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Be the “Aceâ€? of Arts to Spade up a career with distance BA degree Qualify for Governance, administration, coverage and a zillion opportunities created through globalization‌Advantage BA. B.A or the Bachelor of Arts degree has a mass appeal for a large section of the society, as the path to better opportunities through various options. The growing number of aspirants for a B.A course comes from many categories, including those who desire to fill the gap post school education. The graduate program is affordable as compared to its counterparts, thus drawing greater numbers. Additionally, for the eligibility-seeking segment, which desires promotion/recognition at work, in the social circle and sorts; BA is perceived to be the first stepping stone towards the goal at end. As a sought-after course for its variety and simplicity, B.A qualifies in different dimensions, with different sections of the society, as a qualified degree to suit the desired purpose. From the job-perspective, Bachelor of Arts degree has assumed a vital role, with the growing consumerism and globalization. Studying BA gives a better insight of the existing socioeconomic-political system and opens up many avenues to learn and master its functionality. Depending on the stream of learning opted for, opportunities for distance education BA programs are varied. The specializations are political science, economics, history, geography, vernacular, mass communication etc., which are viable in public, private and mixed-sector undertakings. As mentioned, globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy has witnessed a growth spurt in industrialization, creating a huge vacancy and demand for skills from the Arts discipline. These skills apply into skilful governance either at the economy, political or social level. Candidates with a distance BA degree are eligible to work in state level service commissions, appear for UPSC and other civil services examinations. They can even work as administrative/general office manager, pursue Research, or even take up teaching as a profession. Apart from the options spelt from the globalization-perspective, technological-breakthroughs have further multiplied the opportunities for Arts graduates. Accessibility is yet again the buzzword, spelling ease-of-operation through the online medium. Information is widespread on the internet giving a wider scope for anybody to study, learn and feel competent.

Moreover, with e-governance taking over slowly and steadily, the need for people with thorough conceptual and functional knowledge about the different layers of operation of the country has become crucial. The Arts discipline creates a pool of such knowledge resources. However, the growing need for continuing education, spurned by the growing populace, has not been met by a proportionate growth in the campus space. This is where Distance learning has bridged the gap, by making higher education accessible to the mass student community. With the advent of the Internet and its rising popularity, distance education has taken on to the new online platform to deploy its resources. And, a distance BA degree is as much viable and creditable; as a regular program. Spearheading the phenomenon called “Valued distance learning� is UGC and DECrecognized SMUDE, ranked number 1 in distance education learning by students in a nationwide survey of DE institutes. With a wide spectrum of UG, PG and diploma courses, covering Arts, Science, Commerce, IT and management, SMUDE has won its repute through structured quality courseware and an unstinting dedication towards its student to serve the best. The distance BA programs at SMUDE include core areas such as Economics, History, Sociology, English and Political science with a semester course pattern compared to the nonsemester pattern. Apart from giving students the option of pursuing the course in the vernacular (Hindi medium), there is also the benefit of re-registration in case of not passing in any semester. Ranked number 1 for its BA Program through Distance learning by Career 360 magazine, SMUDE has ripped the barriers, which made distance learning the last resort of pursuing higher education, to become the chosen avenue for all-a-round learning.

Be the “Ace” of Arts to Spade up a career with distance BA degree  

Apart from the options spelt from the globalization-perspective, technological-breakthroughs have further multiplied the opportunities for A...

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