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The South Kilworth News is edited by Ann Saunders Please send copy for the July edition by 23rd June to Ann Saunders Smithy House, Welford Road Tel: 575 338

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The South Kilworth News is printed by Colin Olle. Advertising enquiries to Colin Olle Croft Acre, The Belt Tel: 575 791 Email:

VILLAGE HALL BOOKINGS Contact Michael Murphy on 01788 861877 or 0777 6065385

TEAM VICAR’S LETTER Following the Voice of the Good Shepherd I’ve just spent a happy few minutes crawling around on the floor with some toddlers in Gilmorton Church. We pretended to be sheep and took it in turns to play the shepherd. The shepherd’s job was to keep the sheep safely in the fold by lying across the doorway at ‘night’, then to wake them up and call them out of the fold before leading them all around the church in search of ‘grass’ and clean water. The shepherd had a hard task! The image of Jesus being the Good Shepherd and we his cared-for sheep is a powerful one with which many of us will be familiar. Perhaps it has even more resonance out here in our country parishes where there really are sheep and lambs all around us, grazing in fields or churchyards, or poking their noses through fences to try to get into gardens! There is a great sense of comfort in believing that each of us matters to God who cares for us, who calls us by name and leads us to find life through him – life which continues even beyond the gate of death. There is a challenge for all of us in this, though. It may be tempting to stay with the image of being kept safe in the sheepfold with the shepherd lying across the door. However, in order to grow in faith and to discover God’s true life for us we need to be called out from the fold onto the hillside, called by name by our Good Shepherd who will lead us to the places where we shall be fed and watered. Each one of us is urged by God to listen for his voice calling us by name. Sometimes this comes in a dramatic flash, as happened to St Paul on the Damascus road. More often, people gradually get a sense of God’s voice calling to them over a longer period of time, perhaps years, until they are sure enough to be able to take the steps towards his voice, and in faith terms that is when the real adventure begins! The image of the Good Shepherd is also applicable to the Church as a whole. The Church of England faces many different challenges currently, and one of them is the need to reduce the number of stipendiary (paid) clergy in the next few years. In this diocese we are considering how to do this through the ‘2020 Vision for Mission and Ministry’. In this deanery we need to reduce the current 11 stipendiary ministers to 9.5 by 2020. The first draft of a plan towards this end has just been published. It includes some new ideas, some opportunities and also some challenges, but it is clear that there will need to be changes in the way we think about church. We need as many people as possible to join in the discussions about the best way forward. Please contact me, Jane Kennedy or Sam Lloyd to see the 2020 Vision Plan or to add your thoughts to the discussion. We may be resistant to change, or scared by the prospect of it. We may wish to stay out of harm’s way in the sheepfold. However, God, the Good Shepherd calls us out to receive his life. We do not know where he will lead us but if we stay close to the Good Shepherd we shall not stray in the wrong direction. God longs only to give us his life and if we follow him we have nothing to fear, and everything to live for. Revd Emma Davies All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:The Revd. Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton, Telephone:-01455 556 573 The Revd Jane Kennedy, 17 Cromwell Close, Walcote, Lutterworth, Telephone: 01455 554 065


On Saturday 23rd May between 1pm and 6pm the goal posts were vandalized again. This time beyond repair and have been taken down for safety reasons. Due to this there will be NO facility for Groups 2 & 3, for the time being. The cost to replace the goals will be about £250; the village hall can no longer just keep replacing things which are vandalized. Perhaps the person(s) who did this, tell their parents and in turn they pay the £250 to replace the goals. Michael Murphy

OIL & GAS PRICE UPDATE – GOOD NEWS! Hands up if you’d like to pay £40.5p per litre for your LPG? My apologies for not getting anything posted since February – although no update has been given, things have definitely been going on in the background! I’ve been focusing on the LPG prices, as these seemed to be the biggest issue. As a result, a range of suppliers have all submitted their ‘best price’, which spreads from 40.5p per litre to 43.5p per litre. A meeting is being held at the Village Hall on THURSDAY 2nd JUNE, at 7pm. to decide which offer to proceed with (it’s almost, but not quite as easy as just price)


If you’d like to be a part of this deal, all you need to do is turn up at the Village Hall at 7pm on 2nd June and have the deals explained to you fully by me. If you’re unable to make the meeting (I appreciate it’s bank holiday week) then please do let me know ASAP that you’d like to benefit from the negotiated price and you can still be included – not being able to attend the meeting just means you won’t be able to influence which supplier the group goes with. If we get enough additional people interested, we may even be able to get the price down even lower – the prices quoted at the minute are based on the usage of people currently expressing an interest in the deal. This is not a profit-making venture, just a group of villagers who want to get together to pay a more sensible price for their LPG – it’ll cost you nothing! Even if you’re tied in to your current supplier, you may well still be able to benefit from this deal – come down to the meeting to find out more. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, or to let me know that you want to benefit but can’t make the meeting. Hopefully by the next issue I’ll be able to let you know what the final deal was. Thanks Sarah Langeveld Email: / Tel: 575227

CALLING ALL SOUTH KILWORTH LADIES It is just over a year ago when a group of females from South Kilworth first discussed setting up a group. I have been lucky to work on several occasions with “The Swinford Skirts” and twice with the “The Bosworth Belles”. It now just seems obvious that South Kilworth should have its own group to meet, socialize and learn on a monthly basis. I have been fortunate to get the founder member of “The Swinford Skirts” - which has been running for approximately twelve years - to come to South Kilworth on Wednesday the 15th of June, to share with us all that they have done and achieved in that time. This will hopefully be a fun and informative evening when a new group, “The Kilworth….” will be born. Wine and nibbles will be provided, all welcome to Glebe House, Walcote Road at eight o’clock. Thanking you in anticipation of your support, if you are unable to attend, but are interested, just email me at;, or text; 07803598606, all suggestions for a name would be much appreciated with a vote on the evening. Many thanks look forward to seeing you, Eileen Burd.

NGS GARDENS OPEN FOR CHARITY This year some 3700 gardens across England and Wales will open on behalf of the National Gardens Scheme, generating over £2.5million for nursing, caring and gardening charities, including Macmillan, Marie Curie, Help the Hospices and Crossroads Care. In 2010 Leicestershire garden owners generated £25,000 for the scheme, and another £3,000 went to local charities. Croft Acre (The Belt) and Oak Tree House (North Road) will be opening their gardens for the Scheme on Saturdays 18th and 25th June from 11am to 5pm. Home made teas will be served (in aid of Rainbows) and plants will be for sale. Admission covering both gardens is £3.50 (children free). If you would like a free copy of the County Booklet that shows all NGS garden openings in Leicestershire & Rutland, please contact Colin Olle 01858 575 791

W.I. REPORT In June we have an outing to Toft Alpaca Farm at Dunchurch on the 21st, please ring me if you are interested in joining us, you would be very welcome. Louise Boffey Sec. 571030

MA-MITES DAY OUT This year the Ma-mites summer trip will be to West Lodge Farm Park near Desborough, on Tuesday 21st June. The plan is to meet at the farm park at 10.30, bringing a picnic. If it's raining we'll go to the Adventure Zone soft-play in Rugby instead. All welcome, the more the merrier. For further information, directions, details etc, please contact Sue (0777 074 8608) or Rachel (07710 381 533). Please note that there won't be normal Ma-mites in the village hall that week, but we will be there as usual the following week. Hope to see you at the farm park, and fingers crossed for sunshine!

A PLEA TO DOG OWNERS! Please please please could people ensure they clean up after their dogs when walking through the village. I have had to step over dog mess numerous times lately, in The Belt, also the path behind the church yard, and even in the supposedly "dog-free" playground. Today I came home to find a load of dog mess in my front garden. It's disgusting, thoughtless, and a health hazard particularly to young children. I would be grateful if people could be a bit more considerate when walking their dogs.

SCHOOL CLOTHING COLLECTION on WEDNESDAY 29th JUNE The school will be having another collection of unwanted items on Wednesday 29th June. Please deposit your black bags of unwanted clothes, paired shoes, handbags, bed linen (not duvets) curtains and soft toys in the school playground on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning for collection by the RAGTEX van. If you have difficulty delivering your items to school, please leave your black bag of items on the pavement outside your house on Tuesday and a member of FOSKS will collect it during the day. All monies raised goes towards the redevelopment of the banked area. Work is currently in progress. See for information on how your items are re-used. Thank you for your support.

Learn to meditate... find time for relaxation... and help raise money. Do you seem to have endless ‘to do’ lists floating around in your head? Are you finding it difficult to relax and sleep? Easily distracted? Want to be able to concentrate and improve performance? Learn to meditate! A new meditation and relaxation class is starting in North Kilworth Village Hall. The class will be once a month, the last Sunday, at 7pm for 1 hour at a minimum donation of £3. All profits go to Sue’s chosen charity for 2011 – MacMillan Cancer Support. Don’t worry if you can’t sit cross-legged or get down on the floor...we have some chairs! Everyone is welcome. Simply bring an open mind, some warm clothes or blanket and a cushion to sit on. Any questions or want to find out more about what goes on in a meditation class give Sue a call on 01858 881798 or email First class is Sunday 26 June at 7pm. See you there!


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