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TA R T E GOODIE TWO-SHOES Youth travel the world in search of the truth

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all of those who helped us make this tarte* editor

Emily Traver

contributing artists Emilie Fisher, Emily Traver, Corinna Tysick, Allysa Wagner

contributing writers Surah Field-Green, Valerie Lemay, Emily Smith, Emily Traver

featured & contributing photographers Jenny Chew, Surah Field-Green, Emily Traver, Corinna Tysick

fashion director Emily Traver

fashion assistants Emilie Fisher

makeup artists Emilie Fisher, Emily Traver



Nicholas Burkill, Lauren Cliffen, Chelsea Coughlin, Kai Kaffrissen, Alexa Kirkland, Leah Kirkland, Emily Smith

letter from the editor emily traver, editor-in-chief* Here it is - your very first issue of tarte*! All I can think to say is “wow”. Wow, it’s finally done! Wow, this was a lot more work than I’d ever anticipated! But most importantly, wow, what a fantastic and rewarding process this has been. Through all of the technical difficulties and time crunches, this process has been such an exciting learning opportunity. I’m so proud of what’s been accomplished; conceptualizing,

designing, writing, photographing, assembling, and editing a magazine in such a short period of time piled up much faster than I would have thought! And while the issue itself is done, tarte* is definitely still a work in progress and something I really hope to revisit in the future. I would also like to acknowledge the many contributors who have helped me throughout the past few weeks. Thank you to all the

guest photographers and artists for donating their time and talents. Also to all of the writers, for sharing their work with tarte*. A huge thanks to the lovely models for braving the cold - you all did a fantastic job. Finally, to the many assistants; your help was invaluable. And thank you to anybody reading this! I hope you enjoy your first tarte* - we had a great time making it!


we love our picks this month* Make Your Own Tarte*! Beat together the brown Impress your friends... or sugar, flour, egg yolks, and salt; add the milk diluted keep it all to yourself. with the water and cook in a double boiler until thick; 1 cup brown sugar add the vanilla, cool slight2 tbsp butter ly and pour into the pastry 2 tbsp flour shell. 2 egg yolks 1/4 tsp salt Cover with a meringue 1 tsp vanilla made with the egg whites 1 cup milk and the granulated sugar; 1/2 cup water 2 stiff egg whites brown lightly in a very low oven. 4 tbsp sugar 1 baked pie shell

This Issue’s Featured Band! Protest the Hero is a Canadian Progressive Metal band from Whitby, Ontario. Originally named Happy Go Lucky, the band line-up has remained the same since their formation in 1999. The band changed their name to Protest The Hero shortly before releasing their debut EP, Search for the Truth, in 2002. In 2005, the band released their first full-length album, Kezia, on the indie label Underground Operations ... Wanna see more? Flip to page 13 to see a full interview!



poetry jolt get your quick literature fix* A Dream Within A Dream Edgar Allan Poe Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow-You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand-How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep--while I weep! O God! can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?


these words

gifted songwriters show us what music is really about*

The Song When winter falls next year, I’ll be holding on to anything nailed down. As for being patient, With fate and all it’s getting old. And my mind is slowly changing. I’m calling all my oldest friends, Saying sorry for this mess we’re in. And I’m waiting, waiting, For the sun to come and melt this snow, Wash away the pain and give me back control, control. An angel got his wings, we’ll hold our heads up, Knowing that he’s fine. We’d all be lucky to have a love like that in a lifetime. Should we still set his plate? Should we still save his chair? Should we still buy him gifts? And if we don’t did we not care? It makes you think about the life you’ve led, The things you’ve done, the things you’ve said, And its grounding, grounding. I’ve been feeling three feet tall this month, hardly indestructible, The snow melts and the rhythm still goes on.

The Story On October 31, 2005, at approximately 3:13 AM in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Bayside’s vehicle hit a patch of ice, skidded off the road, and flipped over. The crash killed Bayside’s drummer and longtime friend to the band, John Holohan. The song Winter appears on Bayside’s privately released acoustic album, which was dedicated to Holohan. The DVD edition also includes a short segment that details the band’s memories of their friend.

musical musings what we’re listening to at this moment*

Artist: BT Album: These Hopeful Machines Label: Nettwerk Year: 2010 As a follow-up to what some consider his best work, This Binary Universe, BT returns with his signature style – best described as slow, dreamy electro-pop. These Hopeful Machines manages to impress techno-geeks with his forward and innovative style, as well as gain appreciation from new audiences. The album is full of nonstop turns – listeners will find themselves fully immersed in the unhurried, laid-back tracks, and then suddenly thrown into a vibrant track, complete with a full 110-piece orchestra. The downside: this is BT’s first album with no release on vinyl, a feature that will be missed.

Rating: 8.5/10


musical musings

Artist: Bring Me the Horizon Album: There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret Label: Visible Noise, Epitaph Records Year: 2010 This album was rumored to be written mainly while BMTH was on the Vans Warped tour, and it shows in their music – There Is a Hell is chock full of crowd-pleasers like brutal breakdown and synth-tinted intros. The lyrics and general sound is far darker and more personal, with the group exploring a more introspective path. However, there were whispers of disappointment from BMTH’s old school fans. While the sound is certainly progressive and appealing to a new, wider audience, you could certainly see how the band’s newer and more mainstream metalcore sound would be a letdown. To an older fan, this album was made to be popular and to sell Oliver Syke’s face – er, sound.

9/10 for the newbies, 6/10 for the oldies

Artist: Bayside Album: Shudder Label: Victory Records Year: 2008 Now that Bayside is currently working in the studio on a new album, Killing Time, it is worth commenting on their previous work. After their long list of hits on The Walking Wounded, Shudder was eagerly awaited by fans. However, the album failed to impress. Anthony Raneri seems to have somehow lost his formerly honest, unrefined vocals. As an effect, the album has none of the raw emotion that pulled in listeners. However, Bayside is an old favorite, and it cannot be said that the whole album was a loss – “No One Understands”, a track leaked onto the internet before the scheduled release date, has shadows of the band’s former self. The band was not oblivious to the disappointment following Shudder, and this makes us hopeful that they will have learned from their mistakes when recording Killing Time.






image copyright

image copyright nathan rodriguez

by melanie schade, staff writer for article everyone has a different first appeared on february taste that’s individually unique to them. So, once 07,2008 .

image copyright Yoram Van De Vedle


Mel: How did you come up everyone brings in their with your band name and own influences, you always what is the meaning of it? come up with a really interesting mix of sound. Some Tim: It’s kind of a funny of the standard bands are story, no one can even re- Dream Theater, Symphony member how exactly it came X, a lot of metal, a lot of together, but we were play- progressive stuff. Anything ing in a political punk band, that’s a little different than whose name was Happy Go the normal. Lucky, which means you don’t care about anything. Mel: Did you take guitar So, we thought that was a lessons? little ironic. We thought that something like Protest Tim: Honestly, it’s more the the Hero represented our experience, especially with state of mind a little better touring. You are forced to and what we were writing play your instrument and about. We are not as politi- practicing every day. I took cal anymore, but we are kind guitar lessons when I first of stuck with the name, we started, to understand what like it. It’s questioning what was going on. Once you feel you are told, don’t take ev- comfortable on an instruerything at face value, may- ment, you can experiment, be look into things a little get over this initial hump. more, that’s kind of what it Everyone can teach anyone else something different. means. Especially when you are on Mel: Who are your influ- the road and you meet people you look up to, ask them ences? something or try to get them Tim: It comes from ev- to show you something. You erywhere. We all have our just learn so much from peosimilar taste in music, but ple who have done it before

image copyright Hara Amoros

you. I spend lots of time sit- creative control and have ting with my guitar. the force of a major label. (…) Sometimes it’s nice to Mel: What does it mean to have the major label behind you to be an indie artist? you, but a lot of people are scared of it. I think it’s hard Tim: It’s hard to understand to tell, when there is a label what that means now. I find on the back of a CD, what that a lot of major labels it really means, or who is know that they have a bad really involved with it. But name; people who are into I like being independent, I music don’t want to buy a like feeling I’m wholesome CD with a major label on the and my morals are in check, back. They prefer to down- and not trying to bribe my load it. They are trying to music to make a big pay be smart and distribute the check and stuff like that. indie labels and that’s cool that gives a lot of bands a Mel: Where do you see Prochance to still have their test the Hero in five years?

Tim: Probably replacing one of the homeless dudes sitting at the Queen and Bathurst corner (laughs). (…) I am going to be 26 then, it’s still not too old, but at some point it’s like ‘I’m not 16 anymore’. If we are touring the same what we are touring now, I’d probably be ‘how much longer can we do this?’ It also depends on what you are here for. I always have faith in the band as long as things are getting better, I like continually climbing up.


Alice in


17 photography by emily traver

I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle! 18



If you think we’re waxworks, you ought to pay, you know. Contrarywise, if you think we’re alive you ought to speak to us.

That’s logic!



“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.” 23

rose: Just what species or, shall we say, genus are you, my dear? alice: Well, I guess you would call me... genus, humanus... Alice. daisy: Ever see an alice with a blossom like that? orchid: Come to think of it, did you ever see an alice? daisy: Yes, and did you notice her petals? What a peculiar color. orchid: And no fragrance. daisy: And just look at those stems. rose: Rather scrawny, I’d say. bud: I think she’s pretty. rose: Quiet, bud.



why is a raven like a writing desk?



wonder amongst us Living in Canada, we see lots of historic buildings and monuments every day that remind us of the history of our ancestors. We have a great past filled with marvellous architecture from the CN tower to the parliament building. Although the architecture in this part of the world is exquisite, in other areas the architecture is just as beautiful, if not more. And I got the chance to find out first hand how beautiful the architecture really was. In March of 2009, I travelled to Rome,

by valerie lemay Rome, Italy, where I met wonderful people and enjoyed learning about the art that surrounded this interesting culture. Every corner I walked around, there was either an amazing sculpture, a dazzling painting, scrumptious restaurants or luxurious buildings. Besides the polluted air, everything seemed to portray its own kind of beauty that left me speechless. There was one building primarily that struck my

interest and curiosity: the Flavian Amphitheatre also known as the Colosseum. Built from AD 72 to AD 80, seating approximately 50,000 spectators, the Colosseum was used by the emperor to entertain the public with free games. Entertainment included comical acts, the showing of exotic animals and normally ended with fighting to the death between gladiators. This represented prestige and power, and was mostly

done to increase the emperor’s popularity with the people. But unfortunately in 847, the southern side of the Colosseum came crashing down due to an earth quake. It most certainly did not go to waste though; the falling bits and pieces of this historic monument were used to create other works of art that are still seen today. Always knowing of this magnificent building, I first really began to admire it when I saw 2008’s Jumper starring Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson.

This motion picture is about a man who is able to teleport anywhere he pleases as long as he can see the image of where he wishes to go. Because of his unique power, he ends up being chased around the world. And at one point, he ends up in the ruins of the one and only Colosseum. It looked even more amazing off screen as it did on screen. And when I finally got to see it for myself, I was in awe. You can see the history on the walls alone. I had the chance to walk up the steps that millions of people walked

before me. I was able to feel from the walls the sweat, blood and hard work that the hundreds of the thousands of workers put into building the place that made the lives of so many people. To see a monument that has truly made its place history was an honour. And I hope that I am lucky enough to see it again in the future.

“i was able to feel from the walls the sweat, blood and hard work”


upcoming photographers four young talents share their work exclusively with tarte* 31

corinna tysick* Outdoorsy themes and soothing hues set apart corinna’s work


surah field-green* vibrant colours, interesting surrounding and spur-of-the-moment emotions captivate us when seen through surah’s lens

It has been said throughout the history of photography and I will say it again, Light is everything. I focus on light as much as possible because with light, I can do anything. With the correct lighting and exposure, I can create new images using light or capture any moment perfectly. Natural light is the best tool and when used properly, a photo will leave you awe-stricken.


*surah field-green

A photo shouldn’t be taken because I told someone to pose for a photo. Someone should already be doing an activity or displaying an emotion, when I come along with a camera. I’m not saying there aren’t wonderful photos that have been posed; I’m just saying that it doesn’t feel right when I take them.


jenny chew*


Soft colours, ethereal subjects, and a fairytale quality make this work stand out

Soft colours, ethereal subjects, and a fairytale quality make this work stand out

we heart art tarte’s dream picks for our very own museum*


all featured art is by Emily Traver


goodie two-shoes article byby emily article Emily Smith,smith, staff staff The Scene. Sparwriterwriter for Thefor Spartan tan Scene. first apArticle firstarticle appeared in peared in the winter /10 isthe winter /10 issue of The sue of The Spartan Scene. Spartan Scene.

For seventeen years, students at St. John Catholic High School have been traveling to Cuernavaca, Mexico for what’s been described as a life changing experience. Mr. Bernard Smyth, a former teacher at SJCHS, helped organize the first Cuernavaca Exposure Trip. Since then, it has expanded to include other schools from the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario. For Mr. Smyth, the experience has always been about, “Developing leadership qualities in the St. John’s students. The hope was that after Cuernavaca, students would become more involved in justice issues, either in Canada or the Global South.” However, the Catholic School Board’s first priority is to the students and their safety.

students expose themselves to the truth of developing nations*

Concerns about increasing violence in Mexico, and unfortunately around Cuernavaca, have lead to a change in the Exposure Program. This year, Cuernavaca will be known as The Dominican Experience. “We are changing the place, not the mission,” said Ms. Scattolon, who will be accompanying the students to San Pedro de Macoris,

of the Dominican Republic. With a slight change in agenda, the experience will still be focused on commitment to justice, and inspiring leadership. The travellers will be visiting a sugar cane plantation, exploring the working conditions of migrant workers. The students will also be spending time with local families, they will experience the

living conditions in the slums, they will visit an orphanage, an elementary school, and they will learn first-hand about fair trade business. Like Cuernavaca there will also be a service component; the students will lose a little sweat, working in coordination with the people of San Pedro de Macoris. We would like to stress to the community, which has provided so much support over the years, that as the Dominican Experience the journey still holds the same purpose. The support

we have received this year is just as important as any other. Indeed, the trip would not happen if it was not for the community. In partnership with the Christian Brothers of LaSalle and the Sisters of Scalabrienne, The Dominican Experience, like Cuernavaca, is designed to show, “how Catholic Social Teaching could be applied to political and social issues.” Schools from the Ottawa Catholic School Board and St. Josephs from the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario have

already lived the experience, and as a participating school, we are confident that the Dominican Experience will be as transforming as Cuernavaca has been. One of the travellers, Valerie Lemay said, “My expectations for this new trip are different than those of the first, but I’m still ecstatic for what’s in store.”


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Tarte Vol. 1 Issue 1  

The very first Tarte, in all its first-edition-ish glory.

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