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PURSE.architecture emily.kiwa.tanaka.2003-04.senior.design.thesis.

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color.people.laughing.singing.writing.crying.sculpting.computing.dance.music.reading.speaking.shouting.sex.dressing.drawing.sewing.walking .running.medicine.shopping.chatting…EXPRESSION. Every individual has the ability to “express” life’s acts. These expressions make people artist whether they accept the label or not. For myself architecture is only one means of expression, one INSANITY outlet because I believe all humans are crazy. The pendulum of “NORM” dictates ones insanity. I fear not being able to express myself. At times I believe architecture is everything when wrapped up in the momentum of studios surroundings and events. The trials of life intertwine people into the great universal system.


My travels abroad to Asia and Europe have taught me that people are trying to make it day by day. Success and happiness are relative to the individual. My ultimate goal is to live the fullest LIFE. I instill this with in my work….the entire insane thing. EXPRESSION. “I make purses.” “I make pictures.” “I write.” “I live seeing and watching” “I love want make my pictures into real spaces.”

Emily Kiwa Tanaka

PURSE.architecture 1.manifesto.emily kiwa tanaka

The purse will wake up morning as a dung beetle (Die Verwandlung) if its value does not change. Release the traditional purse definition through a series of interventions a REVOLUTION will occur. Obvious PURSE definitions... a specific place to carry other things around monetary things.shells.knitting needles. cell phones. lip stick. a status symbol Hermes vs. Hermes knock-off a brand symbol Prada.Gucci.Coach ...but the PURSE is more. Who:



Progress creates new ideas with the past as precedence evolution occurs.


People can carry the PURSE, but the PURSE can carry people. People become the object.


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