Emily K Center Annual Report 2018

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OUR / MISSION The Emily Krzyzewski Center is a non-proďŹ t organization that serves as a collegeaccess hub in Durham, North Carolina, propelling academically-focused, lowincome K-12 students and graduates toward success in college through its K to College programs while also offering college information and advising support to any interested high school student through the Game Plan: College program. Through broader facility partnerships, thousands of additional students and community members use the Center as a place to convene, learn, and grow.


YOU ARE A GAME CHANGER FOR DURHAM YOUTH At the Emily Krzyzewski Center, we are dedicated to helping Durham students achieve their dreams of earning a college degree. We opened the Center 12 years ago with a belief in the talent and potential of our local students and the confidence that a shared commitment and hard work could make those dreams come true. Our dedication to this belief in Durham youth inspired us to launch a three-year, $15 million comprehensive fundraising campaign for the Center this year. The Game Changer campaign is an investment in the Center’s future, and we couldn’t embark on this new chapter without you. Your support through the campaign helps us enhance our programs, expand the size of the Center, and bolster our sustainability through a permanent endowment. The success of our efforts to help students gain entry to and succeed in college motivated the launch of the campaign. This year has served to affirm our confidence in our K to College and Game Plan: College programs. The 28 seniors in the Class of 2018 received 172 acceptances to 68 different colleges and earned more than

$3 million in award dollars to the schools they will be attending. Additionally, 75 percent of their college costs will be covered without loans, and six seniors received full scholarships. Our open access program Game Plan: College completed its second full year of programming, extending our reach to hundreds of additional Durham high school students through workshops and college advising sessions. We had the highest enrollment ever in our elementary and middle school program, Pioneer Scholars, with 92 students engaged in academic enrichment programming. What a year it has been! We are grateful for what we’ve accomplished together and excited for all that’s ahead for the Center. Thank you for your support– you are a true Game Changer for our students. Warmly,

Mike Krzyzewski

Adam Eigenrauch

Chair of the Board

Executive Director

GAME CHANGER CAMPAIGN On May 30, 2018, with the Emily K Center as his backdrop, Coach K formally announced the launch of our three-year, $15 million Game Changer comprehensive fundraising campaign. We are proud of all that the Center has accomplished since opening in 2006, and the Game Changer campaign capitalizes on our past success while recognizing that there is much to be done for the future. In North Carolina, only one in five low-income students will go on to enroll in college. For Durham County, this means that 5,500 of our 7,000 lowincome students will not go on to pursue a college degree. Our programs are designed to address these disparities and help students succeed. The Game Changer campaign is an important investment in the Center’s future -- and in Durham’s. The Game Changer campaign will build on the strong program foundation that exists at the Center and will provide funding to support operations and enhance our core programs, expand the footprint of the Center to provide much needed classroom and advising space, and ensure our long-term sustainability. As of June 30, 2018, we have raised approximately $8.5 million toward our goal which includes a generous gift from the Krzyzewski family and marks their largest, single philanthropic contribution ever. The enthusiasm for the Game Changer campaign is exciting and continues to build. Follow campaign progress and learn how you can be a Game Changer at gamechanger.emilyk.org.

“Without the Emily K Center, I would not be going to college. I really mean it when I say that. I know how much Emily K has done for me, and I am excited about the future of the Center because I know how much it can change the lives of other students too.” -Cinthia, Scholars to College Class of 2018 and campaign launch speaker

Empower students on their path to college:

$8 million

Programming constitutes 80 percent of our annual to continue providing the life-changing college access programming we are known for while also evaluating and implementing new initiatives. New initiatives in progress or under consideration include an increased


operating budget and this funding will enable the Center

focus on college persistence, the development of a more formal socio-emotional support system for students, and the creation of modest college savings accounts for elementary and middle schoolers.

Equip the Center to serve students better:

$3 million

As the Center has grown from serving 38 students in its first year to nearly 500 today, we have adapted


our physical space to meet daily needs. With plans to keep growing the number of students we serve, additional space is a pressing issue. A new 4,500 square foot addition to the Center will be designed with the specific needs of college-access programs in mind and will provide needed classroom space and areas for quiet study and one-on-one advising.

Encourage Durham youth for years to come:

$4 million

Emily Krzyzewski inspired her young son Michael to change the trajectory of his life and the life of his family. As we strive to inspire Durham students in the same way, the Generations Endowment Fund honors Coach K’s vision for helping academically-focused, low-income students achieve their college dreams -- just as his mother did for him. This fund will ensure operational stability and a bright future for Durham students for generations to come.


dream big, work hard, demonstrate character, and


ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS Our core elementary and middle school program, Pioneer Scholars, ensures that elementary and middle school students are building academic skills, achieving in school, and laying the foundation for future college success. This year, we served 92 students in Pioneer Scholars – our highest enrollment ever. Eighty-eight percent of Pioneer Scholars students will be the first in their families to attend college.

During the school year, students work in small groups with an average of six students with a certified educator and a team of volunteers as they build core skills in math and literacy. On any given day, you will likely find students engrossed in a book, working on long division, researching a new subject, or creating a model of the solar system.


Pioneer Scholars Educator

“Being in a smaller group, you can reach students in a different way. I want the kids to build more confidence academically. I like seeing how they can be curious and research things. My third grade students grew a lot last year, building each other up and working together. The Emily K Center builds bridges and creates this community of positivity within Durham.”

RESULTS Students on track to meet college readiness benchmarks

74% For three weeks each summer, we welcome our students as well as other local elementary and middle schoolers to the Center for basketball and drama camps. It’s non-stop action during camp weeks, with a tournament closing out basketball camp and a fully-staged musical production wrapping up the two weeks of drama camp. This year’s production of Shrek, Jr. was another spectacular show.

Designed to help prevent summer learning loss and allow students to build on the gains they made during the academic year, Summer Scholars is a four-week, project-based program for Pioneer Scholars students. During Summer Scholars, students work in small groups and rotate through math, literacy, STEM, and teambuilding sessions.


English Pioneer Scholors



Math National Average


of Pioneer Scholars students say they plan to go to college.


Pioneer Scholars 3rd Grader

“My favorite thing I’ve done at Emily K is when we learned about how you digest food. We drew a human and we got to draw all of their organs. It was pretty cool. The words that describe Emily K to me are head start. At the Emily K Center I learn, and when I go to school I am able to learn even more and be ahead.”

90% of students showed either average or high growth in reading on the ACT Aspire

7 of 10

students participated in extracurricular activities in their schools or communities.


HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS We offer two programs for high school students at the Emily K Center – our enrollment-based Scholars to College program and our open-access program, Game Plan: College. Scholars to College ensures that high school students challenge themselves academically and personally, ultimately becoming graduating seniors who are scholarship-eligible and college-ready. This year, 125 students were enrolled in Scholars to College. 75 percent of students in this program will be the first in their families to attend college. Game Plan: College provides information and advice to any interested Durham high school student, ensuring that they have the knowledge and support necessary to apply and enroll in college. The goal of the program is to increase the college enrollment and success rates of low-income students in Durham, ultimately changing the long-term economic outcomes for these students and their families. This year, Game Plan: College served 182 students in workshops and one-on-one advising sessions.

Game Plan: College continued to expand the reach of the Center in its second year. Through workshops and advising sessions focused on building a college list, writing college essays, and completing college admissions and financial aid applications, Durham high school students were able to learn more about the steps needed to get to college.

Enrichment activities are an important part of the curriculum for our Scholars to College students. From spending a day volunteering in the community to getting out in nature in partnership with the Natural Park Trust, it’s important to us that students have diverse experiences. This philosophy continues into the summer with students exploring a variety of summer enrichment experiences which included everything from studying biodiversity in the Leeward Islands to learning more about creative writing, entrepreneurship, and filmmaking right here in Durham this year.

At weekly Curriculum Nights, students build skills and gain knowledge that will help them become the best college candidates they can be. Through community partnerships, we host annual Mock Interview and Career Exploration Nights designed to help students gain practical experience and firsthand knowledge that will serve them well during their high school and college careers. Students also spend time engaged in team building activities which help develop soft skills such as collaboration, leadership, and communication.

DREW, Volunteer Tutor

“The Center is amazing. It provides kids with all of the resources they need to achieve success in school, college, and life. I began volunteering as a math tutor during my junior year at Duke, and my favorite memories are of watching students suddenly realize that a concept makes sense. I never gave straight answers to the students - to their occasional disappointment. Instead, I asked them questions that would put them on the path toward finding the right answer. It’s very gratifying to see the smile on their face when a concept finally clicks.”

CRYSTAL, Scholars to College Student





unweighted Scholars to College average GPA

Scholars to College students took an average of


AP, IB, honors, or dual-enrollment courses throughout high school.


of Scholars to College students participated in leadership activities in their schools or communities, spending an average of

“All throughout high school the Emily K Center has been there for me. They supported me. I don’t know what I would do without the Center. Looking back, the accomplishments that I’ve had were because they opened so many doors for me. I had the opportunity to attend Duke neuroscience and clinical psychology camps during the summers. I am now at UNC majoring in psychology with a minor in Spanish, and I plan to be a Physician Assistant.”

6.7 hrs per week engaged in leadership activities.


COLLEGE PROGRAMS Many students who complete Scholars to College enroll in Scholars on Campus as they transition to life on a college campus. The Scholars on Campus program ensures that students successfully transition to higher education by supporting their academic and campus engagement, career planning, and financial responsibility during their first two years in college. This year, 43 students participated in Scholars on Campus. Our students’ first-year persistence rate of 87% is almost 15 points higher than the national average. In addition, our alumni serve as mentors to our younger students, ambassadors and interns for the Center, and leaders in their communities.

RESULTS An average of


of students’ college expenses were covered by scholarships and grants.


of second year Scholars on Campus students have made a firm decision to enter a certain occupation and plan to continue in their major.

Our Scholars on Campus students have the chance to participate in an overnight retreat before they head off to college for their first year. This retreat is designed to help ease the transition to campus by covering relevant topics like advocating for yourself in the classroom, connecting to campus resources, dealing with a difficult roommate, practical budgeting, and more. A Center staff member visits students on their college campus during their first year. This is a great chance to check in with the student and see how he or she is adjusting to life on campus and troubleshoot any issues that may have arisen.


Scholars on Campus

“The Center is always there if I ever need anything. It’s about relationships. Emily K staff visited me on campus my freshman year. I was also excited to come home to speak to the current high school students over winter break and share my experience navigating being a first-generation college student. Now in my second year at the Oxford College at Emory, I am an RA and am using what I’ve learned to help the new freshmen. I hope to double major in economics and American Studies with a goal of pursuing graduate work that will help me be a voice for the voiceless.”

This year marked a new and exciting chapter for the Center through the launch of the Game Changer campaign. As we have embarked on this multi-year fundraising campaign, we have been energized by the renewed generosity of our supporters. The past year has been a record year in many ways as our community came together to contribute to the future of the Center and our work on behalf of Durham students. The following are a few of the many demonstrations of support that we received in the first year of our campaign. We are excited and grateful for the progress of the campaign in year one but know the best is yet to come! We hope you’ll join us through your support and help us serve even more families in the coming years.




YEAR 1 HIGHLIGHTS The Emily K Center received more than $8.5 million in donations and commitments in 2017-2018 – making this our best fundraising year to date!

We received gifts to support specific initiatives that allowed us to upgrade our IT infrastructure, launch a new mental health program, and install all new LED lighting in the building.

EmergeOrtho became our first ever “CenterLevel Sponsor” through a multiyear sponsorship in support of the Center.

$1.2 million was committed toward expanding the Center’s physical space. That means we are almost halfway to what we need to add an extra 4,500 square feet of space dedicated to student programs.

DONOR SPOTLIGHT “When my wife Lisa and I were approached about the Game Changer campaign, participating was an easy decision for us. We both come from wonderful parents who did not have the means and access to go to college. As first-generation college students ourselves, we understand the difference that education can make, and it was the utmost priority for us to provide that opportunity to our children. Establishing the Robert and Lisa Fernandez Scholarship at the Center allows us to try and do the same for other young people.” Robert Fernandez, Center Scholarship Donor




CAMPAIGN LEADERSHIP DONORS The success of the Game Changer campaign depends on the leadership and support of numerous individuals and organizations. The businesses, foundations, and people listed below have committed themselves to the Game Changer campaign, and we are grateful for their support. The following donors have given or committed $50,000 or more to the Game Changer campaign as of June 30, 2018 through a single gift or multi-year pledge.

$500,000+ Cynthia and Dave King Mickie and Mike Krzyzewski Susan Sabiston

$100,000 – $499,999 Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Laura and John Barker Cindy Teeters and Randy Chen Jane and Tom Dimmig EmergeOrtho Evelyn D. Schmidt Charitable Trust Lisa and Robert Fernandez Tammy and Dan Ford Fox Family Foundation, Inc. F.M. Kirby Foundation Rita and Gerry Musante NABC Foundation Michelle and Steve Serck Susan and Jim Yuschak

$50,000 – $99,999 Michelle and David Beischer Dale and Wayne Holden Bobby Kotick Max J. and Winnie S. Rosenshein Foundation Oak Foundation RTI International

Named Endowment Funds The following endowed funds have been pledged or established as of June 30, 2018.

Jesse Itzler Endowed Scholarship Robert and Lisa Fernandez Scholarship

Center-Level Sponsor EmergeOrtho

CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP Steering Committee Jane Dimmig, Campaign Co-Chair E. Wayne Holden, Campaign Co-Chair David P. King Susan Sabiston Jamie Spatola Jim Tobin

Honorary Committee Alan Schwartz, Chair Brenda Brodie Grant Hill Bob Ingram Ashok Varadhan

We are tremendously grateful for the support of the following individuals, foundations, and corporations. Their generosity has allowed the Center to provide life-changing programs and services for Durham students. This list acknowledges annual fund gifts of $1,000 or more given between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If you find an error, please contact the Center at 919-680-0308 or connect@emilyk.org. For a full list of Center donors, please visit gamechanger.emilyk.org/progress.


Shannon and David Murphy

RBC Capital Markets, LLC

Nike, Inc.

RBC Wealth Management

Michelle and Steve Serck

JD Simpson

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Square 1/Pacific Western Bank

Patrice and Chris Sobecki

Laura and John Barker

Daneen and Charlie Stiefel

Kathy and Jim Tobin

Cindy Teeters and Randy Chen

Jane and Kevin White

Triangle Community Foundation

Evelyn D. Schmidt Charitable Trust

Pam and Larry Winters

Rich Vandermass

F.M. Kirby Foundation

Susan and Jim Yuschak

Carol and Jack Walker


Tammy and Dan Ford Melanie and Jeff Fox Dale and Wayne Holden

Nastaran and Brian Wise


Patty Wright

Kyrie Irving


Bobby Kotick

Elizabeth and Mack Aldridge

Mickie and Mike Krzyzewski

Stacie and Dan Allen


Matt Levy

AlphaMed Cancer Foundation

8 Rivers Capital

Ellen and Doug Lowey

Laura and Alex Angle

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Max J. and Winnie S. Rosenshein Foundation

Cynthia and Marvin Barnes

Jason Blust

Philip Mintz

George Bodenheimer

DiAnn and Mike Borasky

Rita and Gerry Musante

Lisa Borders

Amy Moss and Bill Brown

NABC Foundation

Robin and Jim Carey

Susan and Mike Bundy

Oak Foundation

Joe and Barbara Collie

Kanika and Jeff Capel

Rob Pohly

Couch Oil Company of Durham, Inc.

Blakely and Matthew Cunningham

RTI International

Jane and Tom Dimmig

Stacy and John Dombrosky

Susan Sabiston

Anne and Adrian Dollard

Jenny and Brian Dougherty

Nancy Seaman and Alan Schwartz

Duke Medicine

1 Duke Periop

John Williams

Duke Neurosurgery

Thomas Durkin

Jim Zelter

Duke Orthopaedic Surgery

E. A. Morris Charitable Foundation

Ellie and Michael Ziegler

Melinda and Steve Duncker

Tiffany and Danny Ferry

Kristyn Ford

Fidelity Investments

Sandy and Steve Frasher

Brandie Fintchre

Kieran Goodwin

Elizabeth Bullitt and Allan Friedman

Mindy and Jon Gray

Lew and Olive Greenwald

Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Susan Damico and David Hackett

Nancy and Don Grigg

Michelle and David Beischer

Laura and Gerard Hall

Melanie and Karl Hicks

C. M. Herndon Foundation

Byron Hargett

Holly and Aaron Hollar

Theresa and Tim Dilley

Rich Heise

Svati Shah and Patrick Hranitzky

Jamie and Jeff Dorsey

Lupe and Tom Izzo

Patti and Kevin Kennedy

Duke Energy Foundation

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kennon Craver, PLLC

Lisa and Robert Fernandez

Stefanie and Doug Kahn

Robin and Kenny King

Fox Family Foundation, Inc.

The King Family

Amy and Chico Kurzawski

Kimberly and Scott Goodwin

Jill and John Kispert

Greg Mario

The Grable Foundation

Leadership Team Development, Inc.

Margy and Mike McCormick

Martha and Bruce Karsh

The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

Andy Mullins

Stacey and Dan Levitan

Morgan Creek Foundation

North Carolina Specialty Hospital

The Mary A. and John M. McCarthy Foundation

Pat and Glenn Phillips

Edie and Timothy Oakley

Miles Plumlee

Ann Reed and John Paat

Chad Price

Packaging Corporation of America



Mead Family Foundation





Betsy and Barry Pea

Mary Ann and Herbert Fuchs

Jennifer and Dee Riley

Janie and Jim Pittman

Genevia and Edward Fulbright

Judy and Neil Robinson

Jay Quinn

Nancy and Gary Gardner

Bill and Pauline Robinson

Rotary Club of Southwest Durham

Dan Gavitt

Rotary Club of Durham

The S & C Harvest Foundation, Inc.

Cheri and Phil Geraffo

Susan and David Ruch

Julie and Mark Schmitz

Tona and Peter Gilmer

Lee and Steve Sachs

Ryan Schoendorf

Drew Goldman

Hanna and Scott Sanoff

Kelly and Eric Seidel

Steve Gordon

Phyllis and Eric Savage

SMT, Inc.

Annaliese and Will Gresham

Peter and Debbie Savarino

Chris and Jamie Spatola

Marge Hansen

Lisa and Aaron Schmidt


Alexa and Ward Horton

JoAn Scott

U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Alice and Trig Horton

Katy and Chris Shaw

Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler

Anne Shotton

Jewelsmith, Inc.

Chad Miller and Sanyin Siang

Danielle and Jeff Jones

Margaret and Lanty Smith

Lucy and Michael Kerman

Jean Spaulding

Seri and Adam Kertzner

Lisa Ho and Paul Suhocki

Grant Kessman

BJ and Steve Suttle

Ellie and Terry Kim

Teamworks Innovations Inc.

John King

Kay and Jay Peters

Lois Klauder

Laurey Barnett and Brian Treiger

Matt Koch

Karen and Neal Triplett

Michael Koch

True Blue Volunteer Crew

Ashley and Michael Koebel

Elizabeth and Adam Wanee

Mark Korman

Randall Ward

Derek Kosek

Will Weinberg

Robyn and Derek Krueger

Essie and Peter Weiss

Lisa and George Land

Alice Lockhart and Tom White

Rob Lawson

Debbie and Carlyle White

Bret Leas

Candice and Manny Winston

Grace and Kenneth Lee

Doug and Lael Wojcik

Michael Lichtenberg

Andrew and Kate Wolf

Owen Littman

Kristen and Cliff Wood

Scott Kindrick and Randi Lyders

Richard Woodcock

Kevin Marchetti

Patricia Workman

Jennifer and Jeremy Mario

Siobhan and Craig Wulff

Zach Maurides

Elaine Wynn

Caryn and Brian McGrath

Jeanette and Don Yaeger

Michelle and Brad McKee

Cathy and Sam Yancy

Josh McNulty

Diane and Wayne Yawn

Renee and Devon Wilkins Stephanie and John Wilson


$1,000-$2,499 Sara and Ranjit Ahluwalia Wes Allen Alex Alli Zena and Ben Alman Vincent Asaro Sandra and John Atkins Larry Ballas Jonathan Benjamin Marian and Rob Bergdolt Sarah and Chris Bingaman Lane and Jon Blank Wendy Brooks and Gus Borda Mike Browder Dorothy Browne Shanda and Jeff Bytomski Amy and Matt Cantando Cory Carlesimo Kerry and Jed Carlson Cenplex Building Services Circumference Group Lori and Stewart Coates Dennis Coleman Kim and Chris Collins George Corrigan County of Durham Sharon and Larry Crane Lou Anne and John Crumpler CT Wilson Construction Co., Inc. Deanie and Marty Dempsey John Doleva Nancy and Dennis Dougherty Deborah Becker and Bob Drake Duke Eye Center Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Company Kathi and Steve Eason Coley Eckenrode Jenny and Adam Eigenrauch Chip Engelland Eno Ventures, LLC Sonny Falcone Alaina and Keith Fournier Jane and Parks Freeze

D’Arcy and Dana Mead Jonathan Meltzer Ann and David Merin Peter Meyer Mary Ann and Moe Mlynski


Lynne and Tee Moorman

Estimated value of $1,000+

moss+ross, LLC

Autumn & Alabaster LLC

Cindy and Brendan Moylan

Bronto Software

Lynn McMahon and Garry Munson

Duke University Men’s Basketball

Beth and Bill Nash

FintronX LED

Joshua Neren

IBM Corporation

Marjorie and Russell Newman

JAB Produce

Darby and Randy Nichols

Leadership Team Development, Inc.

Sue and Lee Noel


Kathleen and Jim O’Brien

Marjorie and Russell Newman

Elizabeth and Bryan Palma

Nike, Inc.

Pappas Capital

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

Ryan Piterski

RTI, International

Rob Platek

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Georgiana and Ira Platt

Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

Marshall Plumlee

Youth Digital, Inc.

Kim and Ashok Reddy

Susan and Jim Yuschak

FINANCIAL OVERVIEW The Center is committed to transparency, responsible financial stewardship, and long-term sustainability. Detailed financial statements are available on our website.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mike Krzyzewski, Chair and Founder Duke University Jamie K. Spatola, Vice Chair Author Barry Pea, Secretary Attorney

FUNDING SOURCES General Contributions................................................. $2,507,639 Building Fund Contributions..................................... $515,500 Endowment Fund Contributions........................ $1,284,787 In-kind Contributions......................................................... $181,276 Rental and Program Income....................................... $63,087 Investment Income............................................................. $133,706 Total 2017-18 Income........................................ $4,685,995 Campaign Pledges Receivable....................... $3,761,951

Queron Smith, Treasurer The Redwoods Group Adam Eigenrauch, Executive Director Emily K Center Vincent Asaro LeFrak Robin Barefoot Triangle Community Foundation Michelle Beischer Community Volunteer Barbara Collie Community Volunteer

EXPENSES Programming........................................................................$1,677,293 Fundraising.............................................................................. $429,020 Management and General............................................. $167,443

Dana Corcoran, Ex Officio Immaculata Catholic School Mike Cragg Duke University

Total Expenses.................................................... $2,273,756

Jane Dimmig Community Volunteer


Diane Evia-Lanevi The Tomorrow Fund for Hispanic Students

Operating Fund and Reserves.............................. $2,440,654 Maintenance Reserve........................................................ $377,673 Building Fund........................................................................ $515,500 Endowment Funds........................................................... $3,515,317

Brandie Fintchre First Citizens Bank Genevia Gee Fulbright Fulbright & Fulbright, CPA, PA E. Wayne Holden RTI International

57+21+11101 36+30+1897 Sources of Income

Program Expenses

57% Individuals

36% Scholars to College

21% Events

30% Pioneer Scholars

11% Foundations

18% Facility Partners

10% Corporations


Game Plan: College



Scholars on Campus

Programs and Rentals

David P. King LabCorp Joel Marcus Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Joshua Mbanusi MDC Susan Sabiston Community Volunteer Sanyin Siang Duke University’s Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics Jim Stewart Stewart Investment Properties, Inc. Jim Tobin Ignite Social Media Christopher VanHaight, Ex Officio Immaculate Conception Catholic Church E. Jack Walker Walker Lambe Rhudy Costley & Gill, PLLC











Emily Krzyzewski Center | 904 West Chapel Hill Street Durham, NC 27701 | www.emilyk.org | 919-680-0308 The Emily Krzyzewski Center is a registered 501(c)(3) and is wholly donor funded. This report was produced with the generous assistance of McKinney and Classic Graphics. Photography by Eric Atkinson, Devin Brown, Adam Jennings, National Park Trust, and Something Blue Photography.