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TOPIC: Lester Pearson Date: March 13th/2013

Subject: History 374

Intentions/Objectives/Outcomes: For students to have a full understanding of the impact Lester Pearson made on Canada while he was Prime Minister. Also to give the students a brief background to who is was and also key points as to what he accomplished before he was in parliament.

Time 5 Mins

10 Mins

5 Mins

5 Mins

Assessment: See how well students complete handout that will be given to the students near the end of the class. As well as have a question period for the students so I can clarify anything they are unsure on.

Teaching Points → Involvement with Internal Affairs, United Nations (Nobel Peace Prize), Army Medical Corps, and Royal Flying Corps o 1915 WWI CAN Army Med. Corps o (Transferred) Royal Flying Corps in England, where he was ran over by a bus and invalided home o Led CAN to join NATO o Proposed UN Peacekeeping o Received Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for role in diffusing Suez crisis (Peacekeeping) → A Prime Minister o Unemployment dropped (5.5% in 1963 -> 4.7% in 1964-> 3.9% in 1966) o End to Death Penalty (Last hanging in 1962) o Pension Plan (Canada’s and Quebec’s) o National Flag (Maple Leaf, big debate, everyone left happy) o Close Relationship with US President (relations with Kennedy were strong but once Pearson out of office relations weren’t as strong) o Established a Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism o National Medicare o Establishment of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) and Canadian Film Development Corporation. → What did this mean for Canada? o Multiculturalism growing o Mosaic vs. Melting pot → 3 Reflective Questions (on slideshow)

Total: 20mins

References(text or electronic)

Power point Presentation: “Lester Pearson Years”



Curriculum Outcomes: → An understanding of the important policies that changed Canada while Lester Pearson was Prime Minister of Canada → An understanding of how those changes affect life in Canada today → An understanding of how his government influenced the governments that followed ICT outcomes: → Division 1 (C.3): 1.1 compare and contrast information from similar types of electronic sources

History Lesson Plan  
History Lesson Plan  

Lester Pearson Years