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Creative Conscience Campaign

Criminal Cats

‘Criminal Cats’ creative conscience campaign Created by Emily Mellifont, s(5021029). Graphic Design 2, 2613QCA. 2016.

Criminal Cats Australia is a rich and beautiful country with unique native animals. The rare species of animals we have are the core to our identity. They are culturally significant to Indigenous peoples, and are important for the health of our environment. Our distinctive animals are a gift and ours to protect. One of the biggest problems Australia faces as a nation is the shocking regression of our native wildlife. This is due to the over-population of predators, or more specifically, domesticated cats. In order to reduce the impacts of cats, the ‘Criminal Cats’ campaign has been designed to inform and educate pet owners about the impact of cats on our wildlife as well as develop a long-term solution, which will enable the control over how often cats hunt native animals.



Cats are by nature instinctive hunters and are likely to hunt animals in urban areas where rare native animals are at risk of reduced population. The ‘Criminal Cats’ campaign raises awareness with cat owners through the use of graphic design and advertising, showing them how a cat can become a ‘criminal’ by killing native wildlife. Since most native species are protected in Australia, cat owners are at risk of being penalised for not taking responsible environmental actions for owning a cat. ‘Criminal Cats’ is supportive and caring towards all animals, especially cats. The campaign itself is a go-to solution for pet owners if they have the problem of their cat bringing ‘love presents’ into the home, whether that be birds, reptiles (including deadly snakes), and also small mammals or even marsupials.

SOCIAL MEDIA Cat owners now have the convenience of visiting the Criminal Cats website and social media accounts, where helpful tips for preventing a pet cat from becoming a criminal can be found. Some of those tips include keeping cats indoors at night, and making them wear a collar with a bell when roaming outdoors. This will reduce the amount of hunting the cat can do during the day and will prevent any hunting during the night. Criminal Cats also advises all pet owners neuter their cats. Neutering stops cats from procreating and makes them less likely to roam and hunt.

PRODUCTS The program offers freebies as well as purchasable products that are related to the criminal cats campaign. Freebies include stickers, tote bags and brochures. Purchasable products include cat collars and collar tags. By providing the public with Criminal Cat themed freebies, more people will know about the cause and what the Criminal Cats campaign stands for. This will greatly benefit our country as it raises awareness for endangered species and also teaches pet owners about proper care for their cats and the environment.

The Criminal Cats collar tags are specifically designed to stand out from a distance. Each collar is moulded by hand and comes in a variety of sizes and vibrant colours. Through the use of strong colour and shape, people are able to identify the symbol and what it stands for. The purpose of a Criminal Cats collar is to help people identify a lost cat. It signifies that the cat should not be outdoors and is likely to hunt wild animals. Written on the back of the collar is the owners number, so others can call and notify the owner of the whereabouts of their cat.

The clear message that the Criminal Cats campaign states is that ‘responsible pet ownership is key’. The health of our environment relies on the harmonious inter-relationship of all species within a given habitat. Responsible pet ownership allows you to enjoy the presence of native birds and animals in your surroundings as well as your pet. However, poor management of domestic animals can impact severely on animal welfare and the environment. With good pet management and public awareness the needs of domestic and native animals can both be met.

‘Criminal Cats’ creative conscience campaign Created by Emily Mellifont, s(5021029). Graphic Design 2, 2613QCA. 2016.

Criminal Cats - Creative Conscience Campaign  

‘Criminal Cats’ creative conscience campaign Created by Emily Mellifont, s(5021029). Graphic Design 2, 2613QCA. 2016.

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