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Current Situation I am currently a second year BA (Hons) Public Relations & Communication student with an average of a high 2:1 but I am aiming to graduate with a 1st class honours. Whilst studying at university I have learnt many practical PR skills such as how to write press releases, how to communicate with clients and how to pitch ides to live clients. I am a very confident, ambitious and motivated individual who is aiming for the top with the help of guidance of professionals along the way.

Career Goal In order to achieve career goal of having a job/internship lined up for when I finish my degree there are many steps I need to take. Firstly, I want to complete several different work placements this year with different fashion companies and agencies to get a feel of how things work both in an agency and in house. I already have one placement confirmed with Next in their London Head Office where I will be interning during their Christmas press launch. I believe this will be a real eye opener for me as it will be my first experience of working in the fashion industry. I believe it will be a fantastic opportunity for me as it will allow me to see first hand how things work during a press launch and what is involved in organising one. Additionally, I have also secured a placement at Fluorescent PR, a fashion PR agency based in North London. I believe by completing a placement at an agency and the interaction I will have working with brands will broaden my knowledge on fashion PR.

Routes to Achieve Goal As well as the work experience I already have confirmed I am looking to complete some additional placements in high-end fashion retailers. I have most recently applied to luxury online fashion shop Net-a-Porter for their PR internship in New York. I believe this would be a fantastic opportunity and would enhance my CV enabling me to secure a placement or job upon completing my degree. In addition to this, I have been in contact with a friend from Talk PR, she has kindly offered me advice about my CV and has offered help when applying for work experience. Upon completing my work experience in the summer I will update my CV and with the added experience I believe I will be more appealing to employers making it easier for me to get a job. Furthermore, with my improved knowledge about the fashion industry and PR I believe I will be much more confident in applying to big companies and in interviews as I will have real life example to use to showcase my skills.

Issues The fashion industry is an extremely competitive and cutthroat industry where I am sure people will trample on many toes in order to get what they want. Furthermore, the people I am competing against may have more experience than me in this field. Therefore, I need to showcase what I can do and give examples of past experiences, which would be of benefit to where I am applying. For example, I have met with live clients, delivered winning presentations to them, devised successful PR strategies and also developed many writing styles. In order to reach my goals I am also going to have to grow a thicker skin and not be afraid to air my opinions if it means getting me closer to where I want to be. In addition to this, I need have to the courage and self-belief to apply to the more competitive internships and not be afraid, as I may be what they are looking for.

Actions •

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To make contact with the people I know in fashion PR and seek advice and discuss possible work placement opportunities with them by the beginning of March. To make at least three high quality applications per month for summer work placements. To attend a minimum of two networking events before the end of semester two. To regularly update my blog about fashion and PR stories I have seen. To keep up-to-date with fashion trends, stories and news. To attend extra curricular workshops and talks about improving social media presence, grammar and internships to help with my applications and knowledge of PR.

Career Action Plan  
Career Action Plan