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K Minute Issue XVII Binghamton Circle K – 2018 President: Allison Tipaldo

Call to Order 8:03 PM Past Events • Dance for Dreams Marathon o 12 CKI members showed up throughout the day Upcoming • District Events o Divisional § Meet with clubs in the Southern Tier § Friday, March 9th § Cornell University • DCON o March 16-18th o Albany, NY o Focuses on Leadership o Workshops, Service Fair, and fun fellowship activities

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Email us with any questions or comments! Guest Speaker: United Way of Broome County • Every United Way is local. Fund programs existing in local areas. • Talk about issues and envision future for the local community in Binghamton • Broome County focuses on o Youth learning and education •

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o Families health o Seniors healthy and safe o Funding basic needs 23% of children in Broome County ages 0-17 are living below the poverty line 10% of individuals in Broome County ages 16-24 are not in school and are not working Over 850 seniors in Broome County ages 65+ are hospitalized each year due to a fall. Lots of community partners: YMCA, Boy Scouts, Salvation Army, Food Bank of the Southern Tier… Give! Advocate! Volunteer! Tailored to Bing Used to raise money to fund programs. Usually through paycheck deductions in businesses. Now consider asking like-minded people to donate. #1 people don’t give or volunteer is because they aren’t asked to! Fill out form to match with a partner agency and/or non-profits that need help in Broome County. 1,000 in Broome alone! Act like a middleman- collect money and donate 100% back to the local community Offer opportunities to learn about non-profits- on their website

Service Project • Fill out Valentines online through link- will be delivered to children in Saint Jude’s or Cincinnati Children’s Hospital • • Meeting Adjourned 8:30 PM

K Minute XVII  
K Minute XVII