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Drama at the Ella July 16 - 20

1st-6th Grade Single Days: $25 members/$35 non-members Camps run from 8:30am-4:30pm Week: $115 members/$135 non-members Early Drop Off 8:00am Late Pick Up 5:00-6:00pm (FEE: $7/day for $25/week members) (FEE: $7/day or $35/week non-members)

Improv and Acting Workshop (Monday, July 16th) Learn some acting basics, and have a blast with improv fun!

Puppet Show (Tuesday, July 17th)

Create your own puppet, then pair up with a fellow camper and put on a puppet show.

Props and Costumes (Wednesday, July 18th) Learn how to make props and costumes using a wide range of textiles and materials.

On Stage Everyone! (Thursday, July 19th)

Prepare all day to put on a play at 5:00pm for your friends and family!

Wild Card Friday (Friday, July 20th)

Wild Card Friday surprise activity in the morning, then a trip to the pool in the afternoon!

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Ella Sharp Museum 3225 4th Street Jackson, MI 49203 (517) 787-2320


Puppet Show (Tuesday, July 17th) On Stage Everyone! (Thursday, July 19th) Ella’s Passport Week Destination Cool (July 23 - 27 ) Wild Card Fr...