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ES Emily Skalka Interior Design Portfolio

Emily Skalka Education

Work Experience

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

IA Interior Architects London, U.K. Junior Designer | May - August 2019

School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Bachelor of Science Interior Design Class of 2021 Dean’s List | Fall 2016 - Present

Hochschule fĂźr Technik Stuttgart, Germany

International Masters of Interior Architectural Design Study Abroad Semester September - December 2019

Worked on various projects that involved workplace design. Helped with test fits and stage 3 documents in Revit, created look and feel presentations in Adobe InDesign, and renderings with Revit and Adobe Photoshop.

C+TC Design Studio Atlanta, GA Design Intern | August - December 2018

Worked on various projects that involved hospitality design. Was responsible for creating presentations in Adobe InDesign, renderings in Adobe Photoshop, and various construction document sets in Revit.

Collective Architecture Washington, DC Design Intern | January - May 2018

Worked on various projects that involved workplace design. Was responsible for test fits in AutoCAD, creating presentations in Adobe InDesign, and various construction document sets in both AutoCAD and Revit.

Camp Quinebarge Moultonborough, NH Wood Shop Director | June - August 2017

Helped children learn how to use the tools in the wood shop safely by guiding them through projects. Built a pair of adirondack chairs and a few other pieces for the camp.

Academic courses


Studio | Each Semester


Each semester has a different, overarching theme that develops design thinking and decision making skills. Some projects include: a poetry foundation, a political campaign office, and an open cafe installation.

Materials | Summer Semester 2018

This was a lecture class that covered the general properties used in the Interior Design field, ways to join and transition between materials, and the environmental impacts of material waste.

Activites DAAP Cares | Fall 2016 - Present

DAAP Cares is a student organization that helps non-profit companies when any of their design related problems. In the past, we have helped with rebranding ideas, website design, and designs for a multi-purpose space for a community center.

IIDA | Spring 2017 - Present

International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is a professional networking and educational association. The student chapter participates in networking events, has a mentorship program, and holds fundraising events.

Sketch Up and French


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Revit, and Drafting


Adobe Indesign, AutoCAD, Rhino, and Microsoft Office

volunteer experience Misson Trip

Helped clean out and reorganize a recreational center for children in St. Louis, MO.

Clean Up Cincy

Helped clean up local community gardens and removed the trash from local parks in Cincinnati, OH.

Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Helped blind children from ages 6 to 15 make and wrap holiday gifts.

Table of Contents

01 Patterning the oculus 02 Poetry Foundation 03 Restaurant 04 Suite 1050 05

Westin reston heights

06 gdn 07

logo design


tiny house

School Work

School Work


Patterning The Oculus 3rd Year Spring

In a brief introductory project to the realm of hospitallity design, students were tasked to chose a culture and design an open cafe to be inserted in the Oculus in New York City. Each student was to research their chosen culture and take inspiration from traditional patterns, clothing, architecture, art, and food. I chose the Polish culture and focused on the subtractive nature of the traditional Polish craft of paper cutting.


Poetry Foundation 2nd Year Fall

This project was the first oppurtunity to fully submerge in a project that required the design of both the exterior and interior of a building. When I began to think of concepts, I realized that I was hiding in the safety of right angles. Then I began to see how poets are fearless. They are not afraid to be vulnerable, angry, sad, or happy; they own their poems, so I decided it was time to own my design.

first floor

second floor

third floor

fourth floor



3rd Year Spring This restaurant is designed to express the separation of my chef’s different personalities. The front area reflects Atala’s punk/DJ side, by being a loud and open space to get drinks and light snacks and sit with strangers. The middle dining section transitions into a more casual dining experience with focus on the chefs’ hands while they prepare the food. The back dining that represents Atala’s chef personality with a formal dining layout.

floor plan Seat Count: 132

section a

professional Work

professional Work


Suite 1050

Collective Architecture This was a small spec suite project that I worked on while at my first co-op with Collective Architecture DC. I worked closely with the project manager and lead designer to make a few adjustments to the space planning in AutoCAD, rendering floor plans and elevations in Adobe Photoshop, and putting together a presentation in Adobe InDesign.

Phone Rooms Elevation

Mood board

Pantry Elevation


Westin Reston Heights C+TC Design Studio

This project is a Westin Hotel and Suites renovation in Reston, VA. I was put on this project from its beginning and was able to work through the design development and schematic design phases. My role for this project was to research Reston, create any and all presentations needed, create and render the floor plans and elevations, and help pick finishes and furniture.

Lobby mood board

Lobby layout option

Guestroom mood board



IA Interior Architects This was a corporate workplace project in Gdansk, Poland. I was responsible for making chances to the plan when needed, putting material palettes together, and creating visuals to go into client presentations. Gdansk is a the center of the world’s amber trade. The warm yellows, oranges, and greens that give amber its color is what we based the palette off of.

floor plan with wall surface key

finish palettes and renders

Personal Work

personal Work


Logo Design DAAP Cares is a student organization that helps non-profit and comunnity companies with anything design related that they do not have the budget for. For one of DAAP Cares’ projects, we were asked to help 7 Hills Neighborhood Homes rebrand. This is a non-profit organization that helps childern in the community. The idea of making the organization feel like a home for the kids was what drove my logo design ideas.

neighborhood homes


Tiny House Project Over the 2018 winter break, my mom tasked me in creating her dream tiny house which is 1,000 square feet. This two bed and two bath house will have a one and a half car garage, a wrap around pourch, and a large living space. After looking at a few different building shapes with rough layouts, my mom chose the square option for the final building envelope. As for materials, it was required that they were flame resistant.

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