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The Law firm of Emily Lemoniati has used over the last year several important contacts and put effort to minimize the damage that MRI company has caused to a big number of property buyers in Cyprus. Emily Lemoniati was one of the victims too of the MRI scam since MRI was using unjustifiable sales techniques in order to convince clients to purchase properties. The clients were spending most of the time with the MRI sales people were they were talked to them into purchasing the property by presenting them figures of rental income that they were supposed to get and mortgage figures good enough to be covered by the rental income. Greedy people hoping to become estate owners were entering into the property investment without themselves to be qualified and they knew about it but they were tempted by the dream of owing multiple properties. At the end of the day all of them have suffered and they have started unfair and unjust battles to throw the blame to all the rest of the people but not themselves. However, Emily Lemoniati sympathize all the people that have suffered damage through the wrongful acts of MRI since once the clients were visiting her for the document preparation, had already been committed with the developers and had already paid moneys to the developers. The clients have never mentioned to the lawyers or to Emily Lemoniati any special terms for the property purchase and were signing the contracts after they were making any changes that they were asking.

Recently, Emily Lemoniati with other people that have suffered from this catastrophe, have established a compensation fund that has been created and credit with a respectable amount of money with main aim the compensation of these innocent people. The moneys that have been credited to the MRI compensation fund is a result form ongoing battles that the parties have entered with MRI. Now, Emily Lemoniati Mri Compensation Fund is making a public request to anybody who has suffered any loss or damage due to the wrongful acts of MRI to make a formal request for a claim detailing the case and relevant information about the property sold to them. Once the application request is received, it will be processed and within 3 – 6 months the money will be returned back to the lawful owners.

emily lemoniati mri compensation fund