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Week five-Sequence of operations Emily Longworth Â

Items Needed:   Shears   Pins   Scissors   Press   Over  locker   Threads   Sewing   machine   Pa:erns/   fabric  

Look Three-Futuristic dress

To create  dress  sleeve,  I  traced  round  the  size  10  sleeve  block  and  then      traced  the   top  part  of  the  sleeve  pa:ern  off  and  drew  2  lines  each  side  of  the  center  lines  with   a  2cm  gap.  Next  I  slashed  the  lines  and  opened  them  up  leaving  0.75cm  gaps  for  my   arm  fullness  and  for  the  shape  I  wish  to  achieve.  Next  I  added  1.5cm  seam   allowance.  

Next I  traced  off  the  top  part  of  the  last  pa:ern  piece  and  split  the  lines  to  add  1.5   cm  spaces  to  create  a  fuller  sleeve  and  then  added  1.5  cm  seal  allowance.  

Then I  traced  the  back  top  bodice  off  and  cut  a  point  where  the  old  dart  was  as  this   will  now  form  my  point  shape  in  the  back  of  my  dress.  

Lay plan  for  my  point   trouser  

For my trousers I cut out my side points and interfaced them all to make the stronger, next I sewn my back and front points together and sewn them into the middle seam of the trousers.

I then over locked all my edges and pressed. Next I sewn on the other side of the trousers and started the zip. I first of all sewn on my fly front, which I then pinned my zip on to and sewn on the industrial for a close and neat finish. Next I joined my inner legs and added my last fly front and sewn the fly front shape on to give it a final look. Next I hemmed the bottom of my trousers and cut a facing the size of my trouser waited and faced the top of my trouser to neaten the edge for a professional look.

Week 5 Construction