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A Graphic Designer with a in interest in Image Making within Branding & packaging

Marks & Spencers Packaging Brief To design a picnic set communicating a theme for Marks & Spencers. Audience Parents who have a disposable income. Aimed at families who want food to be convenient on a family day out. Skills - To apply pattern design to the packaging. - Experiment with screen printing and laser cut. - Use illustration.

Skateboarder Branding Brief To brand Joseph James, a 17 year old competitive skateboarder. Design a logo, identity and promotion pack. Audience 15-23 year olds who skateboard or are keen to start the sport. Also, potential sponsors.

Skills - To experiment with different processes on different materials. - Packaging a promotion pack. - To use illustration.

Tetley Tea Branding & Packaging Brief To re brand and package Tetley Tea. To introduce new ranges to a younger audience whilst still appealing existing customers. Audience Tea drinkers aged 18- 60. Aimed at families, couples, young professionals and students. Skills - To use illustration. - To apply hand-rendered typography. - To experiment with different packaging.

Textile Lookbook (Collaboration) Brief To design a textile homeware range and create a lookbook. Audience For people looking to redecorate or add unique items into their home. 25-40 years old’s with a disposable income. Skills - To use different processes such as embossing. - Layout and typography. - Photography - Packaging & promotion

Stationary Branding (collaboration) Brief To create a unique stationary brand. Audience 25-35 years olds with a disposable income. Skills - Experiment with different materials. - Use processes such as laser cut. - Promoting the product.

Wool Week Promotion (Collaboration) Brief To design the brochure fore Wool Week . Audience Students and artists featured, the sponsors and people interested in the campaign aswell as fashion. Skills - Layout and typography. - Working with photography. - Having specific guidelines.

UK Greeting Cards Brief To design a range of cards that are screen printed and communicate a variation of messages. Audience 18-30 year old’s looking for a handcrafted card at a higher budget. Skills - To use Illustration. - Experimenting with type . - Use screen printing. - Experiment packaging.

Dog Walking Branding Brief To rebrand a dog walking business. To design a logo and form an identity. Audience For people who live in Penzance or in this area who want their dogs walking on a regular basis or every so often. Skills - Packaging and Promotion. - Use Illustration. - Apply pattern design. - Logo design.

Summer Placements HABITAT


Context Of Practice The ways semiotics and systems effect people in modern society and the role design play within this.

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