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Emily Payne Art

Emily Payne I use gouache paint, ink, rag paper, pins and wire to produce two- and three dimensional work.! The Basin, Hover and Shadow series explore themes of dimensionality, motion and dynamics in space that originate in my experimentation with materials at hand.! In the Basin series, I incise lines on rag paper with an x-acto knife.! I then paint layer upon layer of gouache and water washes that adhere to this carved surface and also pool and drip down the paper.! Smaller works on paper, hung in collections using pins, float in the air and exist in and between two-and three-dimensionality.!My wire sculptures also float and even sway, suspended in space. Using direct sunlight, I paint their fleeting shadows on paper. ! The elements - water, air and light – set the materials in motion as they animate the works in physical space. Emily Payne grew up in Mill Valley, California and in Amherst, Massachusetts. She received her B.A. from Oberlin College and her M.F.A. in Printmaking and Book Arts from San Francisco State University in 1999. !She currently lives and works in Berkeley, California. (510) 332-0702

Basin # 20 detail 2009, 30” x 88”, gouache on paper Basin # 18 (left), 2009, 42” x 37”, gouache on paper

Basin # 3, 2007, 32” x 21”, gouache, paper, pins Float # 4 (right), 2007, 32” x 28”, gouache, paper, pins

Pin Circle # 1, #2, #3, 2009, 9.5” x 9.5”, paper, pins, gouache Pin Wheel # 1 (right), 2009, 19” x 13”, paper, pins, gouache

The Persuaders, 2005, 48” x 48”, book covers and spines, glue

Unbound, 2002, dimensions vary, books, glue

Tablets, 2009, dimensions vary, books, Tablets, 2009, dimensions vary, books, glue

Arch of Triumph, 2005, 64” x 28”, book covers and spines, glue

Wheel, 2009, 12” x 13” x 1”, wire, paper, glue Hover, 2009 (right), 35” x 42”, gouache on paper w/wire sphere

Hover Installation, 2009, 15’x 5’ x 8’, wire rihgt: Basin # 16, 2008, 41” x 46”, gouache on paper Sculpture Trio, 2006, 32” x 28” x 18”, wire

Haven Installation and detail, 2009, dimensions vary, clay, waxed linen



SFMOMA ARTIST’S GALLERY, San Francisco, CA “New Works”: solo exhibition of sculptures and paintings CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA “Seamarks”: two-person show of new “Basin” paintings ERICA TANOV, Berkeley, CA “Hover”: a site-specific solo sculpture installation ART AT THE CHEESE FACTORY, Petaluma, CA “Haven”: an outdoor installation GALLERY ROUTE ONE, Point Reyes Station, CA Juried group exhibition


SANCHEZ ART CENTER, Pacifica, CA Juried group exhibition MARIN MOCA, Novato, CA Juried group exhibition ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA Juried group exhibition CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA “In the Light of May”: spring group show


CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA “Lightness of Being”: two-person show


EARLVILLE OPERA HOUSE GALLERY, Earlville, NY “The Shadow series”: solo exhibition


CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA “Sojourns”: two-person show


CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA Two-person sculpture and painting show


DAVIS ART CENTER, Davis, CA “plaster, paper, graphite”: solo exhibition THE MUSEUM OF ART & HISTORY, Santa Cruz, CA “Refuse/ Reuse/ Redux”: group exhibition


CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA “Lesson of Things”: solo exhibition


CECILE MOOCHNEK GALLERY, Berkeley, CA “Gift of Art” Annual Group Exhibition


WASHINGTON SQUARE GALLERY, San Francisco, CA “The Word”: three-person sculpture exhibit



Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Palo Alto, CA Permanent wire sculpture installation Lafayette Library and Learning Center Small Works Purchase Program


Berkeley Public Education Fund Grant Jefferson School, Berkeley, CA


Alameda County Arts Commission Art purchase program


Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center, San Clara, CA Permanent sculpture installation


Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement San Francisco State University


Cadogan/Murphy Fellowship San Francisco Foundation


Stillwell Award Awarded to second year graduate student in Art San Francisco State University


Public Art commission with sculptor Ruth Asawa San Francisco State University

Emily Payne Art  


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