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May 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY AIRPORT FUN DAY EMPLOYEE UPDATE FIT TIP Mark Your Calendars! May 12 Zippy Zoo Day with Mom Noon - 4 p.m. Scovill Zoo Youth Baseball & Softball Opening Day Rotary Park May 19 Airport Fun Day 8 - 11 a.m. Decatur Airport May 25 Scovill Zoo Open 12:15 p.m. shotgun start Hickory Point Golf Course May 30 National Senior Health & Fitness Day 8 - 11 a.m. DISC

Customer Service Tip Active listening is a technique that allows the listener to understand, interpret and evaluate what someone is really asking. You do this by re-stating or paraphrasing what you have heard in your own words, to confirm the understanding of both parties.

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Blogging and Social Media Policy By Ryan Raleigh, HR Manager

In general, the Park District views personal websites, weblogs, wikis, online social networks, or any other form of online publishing or discussion positively, and it respects the right of employees to use them as a medium of selfexpression. If you choose to identify yourself as a District employee and discuss matters related to our agency, staff or patrons on your website, weblog, or other online social network (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), please proceed with caution and discretion. Although your website, weblog, or any other medium of online publishing may be a personal project conveying your individual expression, some people may view you as a de facto spokesperson for the District. Social media or personal website activities at or outside of work may affect your job performance, the performance of others, staff morale, teamwork, and the reputation or business interests of our agency. In light of these possibilities, we ask that you observe the following guidelines: 1. Make it clear that the views you express are yours alone and that they do not necessarily reflect the views of the District.

2. One of the District’s core values is “trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.” As a public agency, the District trusts – and expects – staff to exercise personal responsibility whenever they participate in social media. 3. Recognize that both during working hours and non-working hours, you are an ambassador of the District. You are expected to conduct yourself at all times in the best interest of the District. 4. Be careful to avoid disclosing any information that is confidential or proprietary to the agency. 5. Since your site, blog or other posting is in a public space, be respectful to the District, our employees, our patrons, our partners and affiliates, and others. 6. Permission is required to use the District logo or reproduce any District material on your site. 7. Lastly, use your best judgment. Your actions both in and outside the workplace reflect on your judgment, decisionmaking, professionalism, maturity, and commitment to the District.

Congratulations! On Friday, April 20, Bill Clevenger received the 2012 Joseph J. Bannon Practitioner Award from the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism at the University of Illinois. The award is presented to a practitioner who has displayed innovation in community service and support of the field of parks and recreation at both the state and national level. Congratulations Bill!

Park Notes  May 2012 Here’s to You... Fit Tip with Samantha: Healthy Date Night Date nights are great to spend time with the ones you love, but can be terrible for your body. Most consist of eating a high fat meal or not incorporating any activity at all. If you’re looking for some great date night ideas that don’t pack on the pounds check out this list. Healthy Date Night • Dancing • Playing a sport like beach volleyball or participating in a softball league • Learn to rock climb

• • •

Bowling Walk around the zoo Have an active game night with the Wii, Kinect, or the oldie but goodie Twister • Sign up for a race, like a 5K • Attend a group fitness class • Walk the dog • Skating or rollerblading • Take a hike or bike ride • If you go to a bar, don’t focus so much on the cocktails and have fun playing pool, darts, or even shuffleboard

Employee Update On April 2, five zookeepers from Scovill Zoo attended the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA) Midwest Regional Workshop at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

Airport Fun Day!

Airport Fun Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 19! Tour the control tower, view a display by the Army National Guard, climb aboard the Park District’s Striker emergency vehicle, and enjoy a pancake breakfast sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Summer Day Camp & Teen Club

Spectacular Summer Day Camp and Summer Teen Club at the DISC are great places for your kids to spend their summer days! Summer Day Camp is designed for youth aged 5 - 11, and combines nature, recreation, sports, and field trips. Teenagers (aged 12 -14) will enjoy the Summer Teen Club which includes sports, rock wall climbing, field trips, and trips to the pool. Call Elisabeth Green at 429-3472!


Customer Service Nominees

Employee anniversaries during the month of May include: Larry Bond, Rangers (8 years) Patty Bosler, Scovill Golf (18 years) Lisa Gillen, Marketing (6 years) Sparkle Hill, Recreation (1 year) Jim Kiefer, Parks (9 years) Mike Mudd, Airport (33 years) Bill Otta, DISC (5 years) Heather Purdeu, Zoo (15 years) Paul Sunderland, Fleet (9 years) Mike Tanzyus, RTR Golf (9 years) Mac Tyus, Nelson Maint. (26 years) Tim Wright, Airport (8 years). Congratulations!

The customer service nominees for March were Danette Chapman, Kevin Ewing, Steve Fox, Jim Kiefer, Kent Winchester and the Nelson Maintenance Crew.


Misty Tompkins, Amanda Hall, Kelly Lawerence, Mary Ellis, and Yvette Casner attended several demonstrations including a training session with an Amur tiger, California sea lion, red pandas, river otters, giraffes, and aldabra tortoises. They also learned new training techniques and applications.

The “Pride of the Park Winner” for the month of March is the Nelson Maintenance Crew. A customer called to comment on a job well done on a few small maintenance issues that were quickly taken care of at the Nelson Park Dog Park. The Nelson Maintenance Crew received pizza and soda for lunch from the customer service committee for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to Jim Kiefer, Kevin Ewing and Nelson Maintenance Crew on a job well done!

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Steve Boldini, Airport Stephen Douty, HP Golf Patty Bosler, Scovill Golf Jerry Smith, Airport Mike Tanzyus, RTR Golf Sparkle Hill, Recreation Marc Black, Arts Dept. Megan Mooney, Arts Dept. Rodney Lange, Construction Barb Chapman, DISC

May 2012 Employee Newsletter  

Decatur Park District May 2012 Employee Newsletter