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Welcome to my mind. Please feel free to touch anything.

I have a homeless friend in Philadelphia named Chris. We became friends when he guessed my horoscope sign (correctly). He is crazy. Chris told me once: “Emily, you are the second-smartest woman in the world.” Second-smartest suits my personality well. If I were the smartest woman in the world, I might stop being curious about absolutely everything. I might stop asking questions. I might stop exploring, stop playing, stop changing my mind. I would have nowhere to go and nothing to strive for. The advertising industry is a damn great place for the world’s second-smartest woman; in an industry that will never stop growing and changing, it pays to be constantly striving for something more. When you think about it, the pressure’s really off for me. Second-smartest has the ability to fly under the radar, so I have the freedom to cultivate some crazy ideas. Like developing a digital campaign for the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Or inventing a board game designed to dredge up all the middle school memories you tried to block out. Or choosing my career path based on the advice of a crazy homeless man named Chris. To this day, I still haven’t found out who the smartest woman in the world is, and I never asked. If it is you, please don’t say anything.

EDUCATION Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter Richmond, VA MS in Mass Communications, Specializing in Creative Brand Management GPA 3.75 University of Virginia, School of Arts and Sciences Charlottesville, VA BA in Psychology and Drama GPA 3.3

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Grace Yoga Studios, Richmond, VA Advertising Assistant • Develop strategy and write print ads for city-wide publication • Place media with Richmond print and online magazines • Developed brand positioning statement • Conducted competitive review and target profile • Acted as primary consultant for development of new website Virginia Lottery Project, VCU Brandcenter • Moderated several focus groups • Wrote a screener and discussion guide • Conducted surveys and man-on-the-street interviews • Developed thorough analysis of target markets, including segmentation study • Presented to both the Director and Marketing VP of the VA Lottery

Clementine Consignment Shop Project, VCU Brandcenter • Developed strategic direction for a local store to reach new target markets • Recommended media strategies and tactics • Conducted complete competitive review • Moderated several focus groups and conducted interviews • Presented directly to client Dippity Do Reintroduction Project, VCU Brandcenter • Creatively reintroduced a brand that has been crashing and burning since the 70’s • Recommended media strategies and tactics • Analyzed store planograms in order to make POP advertising decisions • Conducted a full competitive review • Planned a complete non-traditional launch plan ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Black Lily Film and Music Festival Marketing/Workshop Coordinator • Developed and implemented marketing plans • Effectively communicated with workshop participants, teachers, and founders • Wrote press releases • Sold program advertisements INTERESTS Womenʼs health education, theatre, electronic music technology, songwriting, poetry, abstract art, unusual road trips, Doc Holliday

Winston Fly Rods The mission: Write a brand manifesto and creative brief for a brand of your choice. The catch: You cannot be in the brand’s target audience.

Brand Manifesto I always wake before you do. When you hear your alarm ring and you drag yourself out of bed at 4 o’clock in the morning, I am already awake and waiting for you.  As you choke down a shockingly strong cup of black coffee in the dark of your kitchen, you may not be thinking specifically of me, but you can already feel me in your hand.  You can feel the bend and the shift of my weight as I slice through the air.  Where are you going today?  Are you going to take me with you through small towns and down a dirt and gravel road that you hope nobody knows about but you?  Are you going to drive with me until the land grows flat and the sun beats down on us, leaving no hope of shade?  Either of those roads sounds perfect to me. What will I reach out and touch?  Will I circle down and drop on a choppy ocean that buoys me up with its salt?  Maybe I’ll float with purpose through tree-filtered bubbles of sun and touch down on a glassy, calm surface.  Will I touch what is underneath that surface today?  I may be seasoned, but I do not age, because I am part of a feeling.  I am the feeling you get when you find a spot of river that you know no one else has ever set eyes on.  I am the soaring in your stomach as the point of your line gets smaller and smaller and then disappears among the waves.  I am the purpose with which you step into the water, and the quiet thrill you get when you feel the bite of a fish. 

We haven’t been around since the beginning of feelings like this, but we’ve been a part of them since 1929. With the beauty and performance we can offer you, feelings like this deserve a Winston fly rod.

Creative Brief Winston, founded in 1929, is viewed as the maker of the traditional fly rod. They pride themselves on performance, design, and aesthetics.  Their goal, in each of these aspects, is perfection.  Craftsmanship and attention to detail come together to make wonderfully performing, beautiful rods. THE PRODUCT IS:  Boron II-MX, Winston’s new fresh and saltwater fly rod series.  This rod is sturdier and faster than any of Winston’s other fastaction rods.  The “MX” stands for “Maximum” as in maximum power, maximum distance, and maximum fly fishing capabilities.  This rod can handle serious conditions and serious fish.  IT’S SPECIAL BECAUSE:  Winston is the first company to ever utilize Boron technology, allowing it to compete effectively with its fiercest competitor, Sage, a brand known for its fast-action fly rods.  Normally, graphite is wrapped horizontally around a fly rod; however, Boron technology allows the graphite to adhere to the rod vertically, allowing for a faster, sturdier rod, and a snappier, quicker, much longer cast.  It’s perfect for saltwater fishing, extreme conditions, or reeling in huge fish.  This rod is the best on the market when it comes to accuracy, power, and light weight. THE AUDIENCE IS:  Serious about fly fishing in all kinds of conditions and locations.  They fish enough and enjoy it enough to want absolutely nothing but the best.  Winston’s consumers come to them for the tradition and stay around for the superior craftsmanship and performance.  They are normally fairly well off and are very knowledgeable about the sport, but what shines through is their passion for fly fishing.  They are brought together by their love of fly fishing and their desire for options.  This audience loves peacefully fishing a small brook or a rolling river.  They love the thrill of braving the waves for saltwater fly fishing or pitting themselves against the wind, rain, and whatever else comes their way in the pursuit of a beautiful fish.  The Boron II-MX gives them all of these options in a single fly rod.  Our target audience loves nothing more than to wake up long before the sun, throw down a cup of strong, black coffee, and hit the trail to their favorite fishing spot.  They talk to the locals about which flies are working and whether or not the fish are biting, they know their favorite rivers like the back of their hand, and they hunger for and anticipate the refreshment and excitement that a day on the water will bring. RIGHT NOW THEY THINK:  Winston is a traditional brand with superior fly rods, specializing in slow-action rods. WE WANT THEM TO THINK:  Winston offers them the best options on the market, no matter the type of fly rod.  No other brand has had the foresight, knowledge, and craftsmanship to use Boron technology.  This puts Winston Rods ahead of the game for any type of fly fishing your heart desires to do.  THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IS: Fish any way you’d like under any condition you dare to brave. THE SUPPORT IS:  The weight of the rod is 3 1/8 oz.  This weight is usually only fit for catching small fish, but with the Boron II-MX you get the light-weight benefits plus the ability to reel in monster fish. Rods capable of making amazingly long casts may lack in accuracy and responsiveness, but the Boron II-MX gives you all of the above.

VA Lottery Part of a semester-long project, this target breakdown and segmentation was presented directly to both the Marketing VP and the Director of the VA Lottery.

The Reason We’re Here 12%

People have enjoyed the VA Lottery for over 20 years. However, one group plays far less. Currently, 18-24 year old lottery players make up only 12% of the playing population for the VA Lottery. It is important that we capture this age group now since they are the future of lottery gaming for the state.




Source: Northstar VA Lottery Tracking Study 2007

A View of the Target

18-24yo Lottery Players 12%


When we were exploring the process players go through when playing the VA lottery, we discovered that there were two types of players in this segment: planned players and impulse players. Through our quantitative survey, we discovered that, out of all the 18-24 year olds surveyed, only 4% are planned players. These are regular players for whom the lottery has already become a routine and a part of their lives, and they play more than once a month. We were excited to find out that there are already planned players in this segment, but we found that the greatest opportunity lies in impulse players, who make up 96% of 18-24 year old VA lottery players.

Source: Group of Glory Quant Survey 2008


• To increase the frequency of 18-24 year old impulse play for the Virginia Lottery.

This objective really fits the target, because impulse players already play and feel good about the Virginia lottery...they just donʼt play enough.

Segmentation of Impulse Players

Impulsers “I play to win $90,000,000. . . I only play when the pot gets that high.”

“I won’t do it unless I’m in a good mood. It’s an impulsive thing, and I’m more impulsive if I’m in a better mood.”

“Sometimes I just get the urge to play.“

Impulsers Impulse players have a really fun perspective on the VA lottery. Here are some of their attitudes and behaviors in regard to playing the lottery: • Their playing attitude regarding the VA Lottery can best be described as “lighthearted,” not “die-hard.” • To them it's just the VA Lottery: simple, inexpensive fun. • They don't need to win the lottery in order to achieve success. • They play because they want to... not because of some luck or dream gimmick. • They donʼt play more often simply because they forget to play. We were impressed by impulse playersʼ forward thinking and their fresh way of seeing the VA lottery. In listening closely to impulse players, we were able to break them down into three segments:

•Fair Weather Players •Theraplayers •Get My Fix Players

Fair Weather Players


Play when the jackpot is high

Play when they are in a certain mood, either good or bad

Get My Fix Players

Play when they have the urge.

Impulse Players’ Brand Essence Creative Work

The World Beard and Moustache Championships Choose any large upcoming event and develop a digitally integrated campaign in order to create and build buzz.

Do you have a moustache? Do you know anyone who has an exquisite moustache? Can you even grow one? No? Does that make you sad? Whether or not you have the moustache or beard of your dreams (and we all dream of having beards and moustaches), you have the chance to be associated with an organization that dresses to the nines and celebrates them! It’s the World Beard and Moustache Championships! Time to reclaim territory For the past few championships, Germany has completely dominated. Disappointing, yes. But who doesn’t love a rivalry? If nothing else, a rivalry gets people involved. At its best, it creates an all out community. It is exactly this competitive spirit that we plan to harness in our integrated campaign for the World Beard and Moustache Championships. It is not hard to become a USA supporter in the quest for top honors at the championships this year. Anyone can join Beard Team USA through a quick email, and your facial hair status has nothing to do with it. MAY THE MOUSTACHE MAYHEM BEGIN...

So who cares anyway?

Our target audience is young men ages 18-30. They find facial hair fascinating, whether or not they can grow it. These young men spend good amounts of time online, whether it be at work or in their parents' basement.

• • •

40% of this age group say they spend more than 22 hours per week online. 69% of this age group say they can't live without the Internet. 33% say they can't live without the internet for entertainment.

(MC Marketing Charts, February 2009) They look to the Internet for most of their entertainment, but they still enjoy the simple and best things in life. Our target communicates and shares with their friends online and they enjoy being the first to find something new. This is all good news for us. With our target in mind, our integrated campaign for the World Beard and Moustache Championships should include rivalries, oddities, entertainment and, most importantly, the web.

It is our goal that, in order to create buzz for the World Beard and Moustache Championships, 20,000 new members will join Beard Team USA and, in turn, will spread the word about the championships virally.

Campaign Bring Back the ‘Stache

Plot The campaign posters go up for the World Beard and Moustache Championships, but within a week they are defaced--the moustache on each of the posters is violently ripped off. Scrawled across the tops of each of the posters is, “Your Staches Are Mine.” Nobody pays this much heed until one of Beard Team USA’s most promising competitors, Pete Harrington who is predicted to win the natural moustache category...

is shaved. From here on out, more moustaches keep disappearing and the threats just keep getting more and more real. Mustaches are disappearing and Beard Team USA needs your help to find out who is taking them.

The Beard Team USA Blog already exists on the Beard Team USA website and would be used throughout the campaign to alert fans and participants in the online mystery of news events and happenings within the world of the ARG.

Based on a participant始s progress in the ARG, moustache and beard-based applications will be available to them. One of these is the moustache translator. The translator allows a participant to view different styles of moustaches from all the countries that participate in the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Posters placed in U.S. cities to kick off the campaign.

The same posters after being “defaced�. From here, viewers looking for more information move the campaign into the digital world and the mystery begins.

AD: Joey Ianno

Stache Your

Stache Your Friends is a viral website within the campaign in which participants can upload photos of themselves or their friends, give the photos one of the moustaches available, and then customize the look with styling tools. Those who use the website can easily pass these “stached� pictures on to their friends, thus passing along the word about the moustache mystery, Beard Team USA, and the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

AD: Everett Ching

Crime Report Clues help participants to their guesses and conclusions along the way.

Campaign Conclusion The campaign concludes at the World Beard and Moustache Championships where the saboteur is revealed to be Gillette. Their reasoning: In an effort to make sure that their razors could withstand the ultimate test, they had to go up against the world始s most impressive moustaches. The penance: Free samples for everyone at the event. The reconciliation: A future sponsorship for the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Awkward. The endeavor: Conceive and design a new board game for Hasbro. Your game may be targeted to any market segment, but it must be playable on a board-based platform. You must name your game and design its playing surface, game pieces, rules and packaging. Further, you must plan a viral introduction for your game that propels it into the current culture.

Game Concept

You've had enough time to get over all those middle school memories of yourself wearing awful sweater vests, experiencing bogus physical mishaps, and undergoing constant ridicule. Right? Right. AWKWARD, a trip through middle school for your older self, allows players to travel through middle school earning grades, playing social games like spin-the-bottle and truth or dare, and sharing those hilarious and painful stories you've been trying to repress for years.

Target AWKWARD is a game designed for 18-34 year olds looking to relive and share embarrassingly awkward stories of their middle school experiences. There are approximately 34 million 18-34 year olds who enjoy entertaining friends in their homes and would serve as the initial game playing universe. 21% of the target, or 7.3 million, have purchased a board game in the past 12 months, making up the more active board game players of the audience.

Positioning Statement AWKWARD is... Reliving your most embarrassing moments through storytelling, laughter, and acceptance.

Playing Surface Design The AWKWARD playing surface is designed like the floor plan of a middle school. The board is a grid with no set path to follow, so players can move in whatever direction they like, choosing their own path through the school. The classrooms include English, Social Studies, Math, and Biology. Other rooms include the Auditorium, Gym, Principal's Office, and the Boys' and Girls' Bathrooms, just to name a few.

Game Pieces AWKWARD includes eight game pieces. All eight pieces are recognizable middle school archetypes and are sure to bring out a few memories and laughs. They include: • • • • • • • •

principal nerd jock drama kid overachiever cheerleader troublemaker gym teacher

Rules Object: To win the game, you must pass each class (collect 8 trivia cards, 2 from each class), tell your best middle school stories (collect 2 storyteller cards) and make it to the auditorium for graduation before anyone else. Contents: 8 game pieces, deck of trivia cards, deck of storyteller cards, deck of daily drama cards, game board, bottle spinner, rules and instructions. Game Preparation: • Put the spinner in the center of the board • Shuffle all cards and set them aside face down in separate piles • Each player should choose a game piece and a place to start in one of the four locker corners. A maximum of two people may start in the same corner. Game Play: • Each person starts in his or her locker corner. Each spins the bottle and whoever gets the highest number starts first. Everyone else follows in clockwise order. • Players will move the same number of spaces as the number that the spinner lands on. • Players may move in any direction on the board in order to get to the classrooms, EXCEPT diagonal. • Outside of the classrooms, players have the chance to land on two types of spaces, Storyteller or Daily Drama. Inside of the classrooms, players can land on both of those as well as Pop Quiz spaces. When landing on one of these spaces, players will pick up the card on top of the corresponding deck.

• • • • • •

Daily Drama: Follow the directions given on the card. It may tell you to go forward spaces, or back to where you began, or even relocate you to a different room, depending on whatever drama just occurred.

Storyteller: When this card is drawn, everyone has to tell a story that comes from the topic on the card. At the end of everyoneʼs story, all players will vote on the best one. Whoever wins the vote collects the card for their pile.

Pop Quiz: These are only drawn in classrooms. The player to the right of the person who landed on the space asks the question. If the player gets the pop quiz question right, then they collect the card for their pile.

In order to pass a class, players must collect trivia cards from that class. They must collect two cards from each of the 4 classes, Social Studies, Biology, Math, and English. Each player is also required to win two storytelling challenges in order to move on to the auditorium. Some Daily Drama cards are social games. In this case, all players must leave their spot on the board and move their pieces to the gym, where the social game is played. From there, each player must make their way back to complete the class they were in. If a card tells a player to go to the bathroom and lose a turn or multiple turns, they must move their piece there. The player must make their way back to complete the class they were in. Once players have completed all 4 classes (collected 8 cards) and the storytelling challenges (collected 2 cards) they must make their way to the auditorium for graduation from middle school. They must spin the exact number of spaces between their piece and the auditorium in order to enter. The winner of the game will reach the auditorium first with 8 Pop Quiz cards and two Storyteller cards collected.

Playing Card Examples

Packaging As stated in Hasbro's 2007 Annual Report, Hasbro has "a longstanding commitment to sustainabliity" and they "continue looking for ways to reduce waste". In light of this, the game board doubles as its own box. Three of the sides collapse and fold, and the fourth side acts as a lid with a tab that keeps the box securely closed (see folding pattern). The outside aesthetic of the box is comprised of the eight middle school archetypes used for the game pieces. The appearances of these archetypes will be in the same style as the avatars created for the viral campaign.

Viral Introduction To launch and promote the AWKWARD board game, Hasbro will produce a microsite that invites users to recount tales from their middle school experience and create an avatar that best represents what the user was most like during his/her most awkward stage in life. Users will select from a field of physical and personality attributes, such as ʻshy,ʼ ʻoutgoing,ʼ ʻlanky,ʼ ʻchubbyʼ and will be able to personalize the clothing and appearance of their middle school avatars. Once completed, users may save the avatar image or invite their friends to recreate their own middle school avatars. Before sharing or saving the user-generated avatar, a link to the Hasbro AWKWARD site will appear, inviting the user to acquire more information on the game and where to buy it. Once created, users may also order their avatar to be included as a game piece for the AWKWARD board game. The success of the viral launch depends mainly on the internet behavior of the target audience. The target is actively engaged online, reads and writes blogs, are heavy instant messenger users, send and receive electronic greeting cards, and play online games. In fact, of all blog readers or writers, 34% of them are part of this target. Therefore, seeding the AWKWARD microsite on blogs will build awareness of the avatar generator as well as the board game. The high incidence of instant messaging usage among the target will also help in the pass along of the URL of the microsite and increase its viral velocity.

Future Possibilities The AWKWARD brand can certainly live on into the future. Many things are awkward. First dates, new social encounters, and even sexual experiences have the potential to be extremely awkward. This social discomfort, or even mortification, is something that we have all experienced. Because it is based on a concept that many can understand and enjoy, the AWKWARD brand has legs . It has the potential for lasting relevance and expansion.


% participate

Probability Assigned


Expected # of Participants

% inquiry

Probability Assigned


































Expected # of participants =

Expected # of Inquiries =



Expected # of Inquiries

% purchase

Probability Assigned

Games sold

















Games Sold






Subtract fixed costs

Expected # of games sold =

Profit after campaign =


$63,095 Return on Investment =



Emily Lacy 276 . 620 . 2354

2009 Internship Portfolio  

Work samples from Fall 2008 and Spring 2009.

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