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Mr. and Mrs. David C. Abbott Chris and Becky Adams Christie Allred Diane L. Adams Jannette Anderson Lynn and Pam Anderson Margie O. Anderson Monica Anderson Anonymous Hayden and Stacey Arnold Kari Arnoldsen Daniel K. Balls LaFaun Barnhurst David N. Beck Sheryl Ann James and Jonathan Bodrero Heather Boren Dean Brereton English Brooks Paul and Michelle Brown Jim Case Ronald W. and Elizabeth C. Cazier Keith Church Alan Christensen Rosie Marie Connor Stephen G. Crosland Stephen and Patsy Ann Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Jake Dettinger Marvin and Lesle Dodge 20 1 3 | S N OW CO L L EG E M AG A ZI N E

Tim Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Scott Drew Lawrence and Denise Durtschi David Dyches Bonnie S. Edwards Amber Epling Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ericksen Renee Faatz Armando Frutos Diane J. Gardner Paul A. Gardner Sara L. Golding Bobby and Robin Gore Beckie Hermansen Heidi and Tracy Johnson Lisa Jones Jim and Penny Kittelsrud Laird-Rhodes Family Karl and Marci Larsen Susan Larsen Vance and Lorna Larsen Matthew Shawn Lindow Nick Marsing Russell and Teri Mason Steven and Patricia Meredith Terry L. Merrill Fernando Montano Vandy Moore Robert and Kathleen Nielson

Sherry Nielson Claudia W. Olsen Lynette Olson Ted and Vickie Olson Joseph Papenfuss Eric and Emily Peterson Chad and Cindy Price Carl Purcell Codi A. Ramsey Paul Rasmussen Bill and Carol Reeve Allen T. Riggs Lynette Robison John and Michelle Ruell K. Michael Seibt Brent and Marcie Smith Gary and Barb Smith Larry K. Smith Garth Sorensen Allan R. Stevens John and Shauna Stevens Jeanie Tidwell Bob and Debbie Trythall Natalie Visger Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weller Mr. and Mrs. Doug Wendel Mr. and Mrs. Richard White Scott L and Kathy Wyatt Cless T. Young 33

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Fall 2013 Snow College Magazine

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