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Hong Kong


H&M External Client Project


Design Development






University Curiosity Project


Create a Curvy Kate Project


Technical Work


Emily Roberts is a third year Contour Fashion Student at De Montfort University. Most recently she had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to work with Clover Group International. She has skills in design, pattern cutting, technical design, trend forecasting, research and development, illustrator, photoshop, indesign and lectra modaris.

Design Philosophy

A focuses on lingerie and fashion as functional art. Combining great design with strong technical underpinnings. Emily takes inspiration from many different areas with a key eye for fashion forward design.

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Design Development

Project for Moda Trade show Selected to Showcase at the Show in Bir-

Selected to take part in a photo shoot for Lingerie Insight Magazine.


Pad Design Development - FleixiLIFT The cu p uses plunge a mixtu st techno rapless bra. re of bondin logy is g and Sandw mould se ic The 4 ing to way lif t into the m hed betwee create oulded n two t is lifting the al laye cup from th designed to prev e ent hold th and is used rs of foam th l-in-one e oute the br r e brea e Poly to crea side a at the centre from falling which works st from arou te the 4 Way mer . Thre nd the front lif with th the be e se breast Lift. st clea t e tens ro ion of vage. Th from beneat parate poin the win ot, ts h e poly g to mer is and also sepa at the base The m of the then us rate th ouldin cup comfo ed for e brea rt, with g process is seam. extra sts the and su us th give pport ed to ad e optio more st at the n of ad d extr ability side ding m a padd to the ing ore garmen t allow push up to th and cushioni ing for ng e for a strapl cup. It also provid ess pu sh up es design .

Stretchline’s Polymer No Wire, Wire placement in the cup

Polymer inside the cup - Uplift and ‘push up’ from 4 different directions

Polymer along the bust rote and side seam - cupping the breast along the breast root and stabilising the \Side seam join to the wing

Extra thick foam for ‘push up’ affect

Regular thickness foam

Polymer wire elements

Outer optional seam allowence for sewing ease Slightly thicker foam for added comfort on the cradle and and around the polymer wire

Polymer on cradle around under bust - added stability to the whole cup, added comfort from spreading the weigh of the bust across a larger area

Product Variations

FlexiLIFT moulded cup collection

Balcony - 5 way Lift, elevating from the base of the cup and the sides to separate and push up the breast to create the balcony shape. Banana shaped padding along the base of the cup will also aid in the lifting of the breast tissue in an upwards motion. Strapless - 4 way lift, supporting the breast from the centre

front and side to cup around the breasts and lift them against the tension of the wing. Padding at the bottom of the cup lifts the breast directly upwards.

Plunge - 5 way lift, focused on pushing the breast together Plun

whilst still lifting them, also lifting and separating the breast at the centre front to give a more natural yet still enhanced cleavage. Double hump shaped padding on the outer side of the cup lifting from to separate points to allow the breast tissue to sit comfortably in the bra whilst still giving the ‘push up’ effect.

A Collection inspired by tradition al Cravats, Marble statues and intric ate details found in the drape and layering of textured fabric.

Dress using manipulated fabric to an interesting surface texture, gathering at the waist and falling genterly to the floor.

Spring/Summer 2014

Top 6 Runner up in the Create a Curvy Kate Swim wear Competition

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