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By Emily Sophiet

1. You need to fix an appointment • The very first thing that you should know is that you can’t do your own eyelash extensions. • You have to fix an appointment with a trusted technician. And you should know that getting eyelash extensions is a time taking process. • However, all you have to do is sit back and relax. In fact this can be your break from all the stress and a little self-care time. • At an average, it takes about 2 hours to get eyelash extensions fixed. Once you get them, based on how long they are, they last for about a year or so. • All you’ll have to do is visit the technician for touch ups in a month or whenever it is needed.

2. What really happens

• The reason why eyelash extensions last really long is because of the unique process involved in fixing these extensions and the kind of glue used to stick them. • Quite apparently, the reason why eyelash extensions are called extensions is because they are added as an extension to the natural eyelash. Each artificial lash extension is glued to the natural lash using glue.

3. Variety

• Before getting eyelash extensions, you should also know that you can choose out of so many materials that the extensions ate made of. • The three types of eyelash extensions are mink, silk, and synthetic. These are available in a length of 6mm to about 16 mm. • Out of these three; the most natural kind of lash extension material is mink lashes. However, these are the most expensive ones.

4. What if it gets wet?

• As you get the eyelash extensions fixed, they need some time to stick strongly to the lashes and set. • It would take about a day or two for the eyelash extensions to adhere to the real lashes. Once that happens, you can take a shower or swim and your extensions would still stay intact.

5. Is using mascara safe for eyelash extension? • When there is some special occasion or even if not, you would want to wear safe mascara brands to add more volume to your extensions at times. • However, when you decide to apply mascara, there are some rules you have to swear by so that you don’t sabotage your extensions. • First of all, make sure you when you apply mascara, you only apply to the tip of your eyelash extensions. • If the extensions witness clumping, it can weaken the extensions and they might fall off sooner. Also, make sure you only use mascara safe for eyelash extension.

6. Mascara safe for eyelash extensions • While it is sorted that you can use mascara when you have eyelash extensions, there is one more thing that you need to keep in mind. • Make it a point to only use non-oil based mascara. Oil based mascara, or any other oil based product for that matter can weaken the adherence of the extensions. There are many great oil free mascara brands that you can choose out of based on your preference. • You should ideally be using water-based mascara if you plan to use mascara.

7. The myth • A lot of people believe and make believe that getting eyelash extensions can destroy your natural lashes. However, that is a pure myth. • When you go to a professional to get eyelash extensions, there are no chances of them ruining your natural lashes. Also, one important thing is to stick to the rules after you get extensions. • Don’t use oil based products and don’t pluck them by yourself. A lot of people pluck them and the result is messed up natural lashes. It takes about one and a half months of rigorous care and patience to regain your natural lashes. • If at all you want to get rid of the extensions, either wait for them to fall off naturally or get them removed by a professional.

8. What’s the deal breaker?

• It is quite apparent that eyelash extensions have got really popular. And there are plenty of reasons. People don’t have so much time to glue fake lashes every morning. • Eyelash extensions save the efforts and last really long. They feel more natural than false lashes. Also, taking care of them isn’t a very difficult job. • You just have to carefully buy oil-free products that you use for your eye makeup to make them last as long as they naturally would.

Mascara safe for eyelash extensions a to z about extensions  

Know very crucial methods on how to apply eyelash extensions and get exquisite attractiveness in your eyes

Mascara safe for eyelash extensions a to z about extensions  

Know very crucial methods on how to apply eyelash extensions and get exquisite attractiveness in your eyes