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Assignment Development Visual communication Case Study: Picture too perfect, What modes of photographic construction are used in fashion photography? I have chosen to write my case study on the aspects of photographic construction in the world of fashion photography. When we look at a fashion photo we can see instantly that it has been constructed but what and how much really goes into planning and preparing these shoots. Photographers need to think of what kind of feel they are trying to emote through their shoot, fashion photography is not always about showing off a designers clothing, it also tries to take you into another world and

let your imagination run away with you, sparing nothing when it comes to eccentricity. What we forget sometimes is that that the photographer is not just the sole constructer of a photograph, set designers work alongside photographers to create the best ideas and themes at their disposal as well as makeup artists and the designers themselves. Photoshop also plays a huge part in constructing these imaginative pieces, the studio can do so much while the Mac can help take the photo into another dimension completely. The main aspects I want to research in my study that interest me the most are as follows:

Studio vs on shoot fashion photography :

For me fashion photography can fall into two categories, the studio and

on location, but what differentiates between the two and what effects can both have on the feel of a photograph.

Commercial and high end fashion shoots:

Fashion photography can come in different genres, the commercial world of photography, for example in catalogues and high street magazines and the more noted fashion magazines from the likes of ‘Vogue’ ‘’Vanity Fair’ and ‘Elle’. What I want to research is what differentiates between the two and how these images are constructed for their purpose, whether it be to just simply show clothes and sell them to the majority or whether it is a way to express a form of art from a photographers vision

Behind the scenes: How

it as what it is, an image solely based on creativity born from a photographers and designers vision. When does a photo become too perfect?

Learning Outcomes

are these images created and what goes on behind the scenes to enable such creativity to materialize onto film. I will be looking at set designers and what their job entails as well as how photoshop can help transform an image. In the process I want to take some of my own photographs to see just how much goes into the planning and preparation of these shoots by finding work by a photographer I admire and then trying to re create their style. Models: When using models is it better to use well known faces to advertise in campaigns or does it simply not matter at all?

Real life or make believe: What is the

purpose in fashion photography? Is it there to make us buy these clothes or using clothes to take us into this new dimension and other ways of seeing? What

I find interesting is how fashion can be used as a way to propel and enhance an image from real life while mixing it with a bit of fantasy. Is this what draws us into buying these clothes? I want to research what effects fashion photography has on the masses and whether it is just another form of art or just another way of advertising.

Manipulating: How far

is too far when it comes to fashion photography? In advertising we accept that a photo may have been tampered with and manipulated for its purpose to sell but is that the case in fashion photography. Is it okay to digitally manipulate if it is to be considered art? Or is it in fact just another form of advertising in itself, therefore can we trust what these designers are trying to portray or do we accept

What I want to achieve from this study is a deeper understanding into the world of fashion photography as it is something I would love to do in the future, as I said before i want to design and create my own fashion shoot in the style of a photographer I am interested in so I can see just how much thought and effort is needed in order to develop and create a fashion shoot and see if it is in fact easy or difficult. I will be collecting information from magazine which I will put into my journal and also my blog under the heading ‘Case study research’, I also plan to take a few books out of the library to further my understanding. All this together I hope to be enough to provide a full, well rounded view into the world of fashion photography by looking at every aspect I possibly can to come to an informative conclusion and display my findings in InDesign along with my own photographs I have taken.

Assignment Development Brief  

Mock up magazine spread with content from my assignment brief on fashion photography.

Assignment Development Brief  

Mock up magazine spread with content from my assignment brief on fashion photography.