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Flexi MBA – Now Learn Distance MBA using iPad

Since management remains at the leading front of all kinds of business operations, learning an MBA degree in distance education is the best option for working professionals as well as students who want to continue their studied while on part time job. Systematic education not only gives the competitive edge in today’s fast-paced job scenario but also lays the stepping stone for sustained career progress. Spearheading the MBA aspirations on the technology bandwagon is SMU-DE's Flexi MBA. The Flexi MBA is a distance education program and designed mainly for busy working professionals, who want to balance their job profiles with a management degree and to achieve career success. The highlight of the program is the Apple iPad2, which is given to Flexi MBA students without any additional cost (free of cost). Being Wi-Fi enabled with 24X7 accesses to online classes, the newly launched Flexi MBA program redefines distance learning as the Anytime Anywhere collaborative learning. SMUDE Flexi MBA Details The Flexi MBA program covers 15 MBA specializations such as •

Finance, Marketing




Information systems

Project Management


Total quality management

Health Care services

International Business

Supply Chain management

Environmental management

Entrepreneurial and Family business

Event management and Retail Operations.

Eligibility: The eligibility for the program includes a minimum of 3-year graduation from a recognized university and, the admission processin online. Apple iPad2: The Apple iPad2 interface takes the learning experience to the next level of “connected learning”. •

Wi-Fi enabled

One-time downloadable application for the course content,

Student remains connected with its study-frame, anywhere, anytime, whenever desired.

Best touch-devices, quality and performance

Vast memory storage

Multimedia channels

Dual core processors

Great resolution & picture clarity

Instant connectivity and an excellent user experience

24X7 connectivity for students to interface with their peers, mentors and faculty members

These features integrate to deliver a rich learning experience on demand. The integral aspect of this device is that it is portable and serves as an “all-in-one” study-material. This comes in for a bigger advantage for working professionals, who want to study while balancing their busy work-schedules be it business tours, or during desktop hours. In addition, the Wi-Fi enabled features ensure that available for a chat session, video conferencing, seminars or attending a lecture, the Apple iPad2 mobilizes these events. The knowledge network here, is always live, where a query, a brainstorming-session or a solution is just a “pinch or swipe” away on the touch-device. Flexi MBA expands the premise of distance learning by designing a study model, which suits the convenience of students and working professionals alike. SMUDE defines a new way of “easy learning” without wasting our valuable time. It brings in the concept of “connected learning”, which transcends the classroom boundaries to collaborate with a larger number of students through a single global interface. The program is yet another benchmark in Sikkim Manipal University’s (SMU- DE) innovations in the distance education mode. Recognized by the UGCand DEC,the university’s reach has taken distance learning to the widely accessible web-platform, wiring in greater flexibility. SMUDE Flexi MBA Details

Flexi MBA – Now Learn Distance MBA using iPad  

The Flexi MBA is a distance education program and designed mainly for busy working professionals, who want to balance their job profiles wit...

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