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Emily Norman

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Emily Norman Resume Education Contact 518.590.2964 Boston, MA

Endicott College Beverly, MA BFA in Interior Design Graduation: May 2020 Hoosic Valley High School - Schaghticoke, NY Diploma Graduated: June 2016

Experience Sensory Six (2017 - 2018) Full Time Intern Saratoga Springs, NY - Researched budgetary information of design pricing selections - Provided design input for residential and commercial projects - Selected finishes for kitchen and bathroom design Rensselaer County Bureau of Information (2016 - 2017) Full Time Intern Troy, NY - Tax map maintenance and database accuracy (AutoCAD) - Developed processes for handling sensitive documents

Honors Endicott College Academic Scholarship 3.8 GPA Fall 2018 Study Abroad - Florence, Italy Dean’s List Recognition (2016 - 2019) Make a Wish - Wishmakers Interior Design Club NYSSSA 2015

Skills Revit InDesign SketchUp AutoCAD Illustrator Photoshop Social Media Microsoft Office

1. Hospice House

2. Corporate Office

3. Skincare Store

4. Residential Condo

5. Textile Design

6. Travel Photography

Table of Contents

Hospice House

At Oasis Care, those nearing the end of life’s journey are made comfortable. By providing a space that feels like home, families are confident in choosing this path for their loved ones. Though often seen as a difficult time, Oasis Care aims to make this a positive and peaceful time of reflection. The design of the home offers dynamic living spaces, personal outdoor areas, hydrotherapy options, family supportive spaces and interactive activities.

Oasis Care

Located in the Outerbanks, North Carolina. It’s important the final moments of one’s life be a quiet, personal and peaceful time of reflection.

The Oak Tree represents strength and growth. The smaller circles inside the wood are called growth rings and represent the lifelong journey we’re all on. Through every tree looks similar; at the core they’re different. This idea embodies the foundations of healthcare in that each patient is unique.

Concept Organic Materials Handicap Accessible Concept Deconstruction Access to Nature & Daylight

Nurses Station

Developmental Sketches

Patient Room

Universal Plan


Deconstruction Recycled and Reclaimed Plywood (Linear, Strong & Dynamic) Access to Daylight and Nature Views (Health Benefits) Nature Sounds - Falling Water (Improved Mood) High Ceilings and Large Windows (Grand)

Living Room 2

Indoor Pool

L - Shaped Plan Convertible Furniture Personal Patios for Patients Areas for Family Interaction Perspective Patient Offices Multiple Seating Options Outdoor Exploration

Floor Plan 1/16” = 1’ 0”


Reflected Ceiling Plan 0’ 1” = 20’ 0”

Cafeteria Elevation

Living Room 2 Elevation

Universal Plan Organic Materials Handicap Accessible Concept Deconstruction Access to Nature & Daylight

Patient Room Precedent Study

Dartmouth - Hitchcock Jack Byrne Center for Hospice Care Hospice House l Lebanon, NH l E4H Architecture

1/8” = 1’ 0”

1/8” = 1’ 0”

Corporate Office

The Urban Coworking Loft strives to provide quality over quantity within their coworking spaces. They hope to evoke creative thinking and collaboration with other like-minded people; which is absent in the traditional workplace model. The most important thing to keep in mind when designing for this company is maximizing the number of available workspaces, while making them comfortable. Utilizing organic circulation promotes collaboration and interaction of new innovative ideas between everyone. Additional factors to include while designing are ergonomics, universal design, ADA clearances and sustainability.

The Urban Coworking Loft is a flexible workspace that allows individuals to collaborate and work together. The brand begins to launch in Helsinki, Finland. The slogan of the brand is, “A Home for Creative Beasts,” therefore the interior space should support this goal.


Schematics Storage Traditional Swings Stairs Slide

Precedent Study

Client Likes

Concept Ideas

Alternative Seating Linear Elements Natural Materials Glass Contrast

Minimalism Concrete Flexibility Surprises Timber

Interconnection Challenging Zoning Creative Happy

Collaborative Jungle Gym Coworking Sandbox

A playground represents the Urban Coworking Loft perfectly. The children who utilize these spaces are full of energy and creativity. As children, we view the world with an open mind and are constantly learning. Employees should do the same. By always learning and experiencing new things we remain innovative. The playground is very collaborative but, also challenging. With constant stimulation, children develop problem solving skills. Similar to a playground, the corporate office should represent different zones. Since the workforce includes four different generations, people are drawn to specific spaces. Having variety within the work environment is crucial to ensuring a company’s success and employee happiness.







Free Form


Jungle Gym








Seating Kitchen Play Area


Meeting Rooms

Reception Seats


Open Library Desks


Open Library



Phone Booths

Floor 2 Bubbles




Stairs Swings




Play Area


D e s k s

Meeting Rooms Stairs Swings

L i b r a r y

Floor 1 Blocks

Floor 1 - Cafeteria

Concept : Playground

Floor 1 Bubbles


Floor 2 Blocks

Seating D e s k s


B o o t h s

Floor 1 - Open Library

Floor 2 - Offices Longitudal Section

1/8” = 1’ 0”

Floor 2 - Swings

Cross Section

1/8” = 1’ 0”

Developmental Sketches

Custom Seating

Level 1 Floor Plan 1/8” = 1’ 0”

Sandbox Area

Glass Dividers

Swing Area

Level 2 Floor Plan 1/8” = 1’ 0”

Level 1 RCP 1/16” = 1’ 0”

Level 2 RCP 1/16” = 1’ 0”

Skincare Store

Rinse & Repeat is a local skincare store in Florence, Italy. They sell natural, luxurious products to the community that are organic and cruelty-free. At the Via San Gallo location, the brand would like to feature a spa area where customers can book wellness appointments. By focusing on sustainability, natural materials and client relaxation the space is a successful reflection of the brand. The Italian company also wants the location’s design to be aesthetically pleasing and reflect their goals.

Rinse & Repeat

At Rinse & Repeat the main goal is to share their natural, luxurious products with the world. The Florence, Italy store is a unique space in which clients can also book wellness appointments.


Client Likes

Concept Ideas

Treatment Area Employee Lounge Retail Space Courtyard Reception

Wood Stone Glass Marble Greenery

Transparency Youth Relaxation Movement Trust

Front Entrance

Concept : Cleanse Cleanse speaks to Rinse & Repeat’s brand through the journey of becoming the best version of ourselves. By appealing to this group of motivated individuals, Rinse & Repeat hopes to inspire through their products. By including large amounts of blue glass, the representation of water is achieved through movement and transparency. Natural materials such as marble and stone establish trust with the user and connects them to nature. It’s important the interior of the store reflect brand loyalty and organic features. Schematics


Sink Area






Sink Area




Sink Area

Retail Space


BR Circulation Distinct Areas Sales

Employee Lounge

Employee Lounge


Axonometric View

Back Entrance

Custom Design Fixtures

Display Table These tables are displayed frequently throughout the space. The glass, stone and marble are natural and sustainable materials that can be easily cleaned and maintained. The varying heights of product placement provide stimulation and visual interest for the customer.

Cash Wrap This cash wrap is unique to the movement and circulation of the Rinse & Repeat entrance. The distinct L - shape allows for comfortable use and employee movement behind the desk. The structure is made of wood, glass, paint and metal supports; underneath the glass.

Icons Conceptual Ideas Sustainable Design Universal Design Access to Nature Northern Section


Southern Section



Residential Condo

The goal of this assignment was to design the interior of an urban, residential home that fully supports the Halpert’s needs to age-in-place. The condo must highlight sustainable practices and universal design while, highlighting contemporary design styles. The Halpert’s have just retired and are seeking a home to grow old in. The condo is located at the Ink Block Apartments in South Boston, which is within walking distance of many engaging amenities.

Concept : Dandelion

An elderly couple such as the Halpert’s want a home that will grow with them as they age. A dandelion represents serenity, peace and the evolution of life’s journey. While the powerful color symbolizes boldness and warmth.

halpert home


Universal Design


Recycled Materials Energy - Efficiency Low Flow Plumbing Reclaimed Wood Glass

Lever Handles Soft - Close Cabinets Touch-less Appliances ADA Clearances Grab Bars

Clean, Sleek Lines Solid Colors Statement Pieces Basic Forms Graphics

Guest Bath

Guest Bedroom Kitchen

Dining Room

Living Room



Closet Entry




Living Room

Master Bath

Level 1 Floor Plan Not to Scale

Master Bedroom

Guest Bath


Guest Bedroom Closet Living Room

Dining Room

Entry Public Private

Hall Master Bath Master Bedroom


Contemporary Design

Sustainable Design

Universal Design & Aging in Place

Solid Neutrals with Bold Punches Basic Shapes & Forms Clean, Sleek Lines Graphic Artwork Sleek Furniture with Straight Legs

Low Flow Plumbing (Bathroom) Reclaimed Wood (Dining Table) Recycled Flooring Recycled Carpet (Living Room) Recycled Glass Backsplash

Variation in Countertop Heights Touchless Faucets Grab Bars (Bathrooms) 5’ ADA Turning Diameters Lever Handles


Northern Section Not to Scale

Concept Ideas Universal Design

Depicting: Living Room Kitchen Guest Bathroom Guest Bedroom

Sustainable Design Private Spaces Public Spaces

Living Room


Textile Design Students were asked to design their own textile and apply it to real life applications. Completed in Adobe Illustrator

Celebration Celebration refers to the emotional journey one goes on when experiencing joy. Happiness comes from a certain point within ourselves and radiates outward. The impact a celebration has is often overwhelming and felt by everyone.

Color Theory


Yellows - Happiness, Optimism & Warmth Blues - Creativity, Relaxation & Safety Pinks - Romance, Calmness & Peace Purples - Wisdom, Luxury & Power

Movement : Free Form : Central Pattern : Light Shape : Open

Travel Photography Collection of photos while taken during a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Taken with a Nikon Coolpix L330

thank you 518.590.2964 Boston, MA

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Emily Norman Portfolio  

My Interior Design Portfolio at Endicott College

Emily Norman Portfolio  

My Interior Design Portfolio at Endicott College