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1st April 2012

North Kilworth News

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A Sporting Chance! If you’re reading this on April 1st, London 2012 tickets will not be scented so you can smell the excitement, Virgin has not ventured into Branson’s latest tourism-based venture by buying the planet Pluto and Ikea has definitely not launched the ‘Hundstol’ a highchair for dogs, all April Fools pranks in 2011. However I can confirm, with not a little excitement, that sometime between May 19th this year and July 27th, the London Olympic torch relay will be moving through the streets of North Kilworth and you could be the one running past the Village Hall etc proudly holding that torch aloft. Details will be out soon and that’s all I’m allowed to say at this moment. Isn’t it fitting therefore that in this London Olympic year that my article should focus on the only, as yet, watering-hole in our village? COMING EVENTS AT THE SPORTS CLUB may not quite have the same ring to it as the grandly titled GAMES OF THE XXX OLYMPIAD, but there is a sporting link and both are keen to perform rather well! If you’ve not visited the club recently then you would be in for a very pleasant surprise. For starters, the bar area and surrounds have been re-decorated to leave a warm and welcoming feel to the interior. You will feel even more at home when you discover that those internal bars guarding the windows from marauding locals or vicious wildlife have thankfully been removed. It used to feel a bit like sitting there watching the footy with one eye on when the warder would come back in and return you to your cell from the leisure block! On a more serious side, the club has had a recent influx of new committee members which is reflected in a more varied age range within that structure and as is often the case fresh innovative ideas have emerged. If you venture in on a Saturday or Sunday feeling rather peckish you can buy a deliciously hot Pukka-Pie and a pint for the princely sum of just £5! Whilst the pie is cooling down why not get a quick game of pool in on the smart new recently acquired table? If you’re an early bird or blokeneed to give a balanced approach of course- then you can buy your favourite tipple from 5.00 pm on a Friday with the usual 20p off selected drinks for members. You will be served by attractive and friendly bar staff, not sure about the men though! On the sports side, as you may have seen advertised, Simon Jones is hoping to resurrect a cricket team based at the club and from next football season there will be two teams operating on both a Saturday and Sunday. In addition there will be a junior team playing on Sundays, but with room for two smaller pitches for the benefit of younger children if anyone is interested in being involved. Despite the good work, Committee member Heather Conopo was keen to stress that the club didn’t want to replace the pub. She said “We all want The Lion back and I view the club as a welcome separate entity providing different facilities for individuals and families. There is certainly room for both in the village.” So why not give the club a visit or more; you won’t be disappointed and if you have any suggestions or ideas or are interested in joining the committee, Heather or Stuart would be keen to hear from you personally or on 01858 880041. Meanwhile, back to the future as they say. Does your light shine for you? Are you already dreaming of treading the hallowed streets of NK with that famous torch? You could be singing ‘Ring(s) of Fire’ which would be both becoming and inspirational as you take centre stage running past the Bowls Club. It could be you! . See page 7 for more information. Happy Easter.

St Andrew’s Primary School: Outstanding Through and Through Primary In our last report we mentioned that Ofsted were assessing our school, and now we can finally tell you we were appointed an outstanding school! •

Our local high school also reached outstanding and both head teachers are very proud. Not long after our Ofsted inspection The Diocese of Leicester also arrived to view and assess the connection of our Church of England school to our church. A dozen sheets of assessment papers later, we were awarded outstanding again! To celebrate both achievements the school council are currently organising a party with; music, food, nonM emory C orner school uniform, games and the most important of all a one-off afternoon full of fun. Here are a few key quotes that helped us reach outstanding:

• Children make   good  progress  in  Early  Years  Foundation  Stage;  most  reach  above  average  levels  as  they  start  Year  1.  The  well-­‐organised  learning  environment   D efibrillator in

Your letters • The school’s  leadership  team,including  the  governing  body,  have  made  significant  gains  in  improving  the  school’s  effectiveness  since  the  previous  inspection,  

in the  pre-­‐school  and  Reception,  provides  children  with  a  range  of  creative  opportunities  to  develop  their  skills  through  investigation  and  by  solving  problems.     • Parents/  carers  are  accurate  about  their  childrens’  progress.  Standards  of  reading  are  significantly  above  national  averages.  Standards  in  writing,   mathematics  and  information  &  communication  technology  (ICT)  are  also  well  above  the  expected  levels  by  the  end  of  Year  6.   K ilworth? • In  all  lessons  observed,  teachers  used  a  variety  of  imaginative  strategies  to  motivate  pupils,  including  extensive  use  of  ICT.  As  a  direct  result  of  these  activities,   pupils  showed  extremely  positive  and  mature  attitudes  to  their  work  and  their  progress  accelerated.  Good  relationships  with  adults  support  learning.  One  pupil   told  the  inspector  that  adults  could  be  trusted  to  help,  and  another  commented,  ’You  can  tell  them  (the  teachers)  anything’.   • Teaching  assistants  are  proficient  in  coaching  pupils  and  use  every  opportunity  to  build  their  confidence  and  self-­‐esteem.  

especially in  raising  achievement.  A  key  factor  in  this  success  is  the  relentless  drive  and  commitment  of  the  head-­‐teacher  who  has  established  a  shared  vision  for   the  school  and  secured  the  full  enthusiasm  of  staff.   N eighbourhood • Parents  and  carers  are  highly  positive  about  most  aspects  of  the  school’s  work.  Typical  comments  express  appreciation  for  the  staff  that  ‘go  above  and  beyond   the  call  of  duty’,  for  the  range  of  extra-­‐curricular  activities  and  say  that  St  Andrew’s  is,  ’a  lovely  school  with  a  strong  community  spirit’.is outstanding. By the end of Year 6, pupils’ attainment is well above that expected for their age. Progress of all year groups, including for disabled pupils and those with watch special educational needs, is consistently good year on year so that pupils make outstanding progress whilst in the school.   • As a result of teaching that is consistently good and often excellent, the quality of teaching is judged to be outstanding overall. Teachers cater extremely well for pupils, including those in mixed-year classes where there is a wide range of ability. Staff convey high expectations and their imaginative teaching strategies lead to high levels of pupils’ interest and engagement. C hurchWell‘matters’ done Penny and the staff, children and parents for this magnificent achievement. For more about St Andrew’s Primary School see page 4 Ed

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Neighbourhood Watch/Crime Reports Neighbourhood Watch The Local Beat Team

PC 500 Andy Smalley WPC 4640 Vicki Barge RURAL Countryside Liaison Officer PC 1010 Chris Hill PCSO 6569 Peter Willson PCSO PCSO 6573 Steve Adams Voicemail Service: 0116 2485675

Your personal information is valuable, so, protect it. This is the main theme of the campaign launched by the National Fraud Authority, Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) and Financial Fraud Action UK - the name under which the financial services industry coordinates its fraud prevention activity. The Devil’s in Your Details| campaign reminds us to check that those we share our details with are genuine, whether contact is made by phone, in person or online. It encourages anyone who feels suspicious to keep asking questions and to challenge or end an engagement if it feels uncomfortable.

These potentially deadly bracelets have been found in various locations throughout the country. We are not aware of any being found in Leicestershire, but residents are being urged to be cautious and to return bracelets made from highly toxic Jequirity beans. They may have been brought back from popular UK tourist attractions. The ladybird-like red and black seeds which make up the bracelets can be fatal if chewed or swallowed. For further information contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506. or This year National Personal Safety Day will take place on 8th October and will be coupled with the Tech No Chances campaign, both run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust ( National Personal Safety Day aims to get as many people as possible throughout the UK thinking about their personal safety and giving them simple advice on how they can to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of violence and aggression. With your help again this year, we can help the Suzy Lamplugh Trust reach even greater numbers of people than ever before. The aim of this year’s Tech No Chances campaign is to give people some useful tips on how to ensure that their technology helps to improve their safety as opposed to putting them and their belongings at risk. or Jo Walker on The Police are issuing a warning after two people were the victim of a distraction burglary in Leicester. The most recent incident took place on March 2 in the Purley Road area of Leicester, when a 52-year-old woman answered the door to a man who claimed he was collecting for a charity. He then went on to say that he could sense a ghost or spirit in the victim’s home and he could get rid of it for her and asked the victim to place some gold jewellery into a pot so he could carry out a ritual, the victim raised the alarm and the man was arrested. A similar incident also occurred on Thursday February 16 between 2pm and 3pm on the St Matthews Estate when the 55-year-old victim answered her door to a man claiming to be collecting money for charity. The victim invited the suspect in where he has gone through a number of rituals, before leaving. The victim then noticed some of her jewellery had been taken. A 53-year-old man has been arrested in connection with both offences and released on police bail pending further enquiries. If you are approached by a man in similar circumstances do not let the man in and to call the police. The Harborough LPU (Local police Unit) has introduced a very effective way for keeping your property safe! Immobilise is a free and effective you can add your serial numbers or IMEI numbers for your mobile phones. You can add televisions, DVD players, Games consoles etc basically anything which is of value and has a serial number to it. Once registered you have complete conntrol of your account if your mobile was stolen then you will flag this up on the website in your account. We can then use a national property database (police only) to track if it has been sold anywhere in the U.K and possibly get it back and find the offender! A particularly nasty scam is spreading from London and the Home Counties where it started and is now being reported across England and Wales. This is known as the 'Courier Scam'. We are all familiar with the wide variety of scams that have plagued our communities for the past few years. Distraction burglary and other doorstep crime is pervasive and has a significant impact on the victims. The latest evidence from Operation Liberal is that the victim of doorstep crime is between two and a half and three times more likely to die or be admitted to residential nursing care than someone of a similar age who has not been a victim. Find more information in The latest version of the Harborough District's Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for Spring 2012 can be found on .It is pleasing to read the update from our LPU Commander, Inspector Paul NcKinder showing how the crime across the district is still falling. Sent on behalf of Matt Tiller, Objective Productions. Thank you so much to all of the NHW members and supporters who emailed in to Gloria Hunniford for the first series of Doorstep Crime 999. The series has been a big success with average viewing figures at over 1 million, so your comments have reached far and wide. If you haven’t already you can still catch the remainder of the series on BBC iPlayer. BBC 1 / Objective Productions are currently in production of the second series so if you haven’t already been in contact and have any thoughts or advice you’d like to share, please send your letter to Gloria via and your comments could be read out during the new series which is due for broadcast at the end of April. Catherine Dunn (NHWN)


A defibrillator in North Kilworth? Defibrillator? This is an electronic device that can shock a heart back into rhythm ifit is fibrillating or not beating properly. Death can result without prompt action. Does North Kilworth need one? We think so and so does your Parish council, and the District and County Councillors. What kind? This is known as the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). It can diagnose and treat fibrillation. The user is guided by a screen and voice commands. It is easy to use without training being necessary. Where would it be? In a secure box with key pad entry at an easy to find location in the village. This is called a Community Public Access Defibrillator (cPAD) How would we open the box? The key pad code will be given to you when you dial 999 to ask for an ambulance. Its location and status will be known to the Ambulance service (EMAS) and is fully integrated into, and supplements, their emergency response. How can we get one? Your Parish Council, working with North Kilworth Heartbeat, has asked for a grant from the Leicestershire Big Society Grant Fund. The grant, if awarded, will not cover all the cost of purchase, installation and maintenance. The outstanding amount will have to be raised by donation. How to make a donation? There will be a box for donations at the Howkins Garage. Local businesses and interest groups will receive a letter inviting them to contribute to the fund. Please help North Kilworth Heartbeat to keep rhythm going. Be generous. North Kilworth Heartbeat. Please contact Jill Howkins at for more information about how you can donate or how you can help with fund raising. To find out more visit

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Press Releases Parking tariffs increase by 20p Parking charges in the Harborough district will increase by 20p. The changes are effective from 1 April 2012 with the daily charges in all council-operated pay and display car parks – short and long stay – in the Harborough district increasing by 20p. Lutterworth will retain its first hour of free parking and any council-operated car park, which is currently free to park, will remain free. The charges will be reviewed every year. The council said it has not increased parking charges for the last two years and did not increase the charges when VAT was increased in January 2011. The council stressed that when

compared to other market towns in the country the proposed charges are much lower than many market town areas. It was also said that parking fees do provide revenue for the local area from visitors coming from outside the district. Welcome to ‘My Harborough’. A useful new improvement to the district council’s website has been launched making it easier for people to access council and community information. ‘My Harborough’ enables people to log on to Harborough District Council’s website to find out relevant information, specific to where they live, simply by typing in their postcode.They can find out information about their bin

collection dates, local councillors, planning applications, and local police contacts. Also, visitors to the area can log on and find out about tourist attractions and places to stay, and other information about the district. Other information available includes: Doctors’ surgeries and dentists; Schools; Heritage sites and tourist information; Recycling and waste sites; Post offices, pay points and banks; c ar parks, tree preservation orders and roadworks; job centres The new facility has been designed to make information easier to find, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Is your  internet  stuck  in  the  slow-­‐lane?    What  could  you  do  with  super-­‐fast  speeds?  

Broadband connectivity is emerging as a critical issue in Leicestershire. It is estimated that over 190,000 residents mainly in rural areas, will not receive improved broadband as part of BT’s national rollout programme. This includes 89,000 residential households and at least 3,800 businesses. Leicestershire County Council is working in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to identify and deliver the connectivity needs of communities, businesses, and public sector organisations. The County’s vision is to deliver super-fast broadband to all premises in Leicestershire by 2017, subject to securing necessary funding. Deployment of super-fast broadband will commence during 2013. As part of the programme it is critical we understand current issues and future broadband aspirations. We need your support. Please visit to complete the questionnaire and help the County Council to transform your internet experience. The survey will be open until the 30th April 2012 and a report will be published on the website in May. When you complete our survey please register to receive our newsletter. For more information please contact Matthew Kempson (, 0116 305 6179) Sue Otter ( attended a meeting of the Rural West Community Forum where there was a useful update on broadband progress from Leicestershire County Council. She writes: There was a lot of discussion at the meeting (broadband was THE hot topic) and many of the facts and figures presented by the County Council now appear on the website – thank you LCC. It still seems that the level of demand from the rural villages is patchy – North Kilworth appears to be among the enthusiasts which is good but it would be better if there was more evidence of demand to justify the proposed level of public investment. I am still working on this so keep replies coming. I now have a contact on Theddingworth Parish Council as well as with Sibbertoft and Husband’s Bosworth. The timetable for action now looks like this: · Feb 2012 The County Council submitted its proposals for rural broadband to central government · July 2012 outcomes of the survey available and consultation and negotiation with potential suppliers (BT and Virgin) starts · 2013 the rollout of fast broadband starts and is due for completion by 2015 – seems a long way off!! Don’t hold your breath........ There was a lot of talk about broadband speeds, fibre- optic cables, green BT cabinets, how dreadful telecoms suppliers are and other experiences which I won’t bore you with but especially notable is the misleading BT data on the maps suggesting that North Kilworth (and several other villages) currently have good speeds whereas the evidence from village users suggests that speeds well below the stated 2Mbits/sec are common, if not the typical experience. Several of the County Council representatives emphasised the need to register information on speeds in the survey, please do this. The County Council is proposing a network of local ‘broadband champions’ who will receive briefings, attend workshops and keep their communities in touch with progress, I am happy to take this forward for the time being. Sue Otter


Volunteer grounds-person wanted for football, rounders & cricket pitch marking & maintenance at North Kilworth Sports Club. Are you retired? Interested in helping the community? Bored? Or just need to get out of the house for a few hours? Then, please call Richard on 07855 444 426 for more information.


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St Andrew’s Primary School

Sport Relief Mile On Friday 23rd March, St. Andrews school ran 1 mile round their SASSAtoJUNE BALL school field. We came school in non-school uniform and donated £1 to Sport rd On Saturday 23 June, SASSA are holding a Golf Club. Relief. Everyone had great funball andatitKilworth was all Springs for charity!

St. Andrews Primary school is currently trying to decide on a theme; Glitz and Glamour, Black and White or Masquerade. April Events Funky Photographer. On Tuesday 17th April our photographer will be coming in to take group photos of our pupils. Big Write. On Monday 23rd April our whole school will be doing a big write. We don’t know what our subject will F&W be yet because it will the surprise. Abigail Robertson! Plumbing & ruin Heating Services Ltd

Our Topics By Ella Clarke 22 Elmcroft Road, North Kilworth, Lutterworth, LE176HX Most of the school are still working on 0116 the same topics however Beta is soon changing theirs Phone 2779101 Fax 01858881173 from mountains to Ancient Greeks. To finish the 07866741261 wonderful topic of mountains they are doing Mobile an assembly about them, and heree-mail is work and astonishing facts about them. Just 1 avalanche can blow a houseWeb apart before it even reached it and a huge smokey cloud Site: comes before it. FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING & HEATING NEEDS The tallest mountain is on Mars. A volcano is a kind of mountain. Mount Everest is 8848m high.


WE SPECIALISE IN THEplay FOLLOWING On Friday 23 March it was Beta’s Assembly. It was all about mountains. We had a little showing AREAS; an interview of the 9 BATHROOM DESIGN AND INSTALLATION, INCLUDING ALL stars that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Alesha Dixon, Denise van Outen, Fearne Cotton, Cheryl Cole, Gary Barlow, Ben ELECTRICAL Shepherd, Ronan Keating, Chris Moyles, Kimberley Walsh. We&also showed ALTERATION, some work that we have been PLASTERING & MODIFICATIONS TO doing WALLS.over the The Beta Assembly last term, including a 3D volcano that a group of children have done, it was a goodTOlaugh. MADDY LINDOP,YEAR 4 BETA DRAINAGE SUIT NEW LAYOUTS



GAS AND OIL FIRED REPLACEMENTS Club. St. Andrews Primary school is HEATING currentlyBOILER trying to decide on a theme; Glitz and Glamour, Black and White or Masquerade

Ticket will include live band;


dancing & a 3 course meal

Our featured photograph last month showed a ‘pied piper’ followed by children. We asked if anyone knew what was happening and who the people in the photograph were. Nancy Thomas has thrown light on the identity of the Pied Piper of Kilworth. She writes ‘Mrs Roberts was the Head-Mistress at the School. She was very keen on drama. The Colonel & Mrs Belgrave held a Summer fete in the garden of Netherhall about 75-80 years ago and Mrs Roberts and the children provided the entertainment. The Pied Piper was Stanley Palmer, because he could play the tin Whistle, the girls were the children following the Piper and the boys were dressed as rats. From left to right they are: Stanley Palmer, Dorothy Pitcher, Nancy Palmer, Maurice Palmer, Pat Hammond, Barbara Coaton, Doris Coaton, Betty Hammond, Winnie Paylor, Joan Madiver and Win Allsopp.” Thank-you very much for this Nancy.

North Kilworth Speed Indicator Results Location Traffic Direction Dates Highest Speed 85%ile Speed Average Speed Vehicles over 35mph Vehicles 30mph or less Average vehicles / day

Lutterworth Road From Lutterworth 15/2/2012 to 23/2/2012 73mph 40mph 33mph 35% 35% 2131

Lutterworth Road Towards Lutterworth 23/2/2012 to 1/3/2012 56mph 36mph 31mph 16% 46% 2826

South Kilworth Road Towards South Kilworth 2/3/2012 to 8/3/2012 55mph 41mph 36mph 53% 15% 842

South Kilworth Road From South Kilworth 8/3/2012 to 12/3/2012 63mph 42mph 36mph 51% 16% 814

TREE WARDEN. After many years, our two tree wardens, Anne Hampson & Barry Houghton have decided to pass the reins over to someone else so, North Kilworth Parish Council is looking to recruit someone to continue the splendid work that Anne & Barry have done. If you are interested please contact Brian Smith, the Clerk to the Parish Council or any of the councillors. Our thanks go to Anne and Barry for the excellent way in which they have carried out their duties. North Kilworth Parish Council

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th March 2012

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Present: Cllrs Green, Hardwick and Lawrence. Brian Smith, Parish Clerk and Ward Member Bosworth Ward HDC and 8 members of the public. QUESTION TIME FOR PARISHIONERS A parishioner referred the present position regarding items that he had raised prior to his recent absence. In connection with the overgrowing hedge between Pincet Lane and Rosedale the Clerk indicated that he had reported the matter to the County Council but would make a further request for action. The Chairman reported that the Parish Council had made a donation of £500 towards the improvement of the Sports Club entrance and that the Sports Club would be arranging for the necessary works to be carried out. Concerning the ownership of the Village Hall Car Park it was agreed that the matter would be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council as there was a need for further investigation. Peter Jones indicated that he had made a planning application for a wood store and was willing to hear any observations on the plans. BROADBAND ENHANCEMENT Councillor Lawrence reported that he had attended the Community Forum Meeting held on 1st March at the Old Baptist Chapel in Sutton Elms. The main item discussed was the enhancement of broadband services throughout Leicestershire and Rutland. Sue Otter as the Broadband Champion for North Kilworth, Husbands Bosworth, Theddingworth and Sibbertoft (all on the Husbands Bosworth Exchange) highlighted the need for individuals and businesses to complete the County Council’s Broadband Survey to register their need for an improvement in internet speeds. It would appear that the County Council’s bid to central government had not been as successful as it had hoped and there would be a possible shortfall of some £4m of funds. Harborough DC had pledged some £500,000 towards the County Council’s costs but doubts had arisen as to who was going to get the improvements. It would appear that the whole scheme would not be operational until 2015. She reiterated that there was a need for everyone who wished to see an improvement to broadband services to complete the survey being undertaken by the County Council. The Chairman thanked Sue for her efforts in trying to improve this important facility for the community. PLANNING MATTERS 12/00074/HED. Location: Land Corner of Kilworth Road Lutterworth Road North Kilworth. Proposal: Removal of hedgerow The Parish Council offered no comments on this application 11/01793/FUL Location Land Off Station Road North Kilworth. Proposal: Change of use to form 220-berth marina, formation of boat yard, erection of workshop building, office/chandlery building and brokerage building, formation of hard-standing and car parking areas and creation of an access (revised scheme of 10/01713/FUL). The Clerk reported that the application had been passed by the Planning Committee. The Clerk indicated that he had tried to get a condition inserted to establish a liaison committee between North Kilworth Parish Council, Husbands Bosworth Parish Council and the operator of the marina but had been unsuccessful FINANCIAL MATTERS The Clerk informed the meeting that as of close of business on 8th March 2012 the current account stood at £10533.10 of which £3929.37 was available for funding heritage based projects. At the close of business on 30th December 2011 the reserve account stood at £6446.95 VILLAGE STRUCTURE/LOCAL ISSUES • The Clerk reported that the County Council had confirmed that the Parish Council could use various lamp columns for the fixing of the SID device. Ian Duncombe tabled and was thanked for the set of figures he had down loaded for the period: • The Clerk reported that he had obtained some dog fouling notices from HDC and that he had handed them to Andy Wall. The Clerk also reported that the dog bin referred to in last month’s meeting had been delivered and had been erected opposite Gandys on the A4304. The Clerk was requested to contact HDC to arrange for the bin to be emptied on a regular basis. • Tom Evans was invited by the Chairman to outline proposals for the acquisition of a parish based defibrillator. Mr Evans indicated that an opportunity has arisen for North Kilworth to acquire a defibrillator. A Public Access Defibrillator would be a valuable asset to the parish of North Kilworth. It could be deployed quickly by anyone to begin emergency treatment to a person experiencing a heart attack. This early intervention is essential to survival of the individual. Its location and status will be known to the Ambulance service (EMAS) and it is fully integrated into their emergency response. The automated external defibrillator (AED) would be in a secure box sited in North Kilworth village in a prominent and easily reached location. It would be of an approved type of defibrillator that can become accessible following a 999 call. It would be purchased from Community Heartbeat Trust, an approved supplier that liaises with EMAS. He and others would like to raise funds to purchase one. Monies have already been pledged to buy the AED. Other funding will come from local initiatives with the help of the Masharani Patient Participation Group (MPPG) in Lutterworth of which we are all members. The MPPG has successfully raised funds for two defibrillators. Additionally an application is to be made to the Leicestershire Big Society Grant Fund. The documentation and evidence is being prepared. The first tranche applications, and the most likely to succeed, must be received at County Hall by 15th March. For this application to succeed it must have the approval and endorsement of the County Councillor. A request has been sent to Mr Hart and a reply received stating his support. Councillor Smith added his support for the purchase of the equipment. The support of the North Kilworth Parish Council is essential as it would be the required formally constituted body that makes the application to the Big Society Grant Fund and acts as a guardian of the funds raised until the purchase is made. After some discussion it was agreed to submit a bid to the County Council’s Big Society Fund and that the Clerk be empowered to sign the necessary documents. • The Chairman reported that he had received letters of resignation from the Tree Wardens Anne Hampson and Barry Houghton. Councillor Hardwick agreed to include an advertisement for volunteer/s in the next Newsletter. The Clerk was requested to send a letter of thanks to both Anne and Barry thanking them for their comments on tree applications over the past years. AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROVISION The Chairman reported that matter was still on going with further meetings scheduled. The Parish Council noted the letter from Godfrey Peyton regarding the possible use of land on South Kilworth Road which had been registered in HDC’s Strategic Land Availability Assessment 2011 published in February 2012. They recognised that the site in particular had not scored highly in the recent assessment of potential sites for affordable housing. The Parish Council felt that the potential use was the responsibility of HDC in assessing the release of suitable land for development. SWINFORD WINDFARM COMMUNITY FUND The Chairman indicated that there was to be a further meeting later this month. The Clerk reported that he had informed the Steering Group of the Council’s decision. PARISH PLAN/NORTH KILWORTH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN The Chairman reported that revision meetings were still continuing with the aim being to complete the revision by Christmas 2012. A suggestion was made that it would be appropriate to use the remaining Heritage Money to finance the printing of the revised document. ALL WEATHER PLAY AREA. The Clerk reported that he had banked £1175.29 of which £1132.29 was the profit from the Safari Supper, the remainder £43.00 was from the use of the Floodlit Play Area. An electricity bill had been received from e-on for £109.49 and would be paid by direct debit in due course. The Chairman indicated that he had received a copy of the Safety Report for the Play Area from HDC. He indicated that some expenses would be incurred in the repair of certain items. The Clerk was requested to contact Julie Fish regarding suitable persons to carry out the required work. The report did not contain any requests that a second exit be formed. At the close of business on 13th January the amount of money held in the Current Account was £6342.94 and the amount held in the Reserve Account on 30th September 2011 was £19790.77. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday25th April 25th 2012 in the PARISH Hall at 7.45 pm.

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ATTENTION ALL FRUSTRATED CRICKETERS!! How would you like to get involved in a cricket team in North Kilworth? We are hoping to start this Summer and have a few friendly games on a Sunday. If you would like to be involved: player; umpire or even fixtures secretary then please let me know. With enough interest I hope to get a team together for the coming season. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact: Simon Jones on 07841687859 or e-mail:

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Your Letters

Doggys’ Do inspire readers to put pen to paper!

Dear Editor Polite reminder to all dog walkers I have three active small boys who frequently toddle, run and cycle enjoying the many public spaces we have in the village. Please can I ask all dog walkers to make use of the numerous dog waste bins around the village particularly when walking their dogs on the Millennium Green, and on paths and verges to ensure these spaces are clean and safe for everyone. Andrea Byrd Dear Editor Following last months article about dog mess, could I please implore everyone (as a fellow dog owner) that they have more consideration for all in the village and pick up their pets mess!So everyone can walk around the village without fear. Anon

Following on with the village push for tree planting, a hedge has been planted around the remaining perimeter of the paddock at the back of The .Close. Chosen and planted by the trusted Andy & Lyn (Garden Wall), we are really looking forward to seeing the hedge grow and flourish! There will be rose, acer, hawthorn and vibernum. These were chosen for their flowers and berries in a bid to encourage more insects and birds to the area, as well as being pony friendly (laurel, yew & privet are poisonous). A new orchard has also been added to the paddock including greengage, apple and pear trees! All we need now is the cidre press....!!! Stephen & Vikki (For more about The Close- see page10)

Swinford helps secure UK jobs

We are delighted to be able to share with you this week that the Swinford project will help to secure 200 jobs in the coming months following the announcement that the Swinford turbine towers will be "made in the UK". The project’s towers are already in manufacture at Mabey Bridge's facility in Chepstow. The establishment of this manufacturing facility has been a major boost to the industry in the UK, and has made it possible for us to deliver further opportunities to the economy from our investment, which is great news for the industry and for the UK. We have been working for some time to ensure that we maximise the value of our projects to the UK economy and the developing supply chain, and are committed to continuing this work on all elements of this project. Alex Smale, Mabey Bridge’s UK Director commented on the contract award, saying: “We are genuinely delighted to have secured the contract for supplying the towers for this major project. Since we first began working to open a tower manufacturing facility in south Wales, Vattenfall has been very proactive in supporting us to   establish ourselves in the industry.Working with companies such as Vattenfall can really help to develop an even bigger   renewable energy supply chain here in the UK which will help   deliver economic benefits across the board".

Young residents set for site visit Following the success of the Chill Out Bus during November 2011, we are continuing our work with the Rural Youth Voice Project to give the youth of the local community the chance to get involved with the project. The project and community fund has been featured in the "Speak Out" newsletter which is circulated to young people in the area, and we are organising a site visit for young people from local villages to come and see the work onsite in the coming weeks. If you are interested in getting involved, get in touch! SWINFORD ROAD For approximately two weeks from 5th March there will be traffic lights in place along Swinford Road, around 400 metres south of Misterton Grange. Road users can expect short delays during this time. Local radio stations will be informed of the works. The work will enable the delivery of turbine components directly from the M1 across Wood Farm. Temporary repairs will be carried out on the road and verges. Once construction works are complete towards the end of this year, the road will be permanently reinstated and the verges reseeded.

Things to do in April

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SNIBSTON Paranormal Night- Fri 13th: Beam Engine beaming- Sat 14th, Sat 28th: Memories of the Coal Queens- Thurs 19th: The Body Discovered- Sat 28th BOSWORTH Easter Egg Hunt- Sat 7th & Sun 8th: Battlefield Guided Walk-Sun 1st, Sat 7th- Mon9th, Sun 15th, Sat 21st, Sun 22nd, Sun 29th : Medeival Camp & Les Routier de Rouen- Sun 8th, Mon 9th, Sat 21st, Sun 22nd Guided Walk for Children- Wed 11th: Bowmen of Bosworth- Have a Go Archery- Sun 22nd; HARBOROUGH MUSEUM: Railway Funnybones- Wed 4thth; Meet the Expert-Tues 10th: Head to Head helmets-Sat 14th: Street BeatSat BEAUMANOR HALL Afternoon Tea-Sun 8th; Cream Teas- Sun 22ndth. Tel: 01509890119 Donnington-le-Heath Manor House From the Tudor Ladies Chamber- Sun 15th: Gothic Caligraphy- Sun 29th

For more information see Leicestershire Events Guide or go to



Rugby Road, South Kilworth, LE17 6DN

01858 575416 Traditional Village Pub Serving Home Cooked food Fresh wet Grimsby Fish Eat in or Take Away Any Day! Served in homemade beer batter. Home Cooked Sunday Roast Choice of two Meats, fresh Veg and Homemade Yorkshire Pudding! Bookings Advisable Food Served: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 12-2.30pm, and then from 6-9.00pm Sundays 12-4pm only No food Wednesday Recommended in CAMRA Good Pub Guide hhSky Sports & ESPN • All major cards accepted

London 2012 Torch Relay Sorry to disappoint as the Torch won’t be coming to NK after all- APRIL FOOL! But, you will be able to see it locally in Harborough, Lubbenham and Foxton on the afternoon of Monday July 2nd.For details;

News on the path down at the bridge at the Mill: Northants DC have now completed the refurbishment work down there and have got rid of the very muddy bit. Part of this is down to the Challenge as they chased up NDC and offered to pay for it. However this seemed to have galvanised them into action and put the job up near the top of their priority list.. The poor state of the footpath was raised with them NDC some years ago by the Parish Council……… a bit of a success all round. Nick Otter

49’ers club Congratulations to  the  latest  winners:   Nancy  Williames,  Sue  &  John  Dunford,  Rona  Purdham  

We have  a  couple  of  numbers  free  if  you’d  like  to  join   in  the  club?    The  49’ers  is  a  fundraising  lottery  with   winners  chosen  from  the  National  Lottery  Bonus  Ball.     Each  week  £35  is  paid  out  to  a  lucky  winner.    To  join  it   just  costs  you  £1  a  week  which  is  paid  by  quarterly,   half-­‐yearly  or  annual  subscription.    The  money  raised   goes  towards  our  village  hall.    Contact  Sue  Winstanley   881798  or  email    

Meditation, Yoga, Stretch Flex Classes Thank you to all who have supported my classes in 2011. We have raised £110 so far for Macmillan Cancer Support. Classes start again on Sunday 29th April at 7pm in the village hall...look forward to seeing you there! Om shanti Sue Winstanley (Proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support)

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Message from the Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley

Being Fools for Christ, the One who brings Life April begins with April Fools’ Day, an international day of trying to catch people out as fools. It’s a day of fun of course but as we live in a culture which prizes individual success and achievement I imagine most of us would prefer not to be labelled a fool! However, to some in our culture, putting trust in God is viewed as an inherently foolish thing to do. This year April Fools’ Day coincides with Palm Sunday, the day when we tell the story again of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey. This faintly ridiculous spectacle had been foretold by Zechariah some 500 years before: ‘Lo, your king comes to you; triumphant and victorious is he, humble and riding on a donkey’ (Zech. 9.9). Therefore the crowds hail him as God’s long-awaited king, the one who has come to save his people. They expect Jesus to wage war on the Roman authorities of the day and to sit on an earthly throne. The story that unfolds over the next days goes in an entirely different direction. Jesus refuses to take power and authority in a worldly sense but instead he takes the road of complete humility leading to his self-sacrifice on the cross. This is unthinkable to the people of his time, and Jesus is written off by many as a fool and a fraud. Two days later a still more unthinkable thing happens: people claim to have seen Jesus alive. It is an event which brings new perspective and new life to all who believe. Here is a new understanding of God, where Jesus’ death is not the foolishness of self-destruction but the wisdom of self-offering: God offering himself for us. Deep within this story is the bedrock of love and the flowing water of life itself. True love offers itself for the sake of others. True life comes when we let go of ourselves, when we stop doing things in our own strength and through our own limited vision, when we are open to that greater life offered freely by God. Through God’s self-offering on the cross he shows his love; through his resurrection we have access to his life always. God indeed did come in Jesus to save people – and the people he came to save include us, our families, and those who are as yet unborn. Not all could see God’s wisdom in the events that unfolded in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. In today’s age many call us fools because of our Christian faith. But as St. Paul understood, ‘God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom’ (1 Cor. 1.25). Let’s stand up for the wisdom of God’s love and life this Eastertide and be proud to be fools for Christ. On behalf of the Avon Swift ministry team I wish you all a very happy Easter and the assurance of God’s life and love now and always. Alleluia! Revd Emma Davies

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FROM THE REGISTERS Baptism 4 March - Kimcote Church - Ethan Kane Richards Jack James Gilbert Grainger 26th February Shawell Wedding 3 March - North Kilworth - Stuart Montserrat and Katherine Richardson Funeral 14 March - Shawell - David Coles aged 79 years

Freelance BHSAI Instructor – I have experience of teaching at all levels and disciplines and have taught beginners to advance riders for over 15 years. I have a patient, calm and professional approach ensuring you get the very best from your horse/pony. I am willing to travel within the Leicestershire/Warwickshire area. If you have any questions or would like to discuss requirements/aims please Tel: Wez 07958 228367, email

Husbands Bosworth Methodist Chapel Brian Kennard 01858 462889 Our services for April are:

(all at 6.30pm) Apr 1 Rev'd. Dave Tomlin Apr 8 Rev'd. Brian Kennard Easter Communion Apr 15 Mr. Michael Mays Apr 22 Mr. Gordon Herbert Apr 29 Rev'd. Peter Green

ST ANDREW’S FLOWER ROTA No flowers during Lent but donations towards lilies for Easter will be ggratefully received. Many Thanks Jo Guilfoyle (880574)

An Update on the Friends of St Andrew’s Church – FOSTA Launch Event The aim of this new initiative is to raise the necessary funds to cover the running costs of the church and at the same time to bring people in the community together – to create a FOSTA-family for the church. This is an update to tell you what is about to happen. A letter will be delivered to every household in North Kilworth by the end of March or early April with details of the campaign and inviting as many as possible to join the FOSTA-family. The launch event will be in St Andrew’s Church in early May, full details will be in the letter with a reply slip and contact details. There will be refreshments and information about church history and current activities, as well as an opportunity to contribute your own ideas about what the church could do in the future. As well as raising necessary funds, we shall keep FOSTA members informed about what is happening at the church and will arrange social events to which the FOSTA-family will be invited. We would love to see you at the launch even if you cannot contribute financially at this time. We hope that you will want to become a member of our FOSTA-family - a community of people who together can ensure that St Andrew's Church continues to be a special, holy and historic place in the heart of this village. We look forward to meeting you. With all good wishes, Revd Emma Davies and members of the Parochial Church Council.

Services for March 2012 Page 9 Sunday 1 April Palm Sunday (Red)

Page 9 Page 9 Readings tba


8.30 am 9.30 am 10.00 am 11.15 am 11.15 am 6.00 pm

North Kilworth Stanford on Avon Peatling Parva 10 am at Village Hall, procession to church for 10.30 am service Catthorpe Misterton Swinford

Thursday 5th April Maundy Thursday (White) 7.30 pm Ashby Magna

Holy Communion (BCP) Holy Communion (CW) Palm Sunday Service

The Rev’d Emma Davies The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley The Rev’d Emma Davies

Holy Communion (CW) Morning Prayer Palm Sunday Service – Preparing for the Passion

The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley Keith Wilding The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley

Exodus 12.1-4, 11-14 1 Corinthians 11.23-26 John 13.1-17, 31b-35 Holy Communion (CW) with vigil The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley The Rev’d Emma Davies

Friday 6th April Good Friday 12.00 noon Gilmorton Children’s service for Easter 2.00 pm Kimcote Service of readings and meditations 2.00 pm South & North Kilworth at Service of readings and meditations S.Kilworth

The Rev’d Emma Davies The Rev’d Emma Davies The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley

Sunday 8th April Easter Day (White/Gold) Isaiah 25.6Acts 10.34-43 John 20.1-18 6.30 am Ashby Magna – Holly Farm, Holy Communion by the lake at The Rev’d Emma Davies Willoughby Rd sunrise (CW) followed by breakfast 9.00 am Kimcote Holy Communion (BCP) The Rev’d Emma Davies 9.30 am North Kilworth Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley 9.30 am Peatling Parva Holy Communion (BCP) The Rev’d Paula Oxley 10.00 am South Kilworth All-age Communion (CW) The Rev’d Jane Kennedy 10.30 am Gilmorton All-age Communion (CW) The Rev’d Emma Davies 11.15 am Catthorpe Village Service Judith Smith 11.15 am Shawell and Misterton at All-age Communion (CW) The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley Shawell 6.00 pm Swinford Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley Tuesday 10th April 9.30 am South Kilworth

Holy Communion (BCP)

Sunday 15th April The Second Sunday Easter (White) 8.30 am Gilmorton 9.45 am North & South Kilworth at N. Kilworth 9.30 am Kimcote 11.15 am Shawell 6.00 pm Swinford

The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley

Acts 4.32-35 1 John 1.1 – 2.2 John 20.19-end Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Jane Kennedy Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley Matins Keith Wilding Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Canon John Randall Evensong The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley

Sunday 22nd April The Third Sunday of Easter (White) 10.30 am Peatling Parva Avon Swift Group Service Holy Communion (CW)

readings tbc The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley The Rev’d Emma Davies Preacher: Jenny and Iain Mair from Gideons

Sunday 29th April The Fourth Sunday of Easter (White) Acts 4.5-12 1 John 3.16-24 John 10.11-18 8.30 am Kimcote Holy Communion (BCP) The Rev’d Emma Davies 9.30 am South & North Kilworth at South Holy Communion (BCP) The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley Kilworth 11.00 am Ashby Magna Family Service The Rev’d Emma Davies 11.15 am Misterton Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley 6.00 pm Gilmorton Evensong The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley 6.00 pm Swinford Holy Communion (CW) The Rev’d Emma Davies BCP = Book of Common Prayer (1662) – traditional language CW = Common Worship (2000) – contemporary language Morning Prayer – Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 9am at Swinford Church Evening Prayer – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays at 5pm at Gilmorton Church Time for quiet prayer – Wednesdays, 7pm – 7.30pm at Peatling Parva ChurchAll enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:The Revd Canon Chris Oxley, The Rectory, Kilworth Road, Swinford, Telephone: 01788 860445 The Revd Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton, Telephone: 01455 556573

LOCAL TODDLER GROUP Ma-mites is a toddler group that takes place in South Kilworth Village Hall, Leys Crescent, on Tuesdays, 10-11.30am. The cost is £1.50 per adult+child, and 50p per additional child. We have a large hall, an outdoor play area for fine days, and lots of toys suitable for babies upwards. We offer tea, coffee, biscuits and friendly chat, and everyone is welcome. Ma-mites is run by local mums, and people attend mainly from North and South Kilworth. The latest round of children leaving to go to school has freed up lots of space, so we are keen to welcome newcomers.

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Say Hello To: Vikki, Steve and Freddie O’Hara ding Church mat

All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:-

the original design. You can possibly make out a nurse in the left hand first floor window where Colonel Belgrave is supposed to have passed away.

When you say Hello to the O’Haras the conversation will probably include The Close, because they are understandably passionate about it. Are you curious to know how much it cost them to restore their new home to its former glory? Well, you’re not going to find out the answer to that question here; suffice to say it went slightly over budget! Vikki and Steve have had a very eventful year. They got married in October, celebrated Freddie’s first birthday, poured effort into the village green property, and continued running Elmhurst Energy, which is based on the new estate at the back of The Elms in Lutterworth. The Close, built around 1800, was in serious danger of going the way of Meadowtoft and being flattened to the ground. It was structurally unsound, the chimneys were unsupported, there was damp and rot, and there was no central heating. Vikki and Steve are proud of what they have achieved, and they will continue to develop not just the building but the gardens and paddock. From the attached photo you can see that there was a twostorey extension to the right, which has been restored. Also restored are the railings that were melted down for much needed scrap during World War 2. Rotten windows have been replaced with sash windows to match

performance certificates to anyone wishing to sell or let a property. The end goal is to encourage people to be energy efficient. Vikki, born in Notts, has been mad on horses since she was 5 and worked as a groom for several gentlemen farmers before deciding to re train as a Domestic Energy Assessor. Gavin (who was working for Elmhurst) was her trainer and it was him who introduced Vikki to the company in 2007. Vikki played an active part in the company - and an increasingly active part in the boss’s social life! 2 years ago, she voluntarily helped the newly formed CIC with an energy survey, and has recently helped launch a more substantial round of energy assessments in NK, complete with free energy monitors for those of us that turned up. Both Vikki and Steve hope that people don’t jut sit on the certificate, but use it to reduce their energy costs. Vikki realised a childhood dream when she was able to graze Harry in her own paddock. She loves food and drink, and has joined the WI only to be disappointed that teaching her how to make chutney and bake cakes is not on the agenda. Steve is also keen on his food and drink, misses the pub and the Chinese food, but is a regular member of the boys’ night out at the Sports Club. There’s more to this couple than we could ever capture in 701 words, so say “Hello” to Vikki and Steve to find out the rest of their story.

In the garden they’ve also gone for the traditional approach by planting vibernum, acer, hawthorne, roses and fruit trees, all with an eye on encouraging wild life. With luck, by the time you read this, Vikki and Steve will have moved into The Close, but in the meantime you may see them wandering the streets of NK. There could be quite a gathering, depending on the nature of the family outing. Vikki could be leading her horse, Harry, with Freddie is in his pram along with their dogs, Coco and Wesley. (Wesley was named by the rescue centre after Wesley Snipes, because he’s a “handsome little black man”) Steve was born in Northern Ireland, has 4 brothers and a sister, took a genetics degree at Queens, qualified as a teacher and taught for 2 years in secondary schools. By chance he did some work for his father in law, who founded Elmhurst in 1993. (Steve’s first wife died of cancer at 37: he could tell you of the isolation that follows such a bereavement and the support that’s needed.) By 2000 DB Steve had taken over the management of the company, which trains surveyors to produce energy Help to raise funds for our School (& win a bottle of Champagne) VILLAGE HALL NEWS SASSA (St Andrew's School Support Association) is the parent teacher association. SASSA works alongside the The           hall has received a Biffaward of £18,000 to school to raise funds that provide additional resources for refurbish the interior. This will include damp-proofing, pupils to learn and play. SASSA have recently funded new drylining and insulating the south facing wall,removing tables and chairs, reading books and play bark for the and installing a fully insulated new ceiling, new lighting, playground. You can now help SASSA raise money when you shop re-varnished floor and re-decorating. To enable this online or buy something, participating retailers make a work to be carried out the hall will be closed from donation to SASSA. Just visit Monday 23rd July until Sunday 26th August. It will to register then be thoroughly cleaned (any volunteers will be much and shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, appreciated) and Lunch Alfresco will take place on Argos, Asda, Boden, Boots, Debenhams, eBay, iTunes, John Lewis, M&S, Mothercare, Sainsburys, Tesco, Toys R Sunday 2nd September. Us and many more. It won't cost you a penny extra to shop Our Annual General Meeting will be on Monday 14th through easyfundraising and you can even save money with May at 7.30pm in the village hall. If you have any special offers and voucher codes. At the end of the ideas/suggestions as to how we can improve what the academic year the person who has managed to raise most for SASSA using easyfundraising will win a bottle of hall can offer the community please come along for a champagne. glass of wine, and perhaps, even join the committee!!


Whats on in North Kilworth Page 11

April 2012

Mons: Yoga- 7pm Sports Club Weds: Stretch&Flex-12.15pm,Yoga 7pm Village Hall Thursdays-term-time: Tots & Toddlers- 9.30am Village Hall Wed.4th: Mobile Library-White Lion-2.40pm Thurs 12th; Bingo- Sports Club: Eyes down at 8pm Thurs.12th: Mobile Library-Dag Lane-1.30pm Wed.18th: Mobile Library- White Lion-2.40pm Thurs.19th:WI- Flourishing Demonstration- Village Hall Wed. 25th: Parish Council Meeting-7.45pm: Parish Rooms Thurs 26th: Reading Group-8pm- Lilac Cottage Thurs.26th: Mobile Library-Dag Lane-1.30pm Sun.29th: Meditation Class in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support- 7pm in the Village hall

May 5th: Vintage Café & Fair-Village Hall May 14th: AGM of the Village Hall May 13th- Car Boot Sale: In aid of Kilworth Challenge- Sports Club June Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd: Kilworth Challenge June Mon 4th: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee & Party July 8th- Lunch on the Lawn: Honey Cottage Sept 2nd 2012: Al Fresco Meal

N K Reading Group The next meeting of the N.K.R.G. is on Thurs 26th April 8.00pm, at Lilac Cottage. The book to read is ‘The Lacuna’ by Barbara Kingsolver . It is described as a gripping story of identity, the connection with our past and the power of words to create or devastate.

S t G eorges D ay at K ilworth S prings 26 th A pril 201 2 C elebrate S t G eorges D ay at K ilworth S prings with our patriotic G olf D ay. Indulge in fine B ritish from start to finish with a T raditional F ull E nglish B reakfast 1 8 H oles of C hampionship G olf and finish it all off with a 4-C ourse E vening M eal including 6 drinks tokens E nter a team of 4 for the amazing value of £200 or for more information contact the admin team on 01 858 575082 or email us at admin@

L adies L unch at K ilworth S prings K ilworth S prings G olf C lub would like to welcome you and a group of your friends to our L adies L unch. Y ou will be welcomed with a glass of bubbly on arrival and will then be treated to a delicious 4 C ourse meal followed by a guest speaker and a charity raffle F or more information contact M att on 01 858 575 082 or

News from North Kilworth WI held on 15th March ,Speaker was Graham Johnson who named his Talk Carry on Catering, He gave a fascinating talk on his families life in Catering.from his grandparents hard work,his mothers determination to his own retirement.From disaster melting 90 Candles on someones birthday cake with a Blow torch ,to entertaining royalty,From a meal for two to catering for 20,000.Graham was a perfect speaker to listen too.Next months meeting is flower arranging demo by Whites of Lutterworth 19th April at 7.30 pm in the village hall. Gaye Duncombe

FOUR WAYS TO WARMTH There is help available for older people and people on benefits, some of which will soon be replaced by less advantageous offers – more details in the May NK News.

email M D E ngland@ NEW HANDYPERSON SCHEME FOR LOCAL RESIDENTS -Have you got an increasing number of silly little “handyperson” jobs around the house that you can’t manage, but which are so South Kilworth Road,a North Kilworth, prepared Lutterworth. to LE17help? 6HJ small it’s difficult to find tradesman 01858 575 082 -Well, there is good news for all those over 60 in the Harborough District!   -Jointly funded by County and District Councils, we now have a minor repair and maintenance service. There is a fixed hourly labour rate of £22.27 (this includes the dreaded VAT!). Even better news – if you are on a means tested benefit, labour is free for the first 2 visits, and you are only charged for materials. -The types of work that can be carried out are: · Door/window repairs and adjustments; Minor joinery work eg: shelves, curtain rails etc; Minor plumbing work; Minor electrical work e.g. wiring plugs and changing bulbs; Installation of aids e.g. grab rails; Fitting locks and security chains; Fitting smoke alarms and sensors; Draught proofing; Gate/fence/wall repairs; Fitting key safes; Flat pack furniture assembly The Handyperson Service can be contacted on 0845 6017822. I called them out for one job, and ended up having 6 other little problems sorted out! If you want to talk anything through with


Yet another reminder for this year`s Kilworth Challenge. It will be held over the weekend of 2-3rd June 2012. Please continue to mark this important date in your diary. Last month you heard how in 1990 the Kilworth Challenge got started. Now you will hear about the monies that it has raised and the tremendous support that it has had from the teams over its life. There has been a Challenge every year since 1990, the only exception being 2001 when the country was hit by `foot and mouth`. Leicestershire was no exception and the event was cancelled. The total amount raised over this period of 22 years is a staggering 950,846 pounds. This amount has been divvied out in an approximate 2:1 ratio between the named/national charities and local good causes. The intention has always been to put something back into the community that supports the Challenge as well as supporting those charities that are very focussed on helping disadvantaged and handicapped children. It is interesting to note that the average amount raised by teams has risen from the initial 375 pounds in 1990, doubling and more to 1076 in 2000 and nearly doubling again to1927 in 2010. Quite an amazing increase.

This means that a sum of 630,005 pounds has gone to nominated charities. In the past few years this has focused around three key ones that epitimise what the Challenge is all about. These are Dukes Barn in Derbyshire, Over the Wall based primarily in the Midlands, and the Leicestershire Clubs for Young People. Other named charities include Reach for a Star, the Calvert Trust, the Sir Andrew Martin Trust, Riding for the Disabled, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the Royal Societies for the Blind and the Deaf.

KILWORTH CHALLENGE 2012 - 2nd – 3rd JUNE The balance totalling 320,841 pounds, has gone to local good causes of which approximately 43% are actions in the Kilworths, 27% in villages around Kilworth, 16% in Lutterworth and 9% in Market Harborough. Next month will be about what the actual money has been used for ................ so watch this space. The Kilworth Challenge Organisers - Colin Clarke, Chris Mitchell, Bruce Phillips, Mike Lawrence, Paul Whitehead, Manfred Morris, Mick Faulkner, Duncan Moss and Nick Otter.

North Kilworth Sports Club ***NOW OPENING AT 5PM FRIDAYS*** Wednesdays & Thursdays 7pm – 11pm Fridays 5pm – 11pm Saturdays 12pm – 11pm Sundays 12pm – 6pm Everyone welcome – members & non-members. The Sports Club is available to hire for functions – please call 01858 880123 for further information.



Monday 4 June Millennium Green/ Village Hall Childrens’ Craft Day- Sunday 6th May 10-12

April NK News  

April NK News