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Bachelor of Interior Design May '18 Lubbock, TX Department of Design Architecture Minor College of Architecture

| eb '16  Present Plains Roofing Co. | Lubbock, TX Provide customer service. Take requests & instruction by sending electronic documentation to employer. | Jun '17 - Aug '17 TTU Housing Offices acilities | Lubbock, TX Generated punch lists for ongoing jobs. Designed mock dorm rooms for college orientation. Organized the materials library. Ran errands in the company vehicles upon request of the employer.




Emily Garth s Apiary & Orchard is located less than half an hour outside of Lubbock in Idalou, Texas. The site has apple, peach, cherry & grape orchard as well as an apiary. The apiary will be a place for the suburbs of Lubbock or surrounding areas to come & eat, pick fruit from the orchards, & to have honey tastings. The site is perfect for enjoying the outdoors for a short getaway from the stress of everyday life. All ages are welcome.

Create an attraction to the public that keeps them coming back Have Outdoor & indoor entertainment Use a comfortable amount of space for the apiary & Orchard Create required storage spaces for indoor & outdoor use Design special features for the interior that reflect a personal style Scan personal paintings into the project for artwork Build furniture if needed to create the goal space Make sure that the created spaces are multifunctional Create required storage spaces for indoor & outdoor Bring the outdoor & the indoors closer together Utilize all the spaces to their full potential -

In the United States, there is a so-called treatment gap, or difference between the number of people who need treatment for a drug or alcohol-related problem & those who get such treatment at a specialized facility. About 22.7 million Americans should receive treatment for chemical use dependency or disorder, but only about 2.5 million people are receiving treatment at a specialty facility.

We will design a facility that houses outpatient care at three levels of treatment intensity. In general, outpatient programs are for clients who have residential stability, who need to continue their employment during treatment, whose addiction is nascent & not yet severe, &/ or who have already completed inpatient treatment & the outpatient program is a step down that provides continuity of care.

Nutrition Outpatient ď †acility Addiction Center

Students must demonstrate an understanding of theories of human behavior, interior environments, & human factors (ergonomics, anthropometry/ anthropometrics) Student must demonstrate competent design development skills Interior finishes & materials Detailed & developed layout of furniture, fixtures & equipment Detailed & developed furniture selection Space plans, elevations, floor plans, custom details Selection & application of luminaries & lighting sources Justifying design solutions relative to the goals & objectives of the project program Appropriate selection & application of decorative elements

The Amazon Rainforest covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America with parts of it included within the borders of nine different nations. The Amazon Rainforest is significant in that it Represents over one-half of the total remaining rainforests in the world. Recognized as the largest & most biodiverse tropical rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest has suffered greatly due to climate change & human activities including deforestation.

You have been asked to design an education facility, located near Miami, ď †L that will serve as the orientation & educational space for individuals embarking on a service-learning trip to the Amazon Basin of South America. Individuals taking part in a service-learning trip will likely be involved in reforestation & rainforest preservation efforts & will engage with indigenous populations. The ď †acility will have approximately 3700 square feet of interior space, including an orientation & classroom space, an office, & an apartment for the director of the facility. In addition to the director, the staff will consist of two assistants responsible for training & orientation, & a parttime maintenance person. The facility will also have immediate access to outdoor space for handson demonstrations & training.

These are cards that I design for close family & friends. The cards & envelopes themselves are made from hand-cut card stock & colored paper. The designs are from magazine & art inspiration. I practice the lettering used for the names or other hand-drawn designs which are then pasted onto the card for the design outcome.

The project was introduced by having each member of the class choose a name from a spreadsheet of lighting designers solely based on names. ď †rom the drawing, each student was to write a report as well as provide a rendering of a lamp of choice by the designer.

PROJECT STATEMENT: The goal of this project is for the student to gain both knowledge & awareness of joinery. Students are expected to take care with craft & design of [the joint], as these factors have consequences on the strength & aesthetic of the joint itself. Iteration is expected; taking ownership of the generalization of [the joint] is encouraged, as all options possess a wide range of solutions. Each joint cluster should demonstrate at least three connections using the same joint, each facilitating a directional change - - thus your joint should result in a spatial construction, meaning the joints should not produce a linear, flat, chain of joints. The final product must demonstrate a joint via the ability to be taken apart & reassembled easily.

Includes a hand-made necklace made of plastic & glass beads. Hole punched & added to the card to look like it is a part of the card design.

Hand lettering name banner is the main focus of the card. Masculine in appearance while still design oriented.

I Will use a page to practice each letter & design before I make a card. This leaves roof for error & process of concept. These were examples taken from my March card series.