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we are a craft community, store & workspace.

people are naturally creative.

people are so caught up in their hectic lives they forget how they truly are.

many believe they aren’t creative. people don’t take the time to make things themselves.

crafting and making has become a rare hobby.

the world is boring and dull as it moves towards being an uncreative & manufactured place.

spruce will change that.

“an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”

– edwin land

your 9-5 job is pretty dull and doesn’t let you be creative at all.

you are tired of your kids watching endless hours of tv on the weekends.

you have a chair that has been sitting in your house that you don’t know what to do with.

you saw a cool project on pinterest but don’t have the space for the mess.

you have always wanted to try and be more creative.

the classes at places like hobby lobby look really boring.

you wish you could experiment with supplies before you had to purchase them.

it’s time to get your old sketch book out again and use your hands to make things.

you need some new art to hang in your house.

you need a place that allows you do to all of these things.

creation myth

We have always been naturally creative. Our friends were always jealous of our innate ability to envision ordinary things as colorful and original items, and craft them out of what seemed like scraps and unwanted materials. One of our favorite things to do was to find crappy things at thrift stores and make them into something that looked brand new. We got a thrill out of this and loved to see people’s faces when we would tell them we made it ourselves, and didn’t completely understand why other people didn’t make things too. We were fascinated with the art of crafting and repurposing, but didn’t really have a great space to work on our projects with everything we needed.

so we rented a studio space and set up camp. after a little cleaning up, of course.

over the years, it evolved and grew in popularity. it transformed from a space that only we worked into a store, workspace and a community.

how are we different from all the other craft stores?


Spruce is a real space that is relevant, hip, and refreshing.


You can use our tools and machinery.


It is a creative community that will fit your personality perfectly.

there is no place like it.


spruce is the only craft community that fosters creativity in a hip work environment.

while we focus on recycling & repurposing, we welcome a variety of all do it yourself crafts.

brand code


product DIY craft community and experimental work space

positioning Relevant projects, unique atmosphere

style creative relevant modern

hip community relaxed

mission to stimulate creative minds

vision people should want to create things themselves and feel creative and unique

values is is is is is

supportive reliable relevant creative handmade

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helpful neighbor

brand code

think... the craftiness of

martha stewart

the handiness of

mike rowe

the community of


the friendship and dedication of

hermoine granger

and the experimentation of

alton brown

all combined into one creative, awesome space.

who will we help?

20-somethings kids parents

how will we help them?

*our primary target audience

brand mind space

how will they feel?

functional “Whenever I come to Spruce, I feel creative and inspired by all of the relevant demos and awesome atmosphere.”

“I feel that I am capable of being creative and using unconventional resources to make something that I am proud of. Spruce fits my personality perfectly.”

spiritual “I appreciate that spruce takes the time to find the most relevant projects and tips, unlike other big craft and DIY businesses.”

social “Spruce is a great creative resource that helps me make connections with other creative people in a fun, relaxed environment.”



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11739 mission road leawood ks 66208 913.475.5865

913.709.394 7

emily mullett


11739 mission road leawood ks 66208 913.475.5865

913.709.394 7 emily mullett owner 11739 mission road leawood ks 66208 913.475.5865

913.709.394 7

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our traveling workspace will be in your neighborhood on

may 25th

at 1:00 pm teaching a $5 workshop! bring an old lamp to revive and spruce up!

all supplies will be provided, but bring your creativity and crafting skills!

look out for the spruce traveling studio coming near you!

anitra mullett 9400 wenonga leawood, ks 66206

11739 mission road | leawood, ks | 66208 913.475.5865 |


is new to the neigborhood

come see everything we have to offer. from unique supplies, to dynamic classes, we are your go-to store for crafting.

we pride spruce isn’t your average craft store. our love for around ity commun a ng buildi in ourselves part of spruce! making things. please join us and be a

11739 mission road | leawood, ks | 66208 913.475.5865 |

allison granger 1296 oak street lenexa, ks 39572

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come celebrate your birthday creating some awesome things with us. embrace your inner creativeness and have some fun.

bring this post card in for a free class!

11739 mission road | lea wood, ks | 66208 913.475.5865 |

jake belinger 1296 oak street lenexa, ks 39572


greta owen s executive member

please sign here

the perks of joining

1 a birthday discount 3 two free classes a year

5 monthl y newsletters

2 exclusiv e access to

our tools & supp lies

4 advanced no tice of sales!

6 ...and some surprises along the way!


Spruce Brand Book  

Brand book for Spruce craft community.

Spruce Brand Book  

Brand book for Spruce craft community.