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Steven was just like everybody else except for one thing; Steven was very, very tall.

Everyone behind him complained when he went to a movie theater. He was so tall nobody could see over his head to watch the movie.

Steven even had to watch out for things like doorframes, chandeliers and scariest of all, ceiling fans.

He was even too tall for his own bed!

Steven felt he didn’t fit in anywhere. He thought “What good was being so tall anyway?” Just then he heard a commotion just outside of the school bus.

Look! Up there!

Steven stepped off at his stop and looked to see what all the fuss was about.

A kitten was stuck high up in the tallest tree in the neighborhood.

“Oh no!” the children exclaimed. “How will we ever save that poor kitten?” It was just then that Steven had a brilliant idea. He could reach the kitten.

...and finally the kitten was safe! He reached...

...and reached...

“Hooray! You saved the kitten!” everyone exclaimed.

“Great job, young man! You have the makings of a future fireman in you!” said the lead fireman, handing Steven a genuine fire helmet. “You were very brave, indeed.”

Steven thanked the fireman and waved as the firetruck pulled away. He thought “Maybe being tall isn’t so bad after all. Who knows how many others I can help out!”

...But Steven still needed to steer clear of those pesky low doorframes.


Steven is the tallest one in his class but his height just seems to keep getting in the way. Will he ever find a place that he fits in? Emily Pearl shows us that sometimes even our faults can suddenly turn into talents if we look at them in a totally different way.

Steven is Too Tall  

Dummy book for a children's book class by Emily Pearl.

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