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Company Magazine Review

Company is a glossy monthly women’s title published by the National Magazine Company. Aimed at a younger target audience of roughly ages 17-25, its re-style in February 2012 has seen it feature a lot more ‘real girls’, bloggers and street style. Unlike other women’s magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Company aims to engage its reader through more friendly and conversational dialect, for example, using a lot of acronyms such as BINTM, rather than Britain and Irelands Next Top Model. As well as this it often uses abbreviations, mag in place of magazine and uses other adjectives such as ‘fashpiration’. All of these elements help create a more conversational tone in order to appeal to the readership. Due to the younger target audience the magazine often attempts to involve the reader as well as perspective future employees. The October issue for instance saw the magazine being handed over to eight fashion graduates. The editor, Victoria White, explained that since the re-style “we’re not just about celebs and what they’re wearing. In the main we focus on YOU and how you’re styling up the trends”. Here again this appeals to the targeted readership, the magazine often places emphasis on street style and how more often than ever we now look to each other for “fashpiration”, the magazine believes that this is why style blogs are so huge. However, whilst Company often interviews many fashion bloggers, from Bip Ling to the young and extremely talented Ophelia Horton, it also places emphasis on beauty bloggers and holds a large beauty section, where it analyses current beauty trends. Alike other magazines Company has regular columns which appear in each issue, for example Jameela Jamil has a regular column as well as the “Read it and Tweet it” page, described in the May issue as “If Company launched a book club, it would probably be the coolest book club in the World”.

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