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By Emily Sophiet

Introduction • Mascara without oil is water soluble mascara and they can be applied easily and removed easily. However, be careful when you wear them during rainy days or instances during which you will sweat a lot. This is because mascara without oil can smudge easily and ruin your eye makeup.

Clean your face and eye area well

• Clean your face and the eye area well with a cleanser. The Korean beauty ritual recommends you to wash your face twice; first with a regular face wash and then with foam face wash. Since I’ve found the Korean beauty ritual really effective, following this method for cleaning your face would be a great idea. Make sure that you use only mild products around your eyes and remove any makeup or oil residue with a cotton ball soaked in rose water.

Apply a moisturizer • Cleaning, toning a moisturizing are the basic things that you need to follow if you want to get flawless skin. Use a good toner after you clean your face and a moisturizer that will suit your skin type. Use the moisturizer over your eyelids and massage them for two minutes so that your eyelids don’t look dry and flaky after you apply your eye makeup.

Apply all the face makeup you want except for the lipstick

• Now, apply all the makeup you want on your face including foundation, concealer, blush, and primer. This has to be done before you apply your eye makeup since these layers form the base for your eye makeup. Lipstick is something that you can apply in the end, preferably after you’re done with your eye makeup.

Don’t forget the primer

• Yes, the primer is very important when it comes to eye makeup. You can either apply the primer as a complete layer for your face or you can just apply it to the area around your eyes. It’s your call if you want to apply makeup on your whole face or if you just want good eye makeup and some moisturizer on the rest of your face.


• Eyebrow trends have been evolving from time to time and now we’re in an era where thick and long “Instagram eyebrows are trending.” You can use an eyebrow kit for doing your eyebrow makeup or if you’re really good at it, you’d just need an eyebrow pencil.


• The eyeshadow is the thing that highlights your eyes and you can go from classy peaches to funky fluorescents with them. Make sure that you choose a color that will go with the rest of your makeup and the look that you wish to attain.


• There are different shapes and styles in which you can apply your eyeliner but do it according to your attire. You can try whiting, black, grey, or even bright colored eyeliners if they go well with your attire.

Finally the star of the show- Mascara

• So now we come to mascara which is the last thing you have to apply to finish your eye makeup. Never try to touch your eyelids or apply anything a little extra after you apply the mascara since the powder may fall on the mascara and eyeliner and make it look dull are whitish. Since mascara without oil will smudge faster when compared to oil-based mascara, the above-mentioned primer will help in keeping them intact. There are different types of mascara that you can choose ranging from those that add length and thickness to those that offer over-all volume. Make sure you choose the one that will fit your needs. Even though there are mascaras of different colors, make sure that you have a simple black one as well.

Here’s how you apply mascara in the right way step-by-step • Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes first • Twirl the mascara wand inside the tube so that it is covered with the product evenly. Do not push it in and take it out multiple times like many women do without knowing that it will make the product dry out faster due to the pumping in of air. • Start from the roots of your lashes and apply the mascara in a zigzag motion for even distribution of the product. Do the same for the lower lashes with a smaller disposable brush. • If you want to add the extra volume you can dab on some translucent powder before you apply the mascara but make sure you use disposable wands in this case so that you don’t mix the powder with the mascara left in the tube. • You can curl your eyelashes after applying the mascara to get a better curl. This is only if you need it since you’re already curling it once. However, make sure that the thickness and look of your lashes go well with your overall look.

How to apply mascara without oil perfectly  

Know how to apply Mascara without oil perfectly on to your eyes

How to apply mascara without oil perfectly  

Know how to apply Mascara without oil perfectly on to your eyes