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Postwar and a New Millennium During WWII, the enrollment at Snow College had dropped to 51—8 men and 43 women. As with most of postwar America, Snow College grew quickly once the war ended. New buildings were added and others were remodeled. Intramural and intercollegiate sports, which had been largely eliminated during the war years, became immensely popular again, and they remain an important part of the Snow College experience today. Among the new buildings completed during this period was the Lucy Phillips Library. When the new building was completed in 1969 and ready for occupancy, students formed a human chain from the Noyes Building to the library and passed the books in Dewey Decimal order to their new home. In 2011, the new Karen H. Huntsman Library came online, allowing for a remodeling of the Lucy Phillips Library into a state-of-the-art classroom space. Students, faculty, and staff once again formed a human chain to move books from the old library to the new one. Other recent additions to the Snow College Ephraim Campus include the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts, dedicated in 2004, which serves as a centerpiece for community, cultural, and artistic events; and the Suites at Academy Square, a new residential complex for students. Following the war, Snow College went through many administrative changes, as well, becoming a branch of Utah State University from 1951-1969. It continued to grow and flourish after this period as it approached the new millennium. In 1999, the former Sevier Valley Tech, located in Richfield, merged with Snow College, bringing two great programs together to better serve the students of both campuses. Now known as Snow College Richfield, it is home to many career and technical education programs and is an essential addition to the campus community.

Snow College Today As one reflects back upon the determination and devotion of the founders, faculty, and friends of the school, demonstrating an uncommon commitment over the last 125 years, it is easy to see why that small academy is still here—serving students across Utah, the United States, and the world. Students come to Snow College from many countries including such places as Japan, China, Macao, Wales, Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, Liberia, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Nepal, Senegal, and Zimbabwe. The physical footprint has grown beyond the original Academy Building, and the enrollment has increased significantly. Along with the tradition of offering an outstanding general education, the college continues to offer a number of new programs and degrees to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.



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One aspect that has remained unchanged, however, is the commitment of faculty and staff. There is a spirit of service and sacrifice that permeates the work of Snow College, a spirit that has been on campus since its beginnings in 1888, and a spirit that will carry Snow College to serve its students and community for another 125 years and beyond.


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