’d like to add? Socials! Twitter and Instagram are both @laynesworld_ Layne’s World on Facebook, is our website. EP is out now on Spotify and everywhere!

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The 1975

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uck, I guess that’s what you would call it. I don’t know how I got to shoot this. I mean obviously I know the motions, but I was never expecting to shoot The 1975 again at this point in my life. You can say “oh that’s stupid to think” or “why wouldn’t you?” I previously shot them in 2014. I was 7 months into shooting concerts “professionally”. In retrospect, I had no clue what I was doing yet. Yes, I got images but they were just that, images. Now it’s been over 2 years and I’d like to say that I’ve come a long way enough to have created my own style. It’s been a rough year for me to get shows. I don’t know if it’s because the publications I work for or just that there’s not many photo passes being handed out this year. It’s strange. I took a chance requesting for The 1975 and never expected to get approved. I guess there’s still hope to shoot bigger shows after all. Enjoy my photos from The 1975 on November 1st in Pittsburgh, PA at Stage AE. Their second night of a sold out show at this venue.

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Set It Off

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Dirty Heads

Polarize: A Photo Zine November 2016

Polarize Issue #4  

Featuring The 1975, LAYNE, Set It Off, Dirty Heads

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