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Shane McAuliffe and Meredith Stancik met in Abilene while she was working as the weekend reporter at KRBC TV. “I had been there a month, when I was told I would be moved to weekdays. They had hired Shane to fill the weekend position,” Meredith said. They met on his first day of work, August 24, 2004 (the day of their engagement-- three years later). His desk was right across from hers, so they faced each other every day. Shane recalls, “It didn’t take but 5 minutes for me to strike up a conversation. She told me about being from La Grange and I immediately told her how much I loved the Bon Ton Bakery, (which is now Weikel’s Bakery) in La Grange.” They quickly became friends, but neither one knew how far their friendship would take them.


“After being friends for a few months, Meredith and I were settled in at our station and started to realize how much fun we had together,” said McAuliffe. However, Shane didn’t think she was interested in him at first, so she felt she needed to make the first move. “It was not very traditional-but well worth it. I invited him over for New Years Eve dinner. I had ordered Chinese food and put my own homemade fortune into his fortune cookie,” said Stancik. Inside the cookie, the fortune read, “A kiss awaits you at midnight.” He saw it...and they kissed at midnight. “Since the first second of 2005 we’ve been together,” he said.

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Brazos BrazosValley ValleyBride BrideMagazine Magazine-- Spring 2006 2005


“There’s nothing more stressful than picking out the perfect engagement ring,” Shane said. “I never thought I would spend hours in a jewelry store. After six hours, I had narrowed it down to two diamonds, and then remembered my what my fortune read after my dinner the night before: ‘Pick the one on the right.’ Shane chose a beautiful radiant-cut diamond with a white gold band, and then began planning the day he’d propose to Meredith. 2005 Brazos Valley Bride Magazine - Spring 2006

Shane proposed on August 24, 2007, three years from the first day they met. Meredith planned on meeting him at her parent’s house in La Grange for dinner that night. Shane’s family was going to be there as well, but she didn’t think anything of it. “Family is very important to Meredith and I, so I knew they would have to be involved,” said McAuliffe. “When I arrived, Shane met me at my car. He walked with me inside to tell everyone hello, and then asked me to go to the backyard with him.” continued on page 38

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Shane told her we wanted her to see a bench her mother had bought. He commented that he liked it and that we should get one like it some day. “When we got to the bench, he asked me to sit down. At this point, I knew something was up,” said Stancik. That’s when Shane got down on one knee. “I was shaking at this point. He asked me to look up, and our entire family was there to witness our incredible moment. Shane then asked me to marry him, and of course I said ‘yes!’” The bench that Shane proposed on was his first engagement gift to her. He bought the bench earlier and had a plaque engraved with the words: On this bench Shane asked for Meredith’s hand in Marriage. “It was an amazing night, and we’ll cherish the bench forever,” she said.


The couple started planning their wedding immediately. Shane and Meredith knew they wanted to get married in February 2009 in San Antonio. “We both wanted a destination wedding,” explained Meredith. “Shane is from Houston and I’m from La Grange, and we have family scattered across the U.S., so we thought this would be an opportunity for them to see a beloved part of Texas.” They fell in love with the San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio, and chose their wedding date, February 28, 2009, based on the church’s availability. For the reception site, they selected the Southwest School of Art and Craft. “It’s right on the river, and has two tranquil courtyards that sit outside an old chapel which serves as the reception hall,” Meredith described. Planning a wedding is a huge endeavor, so Meredith’s mother was enlisted to help the couple. She immediately stepped into the role as wedding planner. “She’s an amazing event planner, so I knew she would throw an amazing party,” she added. Meredith’s selected colors for the wedding were pink, pewter, and white. Shane knew to let Meredith plan the bulk of their wedding as the way she wanted, but had a suggestion

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of his own in mind. “My only request was to add a little Irish flair to celebrate my heritage.” Shane and Meredith even decided to shape-up for their wedding by using a personal trainer. Many KBTX viewers will remember the segment Shaping Up With Shane. The segment showed Shane learning fitness and nutrition tips while tracking daily workouts with Trevor Carney of Innovative Fitness. Meredith said, “we just wanted to feel our best on our wedding day. Plus, I really loved my wedding dress and wanted it to fit perfectly. I didn’t want to look back at our wedding pictures and wish I would have hit the gym a little harder.”


Finding the dress was one of the most cherished memories for Meredith. Her parents both went dress shopping with her, and it was just as she had dreamed it would be. They found her dream gown at The Bridal Salon of San Antonio. “It’s a Kenneth Pool gown that was designed by Austin Scarlett of Project Runway. It is a strapless gown with a drop waist, and it is adorned with beautiful crystals.” Her wedding gown was her ‘something new.’ She bought antique earrings and wore a pinkie ring that had belonged to her great, great, great grandmother, as her “something old.” Two broaches, one borrowed from each of her grandmothers, adorned her bouquet. Those were “something borrowed.” To fulfill tradition, she wore one of her maternal grandmother’s blue broaches under her dress as “something blue.”


The bride and groom both wanted a traditional ceremony surrounded by family and friends. So much so, they ended up with a very large wedding party. Meredith had eight bridesmaids, three honorary bridesmaids, two junior bridesmaids, and three flower girls. Shane had six groomsmen, three ushers, and four of the couple’s little cousins served as greeters. Meredith said, “We knew we would only do this once, so we wanted everyone to have a part.” The fact that so many were involved made the day even more special to them. continued on page 58

Brazos BrazosValley ValleyBride BrideMagazine Magazine-- Spring 2006 2005

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Walking down the aisle is a pivotal, impactful moment for every bride, and Meredith felt the same. “Words can’t express how I felt walking down the aisle into that beautiful church. Seeing Shane for the first time made the entire wedding become real.” “I’ll never forget her entrance, because as she came into the church a big column blocked her from my view until she was almost all the way down the aisle.” The couple gathered together at the altar and wear near tears when Meredith’s father lightened the moment by making them laugh. By doing so, he was able to set the mood for the rest of the ceremony. “I don’t think we stopped smiling the entire time,” she said.


The newlyweds took a trolley with their family to the reception site. Then they broke away from the crowd to take some photos with wedding photographer, David Sixt. “It was nice being able to sneak away for a bit just to reflect on becoming husband and wife,” said Meredith. When they arrived, they had their own little parade--followed by a mariachi band. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails-pink margaritas served in pink sugar-rimmed glasses. The caterer, Page Barteau, prepared pasta dishes and prime rib for the guests. Round tables were covered in chocolate brown, pin-tucked tablecloths and displayed arrangements of white hydrangeas and roses in mercury glass vases. Meredith and Shane’s wedding cake was a threetiered, white champagne cake with raspberry filling. It was decorated with pewter scrolls and topped with a jeweled crown. Instead of a traditional groom’s cake, Shane chose chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, each topped with a green fondant shamrock, for an Irish flair. Also featured

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was an elaborate candy buffet designed by Meredith’s mother. “I am a sugar-a-holic, so this was like having my very own candy shop. We had an assortment of 20 different candies, all in pink, white and silver,” said Meredith. Shane and Meredith love to dance, so they danced every song that night. Their first dance was to “At Last” by Etta James. Meredith and her father danced to “In The Garden” (which he used to sing to her as a child) and Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella.” Shane and his mother danced to “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” by Ed and Patsy Bruce. The live band, Groove City, had guests on the dance floor all night long. “I don’t think my feet have ever hurt so badly, but I wanted to soak up every minute of that day,” Meredith recalled. “It was an amazing night that happened in a flash, but I remember every part. My Irish touches all came through, from the Irish flag behind the bar to my clover cupcakes. We even played a little Irish music,” remembers Shane. As the happy couple left the reception to start their new life together as man and wife, guests threw rose petals at them as they boarded their waiting trolley. Recalling the day Meredith said, “I’ll never forget when one of our flower girls looked up at me and said ‘you did it!’ I did do it...I married the most wonderful, kind, Christian man in the entire world. I’m a lucky girl---and he’s a lucky guy,” she said.


After honeymooning in the Dominican Republic, Shane and Meredith are happy to call BryanCollege Station their home. They love working together for KBTX and feel blessed to be a part of such a caring community. They have received many wedding wishes from Brazos Valley residents and can’t say “thank you” enough.

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Real Wedding Profile for Brazos Valley Bride Fall 2009

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