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VILLAGE HALL BOOKINGS Contact Michael Murphy on 01788 861877 or 0777 6065385

CLERGY TEAM LETTER Wheat and poppies. .. I'm sure most of us saw the beautiful field of poppies by Junction 20 earlier this year. It was stunning - I saw people there photographing it several times. I have no idea what the crop underneath was, though. It was just a glorious mass of red. What WAS the crop? Could have been one of several cereals, I suppose. Let's imagine it to have been wheat. I understand from someone who knows that the price offered for wheat is less if it's full of poppy seeds. If that's so, the farmer with the beautiful field was probably less impressed by the sight than we were... To him, the poppies were just difficult and expensive weeds. There's a parable about weeds and wheat. (Matthew 13 v 24-30) Jesus said they should be allowed to grow together, then at the harvest the weeds go to be burnt, the crop into the barns. He was speaking of good and evil in the world. Until the Kingdom of God comes, the world, like the field, contains both. Our poppy field made me reflect on the church - the people of Christ - and our Church buildings. We have some spectacular Churches in our Benefice. There's not one that isn't beautiful, and worth caring for. Unfortunately, because of their age, they take a huge amount of upkeep, and a lot of the energy of the church people goes into maintaining them. It is a sapping and dispiriting experience if we are not also alert to the real crop hiding under the poppies that are the buildings. That is the people of our communities. As the daughter of an artist, brought up loving and admiring beautiful architecture, I am the last person to suggest neglecting our beloved Churches. As a priest, too, I value the ancient holiness of our Churches, where weddings and Christenings, funerals and harvests, Sunday worship and private prayer have taken place for centuries. However, as a member of the family of God, I am also the last person to suggest that we neglect our real crop - that is, each other. Pastoral ministry is great. It is definitely not a sapping and dispiriting experience. It's sometimes exhausting, but it's always fulfilling and rewarding. We all share life with friends and families, and gain comfort and pleasure from it. God calls us to treat all people as friends, brothers and sisters, and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. We should be alert to our neighbour's needs, and reach out to one another in good times as well as bad. That serves both the church and the crop we are growing. As we harvest the fields and orchards, it's worth reflecting back to the summer beauty of those poppies, now a bit of a problem! And on what we are nurturing in caring for our Churches - so that we don't get so entranced by them that we forget the beauty of the church they exist to serve. Happy harvesting! Jane Kennedy

ANNOUNCEMENT The Bishop of Leicester has appointed the Reverend Canon Christopher Oxley, Vicar of the Benefice of Leicester St. Anne, St. Paul and St. Augustine to the post left vacant by the retirement of our Team Rector the Revd. Canon Kenneth Baker in January. Canon Oxley has previously worked in several Leicester parishes as well as in Belgium. He has wide experience of teaching and tutoring at many levels both in school and Church. He will reside with his wife, the Revd. Paula Oxley, at Swinford Rectory. The date of his licensing is not yet announced. More later. Sam Lloyd – Churchwarden

THINKING OF BEING CONFIRMED? Baptism is when a person begins their journey in faith. Confirmation is when a person confirms for themselves the promises their parents and godparents made at their baptism to help them to walk in the way of Christ. It is when they choose to make a mature commitment to be a Christian and is a special event presided over by a bishop. There are some Confirmation services coming up in the next few months. If you think you would like to be confirmed or would be interested in exploring whether this is the right thing for you to do at the moment, please contact Revd Emma Davies or Revd Jane Kennedy. Revd Emma Davies (01455 556573) Revd Jane Kennedy (01455 554065) All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:The Revd. Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton, Telephone:-01455 556 573 The Revd Jane Kennedy, 17 Cromwell Close, Walcote, Lutterworth, Telephone: 01455 554 065


gardens open for charity

Last year the National Gardens Scheme raised £2.6million and this was distributed as follows:£550,000 Macmillan Cancer Support £550,000 Marie Curie Cancer Care £450,000 Help the Hospices £350,000 Crossroads Care £176,000 National Trust Gardening Careership £150,000 Queen’s Nursing Institute £150,000 Perennial/Royal Fund for Gardeners’ Children £8,000 Chelsea Physic Garden £70,000 Arthritis Research UK £45,000 ABF – The Soldiers Charity £100,000 NGS Elspeth Thompson Bursary Fund Two gardens, Croft Acre and Oak Tree House, opened for the scheme this year and despite the indifferent weather £2935 was raised for charity. Of this, £783 was donated to Rainbows (the children’s hospice in Loughborough), from the refreshments sales. So many thanks to all of you that supported us and helped raise a record amount. Those who couldn’t make it will be able to indulge in 2012 – a good lead into the Olympics. Mind you, there are times when it feels like we are participating in our own Olympics! We will keep you posted on 2012 openings and hope to see you then. Colin and Verena Olle

Pam and Martin Shave

W.I. MEETING In August we had a lovely sociable evening in the beautiful garden of Pam & Martin Shave. Wandering around the garden with a glass or two of wine followed by a feast of savories and lots of cakes, sitting out till well after dark. Septembers’ meeting is on the 20th when we shall be making - dare I say - Christmas cards! Anyone wishing to join us will be most welcome. Louise Boffey

OIL & GAS UPDATE KLPG Most people who expressed an interest in the collective LPG deal have now signed up to Calor on a 24 month deal – 45.5p per litre, fixed for 12 months. The deal officially starts on 1st September, so be quick if you want to get involved! You can email me at the address at the bottom of this update. “KOIL” is in the making… ‘KOIL’ placed its first order in August – a total of 25,000 litres was delivered to the Kilworths and some outlying villages, at a price of 52.8p per litre. The delivery went without incident and the service received was excellent, for me at least, and I’ve had no complaints from anywhere else! The price represented a huge result for us, as we’ve discovered how difficult it is to chase ‘the best deal’. On the day we matched YOBCO’s price, but on another ‘test’ day we actually managed to beat YOBCO’s price by over 1p per litre. Finding the best price on the market is more than a full time job, but I still think we can collectively get a good deal on a non-profit making basis. KOIL is now officially run by two people – Amanda Edge has come on board. Please continue to contact us via my email address, to avoid confusion, but Amanda played a big part in getting a fantastic deal for August’s delivery. She’s also opened the door to a possible 12 month deal with a single supplier. Unfortunately, the meeting for people to air their views on the matter will have happened by the time you read this notice – all registered ‘KOIL’ members were emailed directly. If you’d like to know more about the deal on the table, please do get in touch. Of course, I’ll give you another update in next month’s issue. Thank you to everybody for supporting this non-profit making venture and we look forward to continuing to give you service with a smile! Sarah Langeveld Email: / Tel: 575227

EFFORTS APPRECIATED ……. ..........and I would personally like to thank Sarah and Amanda for volunteering their time to get KOIL up and running. I know many of us had our first oil delivery a couple of weeks ago and we got this at a competitively low price thanks to their efforts. Melanie Aram

CHILDRENS PLAY AREA During August dog mess has been found under the seat, by the fence and under the picnic table. This was cleaned up by the adults using the facilities. Dog owners should be aware that dogs are not allowed in the play area or playing field.

WOODEN BRIDGE ON CLIMBING FRAME The bridge has now been repaired and can be used again. Please use this correctly and do not cause damage. Michael Murphy

THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH - WHO DO YOU THINK IT’S FROM? "Take life with a pinch of salt, a slice of fresh lemon and a shot of tequila"!

ART CLUB The South Kilworth Art Club meetings will recommence on Thursday 1st September at the Village Hall at 7pm. New members will be welcome. Contact Stephen Agar 01858 575520.


There was no parish council meeting in August. The next parish council meeting will be on Monday 5th September 2011.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL This will restart on Monday 5th September Group 1 Y1-Y4 18.30 Group 2 Y5 – Y9 19.15

Michael Murphy

WAITROSE HAS CHOSEN TO SUPPORT SOUTH KILWORTH SCHOOL DURING SEPTEMBER Those of you who shop at Waitrose will be familiar with their monthly charitable scheme. Each month 3 different organisations are selected to receive a share of £1000, as chosen for by the customers. Every time you shop with Waitrose you receive a GREEN TOKEN which you need to place in one of the 3 charity bins at the exit of the store. At the end of the month, the tokens are weighed and each charity receives their share of £1000. The likelihood is we will be pitted against 2 other schools so we need as many green tokens as possible. If you have any saved by, now is the time to cash them in and support your local village school. We will receive a cheque by the middle of November and the money will be used to purchase outdoor musical instruments for a secluded area within the nature trail in our newly developed wooded banked area. Thank you for your support.

KILWORTH KORKS Kilworth Korks Plans for 2011 Month Oct

Date Thursday 6 Oct

Event Change of event – “Flower Reading” Details will be e-mailed in early Sept


Wednesday 2 Nov Provisionally Friday 9 Dec Friday 13 Jan

Theatre Trip to see Calendar Girls (Ticket price approx. £25 £30) Christmas Gathering

Dec Jan 2012

All Kilworth Korks to get together for 2012 planning meeting (venue tbc)

If any more ladies would like to join the Kilworth Korks please e-mail Claire Hubbard (Email to so that you can be included in future Kilworth Kork communications. Email addresses will only be shared amongst other Kilworth Kork members. For those people without an email address please give your name and address to Claire so that the e-mails can be posted to you instead. (Claire Hubbard, Little Acorns, North Road, South Kilworth).

INTERESTED IN JOINING A BOOK CLUB? South Kilworth Book Club will be starting with its first meeting in September, to discuss what people would like to get out of this book club and to choose its first book. Anybody and everybody are welcome as the aim of this group is to enjoy and discuss great books, as well as taking people out of their reading 'comfort zone'. We are hoping to meet once a month over Autumn and Winter, with the first meeting at Yew Tree House on North Road in the last week of September. If you’re interested please give me a call or send me an email. Tel: 01858 571030 Email: Hoping to see you in September, Robyn Boffey

EDITORIAL I don’t know if you have seen the following which has been circulating on emails but it was suggested that I include this saying there was a lesson to learn for the next SK News – I take this to be that succinct articles can be valuable. Or is it just time to stop reading about cabbages, get out of the EU and go back to basic theories ? Pythagorean theorem: Lord's prayer: Archimedes' Principle: 10 Commandments: Gettysburg address: US Declaration of Independence : US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: EU regulations on the sale of cabbage:

24 words. 66 words. 67 words. 179 words. 286 words. 1,300 words. 7,818 words. 26,911 words.

VILLAGE HALL 10 YEAR CELEBRATIONS Tickets are available from Michael Murphy 0777 6065385 for the Village Hall 10 year celebrations on Saturday 8th October from 7.30pm onwards. Tickets are £12.50 each which includes one free drink and canapés. Entertainment from the band Roosters. Licensed bar with cocktails, wine and beer.

SAFARI SUPPER NOVEMBER 19 - COME AND JOIN IN THE FUN Are you new to the village or have never been on “safari” before? Would you like to meet and eat with 22 different people in the village over good food? The supper starts at 7:30pm at the village hall when you get told where you are going for starter –you will be eating with 6 -9 other people. After about an hour you move on to the next host – meet another set of people for main course and then on to puddings. We return to hall by 11:45 for cheese and coffee and then music etc If it’s your first time you don’t even have to cook !! and its a great way to find out who you like (and don’t like!!) in the village Approximate eating times are:Starters: 8:15 - usually a choice Main Course 9:15 - no choice (but special requirements can be catered for / food dislikes etc) Puddings: 10:30 - choice Return to hall by 11:45 for cheese and coffee and then music etc Tickets : £13 per person. Couples and singles welcome (NB if you cook you get one free ticket for main course cooks, half price for starters and puddings; – but you don’t have to cook) Want more information? - please ring Tina Morley on 01858 575832

SOUTH KILWORTH BIRDS August has been a busy month on the Stanford Reservoir birding front, driven by the extremely low water levels. Throughout August and September many wading birds pass back through the county returning from their breeding grounds to their winter destination. This low water level has created a fantastic habitat for wading birds. The current water level is unprecedented in recent times (the last time it was as low as this was probably the early 1990’s). I have made almost daily visits to the reservoir in August which has enabled me to track the number and range of species passing through. Each visit has yielded something new. So far in August we have amassed 12 different wader species including: 1. Greenshank (up to 11) 2. Green sandpiper 3. Common sandpiper 4. Ringed plover (7 on the 23rd) 5. Ruff (7 on the 22nd) 6. Black tailed godwit (2 on the 22nd) 7. Oystercatcher 8. Dunlin 9. Redshank 10. Curlew 11. Snipe 12. Lapwing

black tailed godwit

In addition the number of little egrets continued to grow during the middle of the month, reaching a peak of 15 birds by the middle of August. The full migration period hasn’t got underway yet so these numbers bode well for an interesting late August / September. Here’s hoping for a rarity or two in September! Chris Hubbard


SAFARI SUPPER Would you like to meet more neighbours? …… and eat with 22 different people in the village over good food Join the village safari supper on Saturday November 19 Starts 7:30pm (prompt) at the village hall : return at 11:45pm for coffee and cheese Can you cook for 8 people? (or do you know where Fosse Park M&S is ?) Tickets : £13 : one free to main course cooks: half price for starters and puddings Wine from £6 on the night. Open to singles and couples Please complete form below by October 22 at latest IN AID OF VILLAGE HALL FUNDS Further information contact Hannah 571148 Tina 575832 Liz 575978 Amanda 575690 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REPLY SLIP Please reserve me ………… for the safari supper (cheques payable to “South Kilworth Village Hall”.Cost £13 per person (or £6:50 if cooking a starter or pudding or one free ticket if doing a main) Please state if vegetarian / food dislikes eg don’t like spicy food……. ……………………………………………………………………………………… I will cook for 8 people (including myself and partner) Starter Main course Puddings Don’t mind which we do Sorry can’t cook this year (if its your fist time you are not expected to cook!) Name : Tel nos : Address : Email : Please drop this slip off at Woodbank, North Road (Hannah) or Glebe House Walcote Road (Eileen) by October 22

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