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Emily James



HOW LOVELY Submission boards This brief is an extension of Lizzi Tyrer’s ‘Alternative

Christmas’ where I got given the film Love Actually,, the

colour red and the focus on typography. I had to design a

Christmas card communicating these aspects. From this, I

then decided to produce Christmas gift packaging, under the brand name I created, ‘How Lovely’.

Emily James


How Lovely

Gift Range Research

I want the range to be type driven therefore have looked into how other cards have interpreted this. However I also want to create a variety of products so

The research has informed on the colour ways for this brief. A lot of people

make a link with red, gold and green with Christmas. However, the research

have looked into other design have done this. Above shows one the paper chase above shows how effective just using two colours can be. Using glaring colours Christmas ranges. It is simple bus communicate a festive aesthetic. I also want to use processes so it give the products a high end and special finish.

can make the design too complicated and chaotic. The image in the bottom left displays how tacky Christmas packaging can be executed.

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Emily James


Initial Visuals

I really enjoy hand rendered typography so thought I would attempt this

approach for the Christmas card. I then scanned them into illustrator and

created a vector. It was quite time consuming but creates something more

personal and detailed. The aesthetic also reflects the quote within the image as

it flows well and is decorative. The target audience is young females and I think appeals because it is delicate and meaningful.

How Lovely

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Emily James



To experiment with typography and extend the range, I then created two more designs with the same concept. The idea is that the quote is tied into different

aspects of Christmas. The designs are A6 format but in portrait, contrasting the initial design. I don’t like these designs as much as the heart one as the

typography isn’t as soft and flowing. From this I began developing the logo and general aesthetic for the logo. The product range is also going to include gift wrap, gift tags, envelopes and gift bags.

How Lovely

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Emily James


How Lovely


As this brief is targeted for the Christmas season, I wanted to experiment with

In terms of colours, the gold foil looked a bit too tacky and didn’t compliment

is probably the most appropriate and it looks good as well as ties in with the

dark for a Christmas range.

different processes to create something that would communicate this. Foiling

concept. It gives a Festive aesthetics whilst being tasteful. I also tried lasercut as another choice, however it had too much of a craft look than what I desired.

the red. The black and red foil worked well together however, it is a bit too

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Emily James


How Lovely

Mock Ups

Here however are some small mock ups of the final products. As the ink needs

Creating these mock ups has made me realise how much I enjoy packaging and

to be really black to foil, it limits when and how I can create the products. Also, this is something that I want to do more of. two gift bags have been designed and produced to see which one worked best.

However, they both look good and are different sizes so will both be used in the range. I like how the white works against the red foil, as it has gives a clean and contemporary finish.

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Emily James


How Lovely

Final Product Range

In the end I decided to use the heart design as the main card as the hand

I like how the range communicates a minimal and contemporary approach to

going on as the typography is quite decorative. I like how the product range

shows a personal touch reflects the season atmosphere. Overall I really enjoyed

trying to capture it in the photographs.

packaging into my practice.

rendered type fitted in with the other products. Also I think there was too much Christmas gift packaging and cards. I think the hand-rendered typography works around one card design. The foil came out successful after much hassle

this brief and has given me more confidence with involving more

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