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It’s never too late to study abroad! i


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in the field of education, I know it well that there are a lot of learners who find it really difficult to cope up with the commitments needed for earning a degree. They often dream about getting a degree to further in their career graph but they do not really know about the right path to take to achieve their dream. For them, it really becomes tough to juggle between works, other family engagements, and study all at the same time. So, I have finally come to the conclusion that online learning can be their helping hand. Last week I was browsing through the web and suddenly my eyes got stuck into an article by Amy Dresser, who is a freelance travel writer and also runs a blog on the web along with her boyfriend. While going through her write-up, “How I went international for Grad school and why you should too”, I understood that it is not necessary to leave your present work to gain a degree which you have wanted forever. Although Amy had something else to say, I guess my thoughts on online learning could easily be attached to her thoughts. Amy’s way of earning the degree! iii Amy

always wanted to earn a degree from abroad but she could never do that. She switched jobs, travelled to places and finally she applied for a Master’s degree in five different places in UK and spent three years in earning her dream Master’s degree. She wanted to get a degree from UK and it happened for her! Like many other learners, Amy too believed UK to be one of the education hub of the world and she was lucky to have got the degree from the place

which she had adored for long. She travelled in UK, she visited different places and the US Federal Loans didn’t even burn a hole in her pocket for getting the degree. For Amy, her stay at UK was one of the best things which happened to her till now. She got to meet various international learners, she learnt a lot about the British culture and travelled to places which are absolutely gorgeous! Amy could travel to UK and fulfil her dream of getting a degree from there, but what about them who do not find it feasible to travel to UK for various reasons? My way of earning a degree abroad! iv I

often talk to a lot of learners from around the globe and almost all of them have one thing in common to say to me, it is that they want to get a degree from UK, a place where there are a number of reputed universities available. But most of them also tell me that due to some unavoidable circumstances, they cannot apply to these universities as moving to UK would mean a lot of financial strain, leaving home and family behind and also leaving work in some cases. So, for them, I think online education can be a good choice! Amy was lucky that she could travel to UK to get her degree but not everyone is as lucky as her. So, for them, an online degree from a UK university might do the wonders. Simply search through the best online degree providers in UK, connect to them and apply to the course you wish to pursue, and bingo! You will get the degree in just a few months time! UK is quite famous for serving online university degrees to the learners worldwide.

I know that moving to UK is not thatv easy for many of my learners and so I often suggest them about going for an online course. They know that I will never advice them anything wrong and so, not only to my students but I would suggest online degree courses to all the learners who wish to get a degree from an university which is far off and moving there isn’t feasible for them.

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Its never too late to study abroad!  

For many learners, it really becomes tough to juggle between works, other family engagements, and study all at the same time. So, I have fin...