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In Memoriam Through June 30, 2013

What Kind of a Legacy

Will You Leave? Alumni Venna (Sorenson) Anderson ’40, May 30, UT Lewis Rawlin Bagnall, Jr. ’68, April 21, UT Jodi Bailey ’97, June 2, UT Guy Taft Baker ’50, May 16, UT Olive (Olsen) Blackham ’38, February 22, UT Patricia (Schofield) Brough ’50, February 5, UT James Paul Childs ’99, March 1, UT Gary Ellis Christensen ’60, June 5, UT Virginia Covington ’74, May 31, UT Alex Blaine Furness ‘06, March 2, UT Maureen Gassman ’52, May 10, UT Michael John Goodwin ’06, March 11, UT Joyce (Sorenson) Graham ’53, May 25, UT Ivan Eugene “Gene” Hansen ’48, May 17, UT Albert Lynn Kuipers ’56, June 19, UT Doris Elaine (Nielson) Larsen ’42, May 16, UT Miles Stewart Maxwell ’02, April 28, UT John Phillip Monsen ’58, April 14, UT Colleen (Jensen) Nielson ’47, April 16, UT Daniel Kent Olsen ‘71, April 1, UT Lois (Lorensen) Olsen ’40, May 29, UT Zola (Anderson) Ruesch ‘36, March 12, UT Becky Smart ‘13, June 21, UT Joe Reece Taylor ’63, June 10, UT Gretchen Louise (Miller) Thomas ’74, June 17, UT Charles Richard Thompsen ’42, June 24, UT Vard White ’66, June 6, UT

We all have a desire for significance. For many of us, significance comes through creating a legacy during our lives–something for which we will be remembered in the future. A bequest is perhaps the easiest and most tangible way to leave a lasting legacy to the people and charitable organizations that mean the most to us.

A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust. There are several ways to make a bequest: • Specific dollar amount • Specific asset • Percentage of your estate • Residue of your estate

For more information on how to create a lasting legacy through a bequest, please contact us at 435-283-7061 or log on to our website at


Glen Charles Johanson, April 15, UT Walli Luise (Poepel) Sanger, June 22, UT Marissa Watkins, April 1, NV

Friends Laurie (Bowen) Fyans, April 19, NV Please contact the Advancement Office to notify staff of alumni who have passed away: Phone: 435-283-7062 Email: Mail: Snow College Advancement Office 150 College Ave, Box 1033 Ephraim, UT 84627

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