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The Firm's Profile Emily A. Lemoniati & Associates Law Firm is a reputable law firm with years of experience in the field of Company Law: Formation of Companies: Registering a company in Cyprus for business purposes is probably one of the most beneficial and profitable way to secure incomes for the reasons stated below: • Corporate Tax is now 10%, which represents the lowest rate in Europe. • Since May 2004, monetary control restrictions do not exist. • Anyone can register a company in Cyprus, European, Cyprus Citizen or NonEuropean, the Central Bank of Cyprus permit is no longer required. • You can achieve anonymity and privacy by appointing nominees to your company. • Interest received by individuals or other company’s which do not fall into the company’s ordinary activities, are not taxable. • A company can be formed and active within 15days (Our law Firm has a variety of registered companies ready for any client to choose from for immediate use.) Our Law firm can provide the following services when a company is registered: Administration of a Company: Our Law Firm offers a registered Addresses, Secretarial Services, directorship services, Nominee Shareholders and Trustee services Management of a Company: Opening Bank Accounts, attending mortgages, attending work permits for companies’ employees. Auditing of a Company: Auditing accounts of a company, preparing financial reports e.t.c

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The Firm's Profile

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