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Rebrand Project

Spring Summer 2018 Brand Background Ports was founded in 1961, by Luke Tanabe, a Canadian entrepreneur. The company began as a business that imported silk from Japan, but gradually evolved to become an upscale women’s clothier with a reputation of making well-crafted garment. By 1966, the company was renamed Ports International, reflecting Tanabe’s itinerant spirit of global travel - a distinctive characteristic that would become the defining narrative of Ports. The designs of Ports 1961 are more modern and boldly innovate, however, there is a lack of iconic Ports design, although it is a low key fashion brand, still, the clients can not recognize the designs from this brand. The Old Ports International has the big market from mainland China, it is the biggest superiority of the market, but the target market is more for the middle age woman, the design has too many flower patterns, it is very old fashion style for 3

Spring Summer 2018 Brand Background the current fashion trend, it also loses the young generation market, which is one of the biggest markets. The new version of Ports International will combine the design of Ports 1961 Runway and Ports International together, the new style will combine with more pastel color, the colorful design will bring the fresh vibe, but still, the design will be kept as colorful, elegant and clean. Except for the designs for clothing, the new brand will also invest more accessories, such as shoes, bags, and jewelry. The new brand will also create more social media and be more active.


Spring Summer 2018

Reasons Reasons forFor Rebrand Rebrand Ports Ports International International


Spring Summer 2018


Spring Summer 2018 SWOT Analysis


Ports’ retail stores expanded rapidly within and outside hina increasing by 7-10%. Big Chinese market. Resulting in lower operating costs and higher margins. Celebrity marketing. Featuring in top magazines like Vogue. Sponsoring celebrities and movies. Loyal customer.


Potential growth in a rebrand image- a younger image. Online marketing - Global expansion. Upgrade in store service. Build social media presence Ecommerce. (Net-a-Porter, MatchesFashion, SSENSE) Celebrity Collaboration. (Bella Hadid x Chrome Hearts) Brand Collabration. (H&M x Balmain) Events. ( annal sale event, shopping mall event, fashion event)


Changing luxury landscape from “exclusive” to “wider range”. Women centric designer brands perceived as a mature brand, they need younger customer. Lack of brand history. Lack of brand identity. Limited age customer. (usually middle age women)


Highly competitive global market. Fast fashion market. (H&M, Zara) European nancial crisis.


Spring Summer 2018 Perceptual Map Exclusivity

Higher Price

Lower Price

Mass Market 8

Spring Summer 2018

New Ports International Brand Image Spring Summer 2018


Spring Summer 2018 Logo

Old logo

New logo


Spring Summer 2018 Logo Development


Spring Summer 2018 Logo Final decision Font : Khmer MN New logo design: 1. Sans serif The beauty of simplicity, modernity and minimalism are matching Ports’ new image. 2. Take away the Gobal icon The word “international” already represented gobal so the icon is not necessary. Also, the icon looks a bit old-fashioned and it doesn’t look like a fashion line.


Spring Summer 2018 Concept Board New image: In order to attract young business women. The new image of Ports International will be younger, fresher but minimalist design will still stays on. For the spring summer 2018, the theme color will be pastel colors as they can have a calming effect and feed the customers desire to feel a bit of spring.


Spring Summer 2018 Color Board


Spring Summer 2018

New Style for Ports International Spring Summer 2018


Spring Summer 2018 Line up


Spring Summer 2018 Flats- Clothing


Spring Summer 2018 Flats- Products


Spring Summer 2018

Ports International Ideal Customer


Spring Summer 2018 Customer Board Target customer: Age range: 25-40 Occupation: bsuiness women, female entrepreneurs and young women who love fashion. Ideal customer: Name: Yuan Age: 29 Occupation: young entrepreneur Annual Income: 500K+RMB


Spring Summer 2018 Customer Board Hobbies - Blogging, Live Music, Fashion, Travel Music Type- Jazz Holidays- All over the world Reason: Yuan represents the new generation business women. Unlike the typical Chinese business women. She loves wearing colorful outfits, traveling around the world and enjoy good living style.


Spring Summer 2018

5Ps for Ports International People Place Product Price Promotion


Spring Summer 2018 People Yang Mi Age: 31 Chinese actress and singer 7255K Followers on Weibo Reason: Yang will be the brand ambassador for the new image. Ports International will hire Yang to promote the new collection on weibo, TV or magazine. Target: to raise 100k followers for Ports International on Weibo.


Spring Summer 2018 People


Spring Summer 2018 Place- Building display


Spring Summer 2018 Place- Interior Design The new Ports International interior design will be focus on three elements - colorful, fun and fresh. Pastel color walls and decorations will be everywhere. The store will always have indoor fragrance so the whole place smells fresh all day. Cheerful musics are needed. It creates a joyful and uplifting feeling for the customers for their happy shopping time.


Spring Summer 2018 Place- Fitting Room The Ports International new store will have two different fitting rooms. One is for walk-in comsumers, one is for VIP guests who has joined the membership. For the VIP rooms. There are 2 stylists to help the comsumers to choose or give advices on their choices. (left)Guest fitting room. (right)VIP fitting room.


Spring Summer 2018 Product and Price

The private PORTS only had women clothing line. But the New PORTS will have few more products. Including a younger and more colorful design clothing line, there are handbag andaccessories.


Spring Summer 2018 Product and Price

The price range is quite affordable for low-key luxury.


Spring Summer 2018 Product: Perfume Fresh Life

Be My Girl


Your Name


Spring Summer 2018 Packaging Pastel colors are the spring summer 2018 theme color for the new image of PORTS. So the packagings are full of fun, colorful but also elegant elements. There are 3 covers for all the boxes, paper bags, stickers, pricetags and thank you card. Shoes and clothes boxes. (left) Pricetags. (right)


Spring Summer 2018 Packaging 3 differents color paperbags randomly given to customers.


Spring Summer 2018 Thank You Card For the first 6 months of the Ports new image started. (June-November 2018). Every purchase more than 3000RMB will be given a thank you card. Every thank you card have three different amount - 300RMB, 500RMB and 1000RMB. Customers can simply scan the QR code and the amount of money will be added in their online account. The target of this activity is to promote the online shop and encourage more people to use Ports online service. *Only for China region.


Spring Summer 2018 Thank You Card


Back 34

Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Poster


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Poster

Black and white are the classic color for every season. In sping summer 2018, Ports International also designed pastel pink and blue for the new collection.


Spring Summer 2018

Promotion- Poster

New sunglasses for sping summer 2018 collection will be on the poster. Ports International new look will also show on the main road of Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Ad

Street advertising will be on the main road of Pudong area in Shanghai, as well as the main road in Central, HongKong.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Facebook

Follow and like Ports International on Facebook. Followers can check the event news, watch videos and live fashion show.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Instagram

Ports International will launch the new instagram account in 2018. The account will update daily about the new products, advertisements, videos and any up-to-date informationals.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- WeChat Ports international will be the first fashion brand that have the channel onwechat, thus the customer can subscription us and update the daily news of Ports International.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- App A survey says that nowadays online shopping becomes more popular than in-store shopping as everyone have a smartphone now. However, Ports International didn’t have any application and online shop. For this trend, the new online shop and application will be launched in June 2018. It also provide online purchase and get in the store service to shorten the delivery time. A better shopping experience is coming!

For China

For HK and Overseas 42

Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Email As everything becomes digital. online promotion is essential. Promtions, events and online shop updates will send to the customers weekly or even more often. Customers can see what is new in the store and get the up-to-date news easily.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Event New Image Party Invitation Card You are beautiful You are loved

We invite you to join us To celebrate the New Image of

Spring Summer collection fashion walk Cocktails and food Dress code: pastel color 7pm to 9pm 8th Century Avenue, State Center Shopping Center, Shanghai More:


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- Event Ports International flagship store will often have event. Every season pre-fashion show or new products launch celebration events for the VIP. Annal sale event for VIP and guests. Celebrities or models will be also invited to the events. (left) Idea: Instagram and weibo photo booth in the event. Guests can take photos with friends . Follow and hashtag #PortsNewImage or #PortsLady can get a free giftcard, shopping card and photo printed.


Spring Summer 2018 Promotion- VIP

New Ports International will also it’s exclusive barbie doll, there’s only 10 of them all over the world. Become our VIP and you will get the chance to have it.


16th May, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Shanghai, China

Spring Summer 2018 Press Release

Young, popular fashion brand Ports International have uncovered a contemporary new collection, which base on the designs of the female entrepreneur who holds a fashionable heart in SS18! Ports 1961 was founded by Canadian fashion designer Lucke Tanabe in Toronto in 1961, Ports International is the diffusion line of Ports 1961, it is mainly focus on the mainland China market, the young business women will not only be classic white and black style, but also colourful more fresher and younger , as Shanghai is one of the most modern and international city in China, the Ports international flagship store will be open in Shanghai in March, it located at a major high-end commercial district at the intersection of Changde Road and Nanjing West Road in Shanghai. The facade is representative of the future vision of Ports 1961 that brings together its origin and evolution. The old Ports International should be rebrand because the market was mainly focus on the middle age women, most of the designs are printed on the different color with flower patterns, it definitely was too old fashion for the current fashion trend. Also, the collection of each season are too similar, it also didn’t have the identity of the brand, it is more looking like the dresses customer can get anywhere online. New Ports International collaborated with a host of internationally renowned designers, the new collection focus on the pastel color and chiffon fabric, Ports International wants to give more opportunities to those business woman who wants to be more fashionable and fresh looking. Ports International is the new diffusion line of Ports 1961, it is the developed version of old Ports International, now the brand designs are more for the young business women who wants to have a new and fresh looking. Contact Information: Changde Road and Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. +86 21 5062 0002 47

Enjoy the New Image of Ports International! Emily Jiang Crystal Lee

Ports 1961 Rebrand Project  
Ports 1961 Rebrand Project