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The South Kilworth News is edited by Ann Saunders Please send copy for the June edition by 23rd May to Ann Saunders Smithy House, Welford Road Tel: 575 338

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TEAM CURATE’S LETTER “We have seen the Lord!” It seems ages since I wrote for our magazine – at least, it seems so now I’m back. Lots of people have kindly asked if I had a good sabbatical – yes, thank you, I did. I went on the bus to places because I had time, stayed with my mum, walked, read lots, failed to tackle the loft clearing, slept a fair bit, did things I hadn’t thought of. It was oddly busy – busier that I’d intended, of course! Every Sunday, and on Ash Wednesday and odd points between, I went to Church somewhere different. Each Church had its own character, each was subtly different from others, and yet each one felt like home. I reflected a lot on what underlies the sense of kinship I found between the diverse places I’d been. It was a fascinating range, some in our Diocese and some elsewhere. I went to a beautiful and well attended Cathedral service - superb music and a great sermon. I went to a tiny Chapel - cosy and intimate, like having a service at home: another good sermon, too. I went to a small and ancient village Church deep in the South Downs, atmospherically chilly and dimly lit, but very friendly, and to a relatively modern town Church with heating and lavatories, also welcoming and kind. Excellent coffee, too! I heard an interesting range of sermons too, some deeply engaging, some inspiring, some pleasant or interesting, and one unhappily shocking. No more of that... Lots of differences – but the uniting feature was the great sense of fellowship, and of prayer, and of witness to our abiding Christian faith. As we leave the Easter season, which ends on Ascension Day, we hear readings from The Acts of the Apostles in our services. It’s a great read, full of adventure and excitement - exploring and describes the events after the Resurrection. It records the coming of the Holy Spirit in the world. It bears witness to the Resurrection not only by eye witness accounts and experiences, but by the visible effects on the lives of believers. It tells of struggles, persecution and dangers, many of which we can identify still today in various parts of the world. But it witnesses to the triumph of faith – not in that it miraculously cures all ills at a stroke, but in that it makes us able to live through them, strengthened and supported by each other and the certainty of God with us. We were not promised an easy ride through life by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we were given the gift of fellowship, which is ours in times of joy and sadness, a mutual support following the example set by God in the world through Christ. And that is what I saw in action in each Church I worshipped with – an ideal lived out, a hope assured, and a love shared. “I have seen the Lord.” Alleluia! Nice to be back. Jane Kennedy.

All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:Revd Canon Chris Oxley, The Rectory, Kilworth Road, Swinford, Telephone: 01788 860445 Revd Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton, Telephone: 01455 556573

CHURCHWARDEN’S NOTE Following last year’s 5-year architectural inspection, various minor repairs and restoration will be performed on the church’s exterior and interior. The work to be performed by Messrs Martyn Taylor Ltd (who installed our servery and WC), is planned to begin in June and should last about three weeks. Church services should not be affected but normal access at other times will not always be possible for safety reasons. Sam Lloyd

FISH SUPPER We attended the Fish Supper on Friday night thanks to a cancellation for Martin and Mary Fletcher whose guests could not attend. We had such a wonderful evening I felt I should write on behalf of everyone who attended to thank all of Village Hall Committee who gave their time to organize such a special evening. A big thank-you to Andy Faulkner of The Shires who did the catering. The soup was the best that everyone on the Fletcher table had tasted. The choices of fish and quality were excellent. The strawberries and cream were yummy. Those that managed the cheese and biscuits were delighted with the flavours and quality. Thank you again Andy for your effort and hard work. We must not forget the lovely waitresses who worked hard all evening and a big thank-you to those who washed up in the kitchen. Well Done ! Of course we must not forget Tim and George who kept us supplied with the drinks from the bar. It is not often that you can get together with 70 plus people and know most of the people there and those you don’t know, you do know by the end of the evening. We are so lucky to live in such a lovely friendly Village and to have such community spirit. John and I walked the one mile home and to feel safe to do that is a real bonus. So once again Thanks to one and all. Chris Berry

THANK YOU A very special thanks to Ray Dorman who organized an impromptu collection at the Fish Supper in the village hall on Friday 13th April. A total of £243 was raised in a matter of minutes for the Bechets Syndrome Society. This is much appreciated. Thanks to everyone for their generosity. Eileen Burd

LUNCHEON CLUB Thursday 19th April. Once again Eileen Burd came up trumps with an excellent lunch much enjoyed by all. The main course was a very tasty chicken pie served with mashed potatoes. The dessert was a top quality trifle which raised many praiseworthy comments. A cup of tea accompanied with chocolate mint leaves and sugared fruit sweets completed another memorable lunch. It was good to welcome back Nell Hutt after a prolonged absence and also Michael Murphy after his recent heart attack. Our thoughts go to Judy Agar and hope she will be able to join us on May 17th at Kilworth Springs for the 25th anniversary of the Luncheon Club. David Burd

SAD NEWS It is a great sadness that Colin McAlpine passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Colin was a very familiar figure in the village for many years as he was out and about daily and frequently with his companion Meg. Although he was a very private person he liked nothing more than walking down to the school for Meg to say hello to the children, or saying a cheery hello to all of us when we bumped into him in and around the village. I have (as I write this) found a temporary foster home for Meg and hopefully in next month’s newsletter I will be able to give an update about her; as I am in the process of sorting out a wonderful new home for her. Mandy Kesterton and I will especially miss Colin as over the past few years we got to know him very well. Both Mandy and I kept in contact with him on a very regular basis so we, as I am sure many of you will, feel that the village will not be quite the same without seeing him out and about with Meg any more. For anyone wishing to attend, Colin’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 8th May at 2.15pm at Heart of England Crematorium, Nuneaton. Philippa 575453 5 Welford Road

W.I. At our monthly meeting we had a lively music hall history of the seaside. Going back to 1730 when it was considered to be good for your health to bath in the sea during the winter months! We saw some interesting fashions in bathing outfits, sang some old songs and had to lots of Ohhs and Ahhs! Members had a trip to see Legally Blonde in Leicester earlier in the month and seven of us went to the Leicester and Rutland Federation Spring Lunch. This was at Kilworth Springs Golf Club where we had a fabulous 4 course lunch and entertainment from a cappella quartet. In May we will be joined by Swinford W.I. for our resolutions meeting which is members only. Louise Boffey W.I. Diary of events for 2012 15th May Resolutions Meeting 19th June Sallie Hooper, Leicestershire Food Links. A look at local foods 17th July Armchair Yoga with Sue Winstanley 21st August Outing 18th September David Clarke, Sparkenhoe Farm Leicestershire Cheeses 16th October Nila Lodia. Lets experience India, its culture, food and traditions 20th November Janet Courtney's Victorian Lady at Christmas 11th December Christmas Party

VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON 22ND APRIL 2012 Shane Edge would like to thank everyone who sponsored him in the marathon. A total of £2,375 was raised for Cancer Research UK.


Parents of pupils and Parish Council members attended the Academy Consultation evening on 19th April where they were invited to partake in a discussion and ask questions regarding the consideration of academy status for South Kilworth School. Stakeholders had been encouraged to submit questions prior to the event and answers to these were incorporated into a brief PowerPoint presentation by the Headteacher, Mrs. Dewes, which formed the basis of the evening’s dialogue. A frank and open exchange ensued during which the mechanism of academy conversion, timescale, current position and pros and cons of conversion were discussed. Our school is at the heart of a flourishing village community and has shaped the population by encouraging many families into the area, some of which are now second or third generation. Without the successful school at its hub, the dynamics of the village would change significantly. The parents of children both current and past, community members and Reverend Chris Oxley who form the majority of the school’s Governing Body will avail themselves of all the information pertaining to academy conversion before ultimately deciding what is best for the future security of our village school. If at any time there are serious doubts expressed as to the viability of conversion, this process will be halted until all uncertainties have been resolved. The consultation period has now ended, but we will continue to keep you informed of all major decisions. Melanie Aram

CHEERING ON MOLLY BURD Congratulations to Molly Burd who has just departed to Florida to compete in the international cheerleading competition as part of Team UK. Molly is away for two weeks and we will let you know how they get on.

LOL'S KITCHEN AT THE WHITE HART This is just a note to let you all know that as a result of having to pay VAT (despite not actually turning over enough to be registered for VAT) I cannot afford to continue to running the Lol's kitchen at The White Hart; so regrettably I will be ceasing to run Lol's kitchen at The White Hart with effect from 6 May 2012. I would just like to extend my thanks to all those from the village (and further afield) who have been good enough to give me their custom and/or positive words of encouragement over the last few months. I hope you enjoyed the food and I'm only sorry that I won’t be able to provide the same in the future.

SOUTH KILWORTH LUNCHEON CLUB 25TH ANNIVERSARY Twenty five years ago, at the suggestion of Judith Smith, a group of village ladies met at her house to discuss the forming of a village luncheon club. On May 7th 1987 we held our first lunch meeting at Misterton Hall, where we continued to meet for many years. There were about 50 members and helpers for the initial lunch and walks around the lake and gardens. Many outings have been enjoyed by the members – visits to Tycross Zoo, Chatsworth House, Burley House, Turners of Northampton, Milton Keynes for a Christmas treat, and many local pub meals. Annual events included a home cooked Christmas lunch and a Strawberry Tea, held by kind permission of Rachel Carvell in her house and garden. The Club met monthly at the old village hall until that was closed. Subsequently we moved to the Bowls Club cabins on the village hall carpark; and then at last the final move to the new village hall – with space and a new kitchen. Our club has been self funding until recently when we have received donations from the Kilworth Challenge. A very useful wheelchair was donated by the White Hart skittles team. Rita Hallam and Judy Agar

DIAMOND JUBILEE COMMEMORATION I fully support Mary Knibbs appeal for ideas to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The Jubilee Party at the Village Hall on 4th June will doubtless be a most enjoyable occasion. However, it is worth considering something of a more permanent nature which will also serve as a reminder for future generations. I propose that consideration be given to tree planting ceremonies at certain locations within the village. Permanent dated plaques could mark the events for posterity. Possible locations could be the School, the Churchyard and any other available public site. I am supporting the planting of 300,000 trees at the Woodland Trusts flagship Diamond wood in the National Forest in North West Leicestershire. In total the Woodland Trust aims to stimulate the planting of 6 million trees throughout the United kingdom in 2012 to mark this very special event. Woodlands provide wonderful locations for family days out where pleasurable activities can be enjoyed in a healthy environment. Let South Kilworth join in this exciting venture. David Burd

SOUTH KILWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPAIRS TO COUNCIL BENCH’S AND BUS SHELTER The Parish Council will shortly be seeking quotations to repair the Council’s benches and Bus Shelter. The work will involve local groundwork’s, replacement joinery and painting. Any organisation interested in quoting for the work should in the first instance send brief details including name, address, insurance cover and details of similar work undertaken to Mrs S Taylor, Clerk to the Parish Council, South Kilworth Parish Council, c/o 6 The Sycamores, Welford Road, South Kilworth, Leics, LE17 6EW. Tel 01858 571055


The bowling green will be open from 24th April 2012 and the Club would welcome anyone who would like to give bowling a try or any ex members who fancy a revival of their membership. For further information please contact the Secretary, Keith Rickhuss on 01858 575792. email:

TOTE NEWS April 2012 winners £50 Del Spicer No. 1 £40 Evie Franklin No. 84 £30 Karis Sylvester No. 65 £20 Jackie Harrison No. 50 Due to the May Bank Holiday, the May draw will take place on 30th April and the June draw will take place on Monday 4th June 2012 at 1pm. Tote members, bowlers, partners and friends are welcome to attend the draws. To join the monthly tote, or for more details, please contact Maggy Roberts 01858 571238. email: Thank you for your continuing support. Maggy Roberts


The Annual Parish meeting is on Tuesday 1st May, starting at 7pm, – and whilst the Parish Council always want to hear what you feel our priorities should be, this year, more than any other in recent times we really, really want to hear from you! So why is this year any different? Towards the end of this year we will receive the first of the annual payments that result from the wind farm project, and this represents a significant increase in the Parish budget. We want to hear what you think our priorities should be as we start to think about allocating this extra budget, so please do come along to the village hall and tell us – if you have ideas but can’t make the meeting, then please drop an email to Phil Alcock

KILWORTH KORKS – PROPOSED EVENTS FOR 2012 Date Friday 18th May Wednesday 20th June

Event Hall Green Greyhound Track, Birmingham Walk to The Red Lion at Thornby

July August Sept Friday 12th Oct

Ladies Day – Races Clay Pigeon Shooting Rounders & Picnic Supper Night @ Lynton, North Road

Nov / Dec

Party Night

Details Leaving SK at 6pm. Meet at 6pm. Buffet at the pub on arrival

If any more ladies would like to join the Kilworth Korks please e-mail Claire Hubbard (Email to so that you can be included in future Kilworth Kork communications. Email addresses will only be shared amongst other Kilworth Kork members

NORTH KILWORTH FLOODLIT SPORTS ASSOCIATION Membership fees for 2012/2013 will be due in May. An enrolment evening will be held on Thursday 17th May at the All Weather Area, 5.30- 6.30p.m when new padlocks and keys will be introduced. The area is adjacent to the Sports Club on the South Kilworth Road. All members receive a key and are able to use the area at any time unless it has been pre booked. The area can be floodlit. The area may be used by non- members at an hourly rate. There are two tennis courts and markings, net/posts for 5 A-side football and netball. The area may also be booked for children’s parties If you are unable to attend on the evening, please contact the Booking Clerk: Julie Fish, The Old School House, Church St. North Kilworth ( 880304 or as soon as possible after this date. Fees are once again held at last years prices and represent excellent value for money. FAMILY £35 ADULT £22 JUNIOR (under 16) £10 JOINT JUNIOR (children from same family) £15 SENIOR CITIZENS £10 (PLUS £5 KEY DEPOSIT) If you are currently a member, don’t forget to bring your old key back otherwise you will be charged £5 for a new key. Julie Fish

Come to South Kilworth Village Hall and celebrate on Monday 4th June

An afternoon and evening for the whole family


Disco Games Art Exhibition Red, White and Blue cocktails Make a crown competition – join the judging parade, fancy dress optional, Under 5’s, 5 – 7, 8 – 12 years

Timetable of events 3:30pm – Meet at the telephone box on Welford Road for the grand opening of the ‘Book Exchange’ 4:00pm – Village Hall, Bar and Art Exhibition open 4:30 pm - Crown competition judging at Village Hall 5:00pm – Jubilee Tea, bring your own picnic or food to cook on the BBQ 6:00pm – Family Games 7:30pm – Disco 9:00pm – Lighting of the Beacon bonfire

SOUTH KILWORTH BIRDS Friday 13th – lucky or unlucky?? What I thought would be a normal day turned out to be very different to that! Just before lunch I was walking back up to the house when a light coloured bird of prey passed over. I said to myself “harrier” and watched it as it passed over the house heading towards Kilworth House Hotel. It was instantly recognisable as a male hen harrier – grey / white above with black wing tips with a pale / white rump. Hen harriers are scarce winter and passage birds to the county. There have been less than 100 modern day records of this bird in Leicestershire so pretty impressive to have one pass over your own house! 20 minutes later and still thinking about the hen harrier, the mobile phone went off. A cursory glance at the text message immediately had me heading for the car. A black winged stilt had been found at Rutland Water, which was the first since 1945. Just over an hour later I was watching a fine black winged stilt – a new bird for Leicestershire / Rutland for me. Who said Friday the 13th was unlucky!! At the reservoir Summer visitors continue to return with good numbers of house martin, sand martin and swallow at the reservoir at the moment. In addition, there are chiffchaffs, willow warblers, yellow wagtails and blackcaps starting to return. There is also a red kite in the area so look out for a large, dark looking bird of prey with a distinctive forked tail. The water levels have risen dramatically over the last 4 weeks. The two oystercatchers are still around the reservoir along with little egret and kingfisher. “Owls about that…” I received a text from Jason Timms on the 17th April informing me that he was watching 2 owls (possibly barn owls) just beyond the reservoir. I arranged to meet him there the following evening to take a look. On arrival Jason immediately located an owl in the hedge. My initial reaction was that it just didn’t look right for a barn owl. Almost immediately after saying this it started to hunt along the edge of the field – definitely not a barn owl but a short eared owl (first at Stanford Reservoir for 7 years). Another visit the following day enabled us to confirm that there were two present. Short eared owl Short eared owls are a winter visitor to Leicestershire / Northants but breed in the North of the UK. There have been unprecedented numbers in both counties this winter, many of which will be of Scandinavian origin. They are one of the few owl species that are diurnal therefore allow some fantastic views of this majestic bird. It is stocky with a whitish bulbous face, fierce dark ringed yellow eyes and long tapering wings in flight. There are a couple of colour photographs of the owl at and click on latest sightings. Chris Hubbard

SK SMALL ADS FOR SALE:-Wooden 5 Bar Gate (3.6m/12ft wide)- £125 ono. Complete with all posts and "furniture". If interested, come and inspect? Call 575 791 FOR SALE:- US Kids golf clubs 51-35 to suit child height range 122 – 137cm. Includes bag, 3 fairway driver, 5 iron, 6 iron, 8 iron, pitching wedge and sand iron (putter has gone missing). £25. Call 575332 FOR SALE:- 3-bike rack to fix on car. £5. Call 575332

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