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Emily Smith Interior Design Portfoilo

Emily Smith University of Texas at San Antonio - Interior Design Major 713|515|3863

OFFICE|RETAIL - Two Guys Bow Ties The project given was the 7th floor of the factory six03 to find a business and retail that could fill the space. The required spaces being: Offices, lounge, conference spaces, touch down areas, café, retail, and other spaces that correlate with the business. The company I choose was Two Guys Bow Ties.

Two guys bow tie is a company started in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2012 by Adam Teague and Tim Paslay. These two brought an innovative way to revamp the classic bow tie and other accessories. “Looking to fill a void in men’s accessories the pair developed hand crafted bow ties that enabled them to fuse old school craftsmanship with modern style.

PUBLIC SPACE - Carlo B Piazza This project was the final studio project my semester aboard in Urbino, Italy. The project was given to create a piazza space in the site near the university that would be beneficial for the students living in the dorms. Working with the steep slopes to the valley was a major challenge, but help create scenic frames. The piazza designed is not use open public space, but two commercial spaces as well. Adding a café and retail store bring more reason for those to visit.

The Carlo BO Piazza is a public designed for the students living on the university grounds. The piazza has different levels of outdoor space, you are transported to each one by walking through the buildings, or “walls.” The outdoor spaces provide nearly untouched nature, a real piazza for public socialization, and a leveled ground for playing sports, a space that is not been provided.


Their efforts resulted in an innovative and superior product that established wood as a new and distinctive material in the fashion industry.” The space provided in Dallas has amble about of space to house the business needs as well as the crafting of the product, as well as having to space to continue to grow. This space also can house the ability to hold events in the evening such as retail shows and wood working classes.



HEALTHCARE - Alamo Teen Runaway Center

The Alamo Youth center is a safe place for children to go who are victims of sex trafficking. Mr. Chuck Paul, head of this project, provided us the building plans and the security needs to provide a safe and healthy space. The building is equipped with medical needs, education, a rec room, dorm style housing, cafeteria, and enclosed outdoor space. My task was to design a secure and safe lobby.


Almanza CPA Firm just moved into a new building to expand their business. Along with creating their own work culture through the use of design making e the office more engaging and express the “new generation of CPA’s.” While rejuvenating the design of the office space the following are to be considered to enhance the workspace on a day to day basis: smart materials, integrated systems and furniture, transformable spaces the ability to provide collaboration and team building.

The location for this youth center could not be in a more ideal, located in the heart of San Antonio, also known as a major hub for sexual exploration. This facility is to be equipped with the best level of technology and staff to bring the victims of sex trafficking the best care and condition they deserve. To make this happen the overall building needs not just to be secure and safe, but comfortable and lavish as well.

The patience will not feel like patience, but guest when entering a rich, replenishing space. This is a place where people can interact, refresh, and become their selves again. With the lobby being the first areas the people will enter, that impression must be made direct. The same idea is carried into the interior court yard. This will be an area that will prompt them to thrive in the sun and engage in the outdoor activities.

OFFICE - Alamza CPA Firm After meeting and interviewing Juan Carlos Almanza, his vision for the office space is reflects how the Almanza CPA firm operates with serving their clients with dedication to being professional, affordable, and welcoming. As accountants, they have an important role in every business, therefore their space needs to express their ability to do so. The Almanza office’s work changes with the tax laws, so the space needs to accommodate the changes as it happens.

The CPA firm has had some renovations and redesign already started, they gave us this project to generate ideas for spaces not yet done. These spaces included: rentable offices, lounge, café bar, conference room, inters office, and the multipurpose work room. This was a group project so the task I focused on was designing the lounge, inter corner, conference room, and café. Also picking the materials and finishes on all furniture for a cohesive design.

Two Guys Bow Ties It also has the space needed to have a fully functioning workshop to produce to the products the office needs. The floor is also so large that there is sublicensing spaces. There is a barbershop and café within the space to bring in more people throughout the day.

In the evening the office locks up and events can come to life. The café has the ability to hold catering and brew tasting. The woodshop becomes a “guy’s night out” with wood working classes.

There is amble amount of space to sell not only the company’s product but also bring in other retailers to set up for the time. This space has the flexibility and materials to be innovative so that the space can be whatever they need it to be while still holding onto their branding.

lounge touch down spcae conference area

wood shop & office

barbershop open office


pop up retail


The section shows the different levels from the platforms in the office. The platforms has electrical wiring running throughout so that electrical outlets are always available where they are needed. The platforms promote more movement through the space, whether using the ramps or stairs



flooring Branding is essential to a company especially when they are just starting out. A way to start is right in their own office. Using their name and product is a way to stand out. TTheir logo is also placed in the woodshop burned into a wood panel on the wall, as well as imprinted on the wall right outside the elevators so there is no confusion on who’s floor it is.

The wood shop functions as their product production space during the day. For the evening it is equipped to house building workshop events for social groups. The wood shop has all the functioning machines needed to produce bowties and other small wooden items. Proper ventilation and lighting is key to having a safe workspace.

furniture selection







The ceiling holds ample lighting for the spaces. The retail and office space have adjustable lighting so they can be moved when needed. The ramps are reflected onto the ceiling to show the change in levels. The beams that are what the new walls follow to create the new spaces the site now houses. The path form the elevators to the reception is traced by back lightened wooden panels to guide the patron into the new space.

focus lighting

reception lighting

task lighting

reflected ceiling plan


Carlo B Piazza The Carlo BO Piazza is a public designed for the students living on the university grounds. The piazza has different levels of outdoor space, you are transported to each one by walking through the buildings, or “walls.” The outdoor spaces provide nearly untouched nature, a real piazza for public socialization, and a leveled ground for playing sports, a space that is not been provided.

The walls hold a café/bar and then a school store. Bringing these businesses close to the dorm living gives students the need not to walk into town all the time, if they please. The other wall hold stairs to go up onto the wall and take in the wonder views of the valleys.








floor plan: wall A & D



floor plan: B & C N




subway tile

section along the path


stained concrete brick vineer

polished concrete

axonmetric model axonometric models

wall B

wall C

wall A

wall D

The hills and valleys in Urbino, Italy make a beautiful scene that needed to be emphasized. The angles of the long walls do this by framing the views out into the hills. That space has a beautiful sunset every night so having to have observation decks were needed. This space was unused and overlooked, so making it the center of socialization is what it deserves.

Alamo Youth Center

The design intent behind the lobby was driven by the word replenish. Replenish is to make full or complete again. This is the first space in the facility most all people will enter, with this we wanted to create a comfortable and luxurious space.

The space is still labeled as an institutional space so there were many guidelines to follow on material and furniture selections. To achieve this, the use of various texture on the walls and in materials, interactive wall art, and water feature were researched to ensure safety as well as peace.

Wall Covering: Overture Suite 2 Navy

Wall Covering Honeymilk White


Lobby Reception

Ceiling Treatment

Floor Covering: Flor Fedora Charcoal

Nervous Structure

The Nervous structure is an illuminated string and fabric structure. Mounted to the wall, the system moves to the person’s gestures sensing there body heat. This art and light element helps bring a few moments of distraction and relaxation to the children






Norix Lounge Chair

Norix Lounge Chair for Sofa

Custom Reception

Lobby Waiting


Water Wall Feature


The water feature is a water foundation that cascades down the letter blocks naming the building. Having a soft stream of water running right as you enter the building can instantly level down the stress of people incoming. Having a connection to nature is always essential to making people in distress feel better.

FlexSteel Desk Chair

NBF End Table

Lighting Feature

The two main light features are a series of curves cut from the shape of the reception desk. The different pieces have difference depths and colors turning it into a ceiling art installation. The light figure helps bring down the very high ceilings in the main lobby area, making the reception area more inviting.

Reflected Ceiling Plan



The minimum corridor length is 44”.

Means of egrees Audio/Visual Alarm Exit Access and Accessable Route SD

Smoke Detector SD

EXIT signs

Accessible Route Exit Access

Exit Access Travel Distance: the farthest distance traveled in the lobby to the exits is 48’ with does not exceed the distances given in table 1616.1

The width of clear accessible route is more that 36” so that a person who is in a wheelchair can turn around obstructions. There are also no objects projecting more that 4” into the path of travel.

Through the use of transformative solutions, the design focuses on overcoming the challenges of finding the balance between the traditional cubicle design and the modern open plan distractions.

By using design elements, the issues of lacking privacy and sound reverberation are mitigated. It creates an environment that encourages professionals to work in the manner that suits them best and allows for public and private spaces.

Almanza CPA Firm

Conference Room


Rentable Offices

Multipurpose Workspace

Coffee Corner Inter Office

Inter Corner has the ability to change to the needs and amount of people. Right now there is only three people usig that space but more or less can easily be changed out. Acoustic wall panels reduce noise from the open room.

The ceiling piece design driven form the direct pathway sin the multipurpose space. These lines were then abstracted and turn into strong solid forms. With the forms each piece follows a system of highs and lows, peaks and valleys. In between each panel LED strip lights to provide needed task lighting. Each panel is covered in Fitz Felt to bring a major acoustical absorption.

ceiling installation



wall coverings

These spaces are adaptable and multifunctional, with the intent to function beyond a workspace. The office also is designed to engage and encourage local artist who are being displayed in the adjacent gallery. Acoustic paneling on the wall softens day to day noises in the work space. The pattern derived from the ceiling piece is used to create patterns on the wall throughout the rest of the office space.

multipurpose room furniture conference furniture

inter office furniture

rentable office furniture

library furniture

cabana furniture

A quiet nook to get away from the work day for a few minutes with a comfy chair and book. Floor area stays clear not to block fire exit. Glazed glass segments give visual privacy while adding interesting to the wall. Rooms are able to be locked after hour functions can be held in the workspace.

Acoustic | LED ceiling installation Exsisting Can Lighting

Acoustic | LED ceiling installation

Custom Shading System Detail

Four track system with solid color panel and wooden panel. These slide in front of on another to create desire shading.

Emily Smith Portfolio  

A portfolio of work complete during my four years of an interior design student at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Emily Smith Portfolio  

A portfolio of work complete during my four years of an interior design student at the University of Texas at San Antonio.