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This latest trend bri11gs scaly style to your fingertips WORDS EMILY TOZER


Snakeskin accessories and python prints are all the rage this season­ from scaly clutches and printed tops to patterned stilettos. Now this trend is slithering its way into salons and onto your nails. "One snake's trash is a toenail's treasure," creator and nail technician Terri Silacci said in an interview with The Today Show's "The Look." A snakeskin manicure begins like any other-cutting, filing, and cuticle trimming. Then comes the weird stuff. A base color of your choosing is applied and hardened with a UV light box. Once sized, both sides of skin are coated in a gel and pressed to your nail, with a topcoat to seal it off. It's a lengthy process. You may spend upwards of two and a half hours in the salon, making this manicure quite the time commit­ ment. Prices for a real snakeskin manicure range from $150 to $300. But never fear-you get what you pay for. These manis typically last

three to five weeks, and pedicures can last up to twelve. Before you go on a passionate PETA-esque rant, keep this in mind: The skin comes from natural shedding and doesn't harm the snakes. The fad is slowly catching on through salons in New York City, but its limited audience keeps it from spreading much further. Lookalike manicures have already begun popping up. Nail decals can give you a similar style without the funny texture-or fat price tag. One blogger even managed to turn it into a DIY venture. "I created a feather manicure last year and used the same process," says Jennifer Leale of "It was a bit of a trial and error for the feather manicure, but it worked out perfectly, so we tried it again with the snake slough, which was very fragile." If you're looking for some snakeskin at your fingertips, be sure to pamper yourself with this mani. OM



Snakeskin Manicures  

This article was in the Fall 2011 issue of Drake Magazine.

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