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By Cassidy Rice


ooking back on my Snow College career, I have learned so much and created many memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. I grew up a city girl: shopping in all the malls, eating out at restaurants, and going to the movies were things I was very used to prior to moving to Ephraim. When I chose Snow College after graduating from high school, I had no idea what culture shock awaited me. I was now living in a small rural turkey town, with not a whole lot to do, and definitely no malls to shop in. But it was because of this quaint town that I learned a lot about myself and new things I was interested in. In turn, I also fell in love with Ephraim. Snow College gave me the opportunity to experience the college life away from home, learn the importance of self-reliance, gain an education, and make new friendships. I have been involved in many fun activities such as dances, and pep rallies, participated in the business club, and attended many Badger sporting events. If there was one piece of advice I could give to all graduating high school students, it would be to become a Snow College Badger. It has definitely been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Snow College gave me the ability to complete my general education without the major price tag and work with amazing professors who have really helped me along the way. Since my enrollment in 2010, I

have seen the College grow each and every year. During my freshman year, the Karen H. Huntsman library was a brand new addition to the campus. The Lucy Phillips Building then became a much-needed spacious testing center as well as a place to hold classes. Since then, there has been a historic color change to blue and orange, the cafeteria was renovated, and brand new dorms and offices have been built all around the campus. It has been a great experience to be a part of all the historic changes taking place here. The future of Snow College looks extremely optimistic, and for the incoming student population, there is much to look forward to. Snow College is currently rated in the top 10 among two-year colleges for academic success. With the College celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, this is a great time to be receiving such national recognition. But no matter the graduation year, everyone who has ever attended this school has his or her own unique story to tell, and that is what connects us as alumni. The memories I have created here are now not only a part of me, but a part of the history of Snow College. My education and experiences here have helped greatly in preparing me for the next chapter in my life. Snow will always hold a special place in my heart, and the exciting future of this great college looks brighter than ever.

Cassidy Rice is a 2013 Snow College Graduate from Riverton. She will be attending Utah State University this fall, majoring in public relations/communications. After graduation, Cassidy plans to work as a corporate event specialist.


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2013 snowcollegemag 8 29 final  

Fall 2013 Snow College Magazine