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Collide is our break out collection, as well as our brand name to show what collide truly means to us. As best friends from college we have come together to embrace our differences with a collision of ideas creating a brand that appeals to all customers as different as ourselves.

With contrasting aesthetics together, this contemporary brand mixes and matches separates to appeal to all styles. We embrace the significance of loving what makes you, you. The charm of our bold prints, soft hues, contrasting themes, and with a bunch of style line, we encourage you to find yourself; find your style and everything else in between.





Creative TEAM: Fashion Designers: Katie Voigt Emily Ray Fashion Stylists: Stefanie Sexton Emily Ray Katie Voigt Photographer: Stefanie Sexton Models in order of appearance: Sierra Rocco Mackenzie Melsheimer Megan Amsterdam Julia McElroy Moira McNally


With Love Laughter



COLLIDE is a collaborative collection by myself Emily Ray and my design partner Katherine Voigt for a semester long collection. It combines...

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