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HI THERE! Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for design. A few years and many Google searches later, I packed up and moved from Bethlehem, PA down to Lexington, KY. I am currently a student at the University of Kentucky, studying interior design. This CIDA-accredited program has allowed me to delve deeper into my passion. I have been granted the opportunity to learn about the many facets of the field through collaborative community projects, research-intensive studios, professional internship experiences, and much more. I pride myself on being able to befriend or get a laugh out of almost anyone. I often find myself acting as a leader and a vital team player. My designs reflect my passion for people. I believe designers have the ability to make spaces that are both inspiring and functional. As a designer, I seek to deliver exceptional ideas and solutions. I aim to create an experience that goes above and beyond the user’s expectation.



Workplace 4











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CONFIDENTIAL CHEMICAL COMPANY Corporate Campus | 170,000 SF M Moser Associates Revit, Adobe Creative Suite


Workplace | Confidential Chemical Company

corporate redesign Collaborate with the project team to develop three design options and corresponding renderings M Moser Associates was selected by a large, multinational chemical company to redesign their corporate campus in Rocky Hill, CT. Three design options were developed, each of which included a new floor plan with corresponding renderings. After presenting the client with additional renderings of what their space could become with a full-scale redesign, the scope and budget of 10 million dollars were increased to include 50 and 100 million dollar design options.


Workplace | Confidential Chemical Company

Seeking to

“Improve employee well-being and satisfaction and attract new talent�

Option 1 | No Demo | 10 Million

Option 2 | Minimal Demo | 50 Million

personal key role + Collaborated with designers to develop drawings + Created conceptual renderings

+ Turned a design vision into physical deliverables + Contributed value to advance the project timeline and increase the scope 9

ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS Develop and refine the environmental graphics package for the Honeywell workplace in Atlanta, GA I collaborated on the graphics scheme that aligned with the Honeywell company standards. This included refining the graphics, making key plans with their locations throughout the workspace, and creating corresponding section drawings, all with great attention to detail. Entry Distraction Banding

Honeywell Environmental Graphics Package M Moser Associates Adobe Creative Suite

Section Mock-Up




10 Workplace | Honeywell


© Aaron Thompson Photo 2018


TEACHME Corporate Office | 11,000 SF 3rd Year Studio Revit, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite

12 Workplace | TeachMe

preliminary PROCESS Develop a new media company that focuses on photo or video sharing and design their corporate office The preliminary model making explored the concepts of shape and space. Creating multiple iterations led to an increased understanding of line, folding, and concentrated color.

14 Workplace | TeachMe

Building the BRAND


TeachMe is a digital-based company located in Culver City, CA, offering video tutorials through both a website and mobile phone app. Users can search by trend, topic, and video length to find a collection of tutorials. The logo and the predominant form in the design were inspired by a camera lens opening and closing. Floor Plan



behind the design The overall design for this space centers around the concept of emphasis. This is achieved through the complex architecture of the theater, the activation of the ceiling plane, and strategic pops of color with a CMYK palette. 16 Workplace | TeachMe


Design Takeaways + Increased understanding of the modern workplace and how to design according to its needs + Pushed architectural boundaries, specifically with creating “spaces within spaces� 17

conext Medical Office | 15,000 SF 4th Year Studio Revit, Adobe Creative Suite

18 Healthcare | CoNEXT

An urban medical office Connections to

Design a new medical office for the NEXT healthcare group in the SODO district of Seattle, WA based on the Steelcase NEXT

the past the present the future

Competition Guidelines This urban medical facility focuses on wellness and offers preventative care services. The design is inspired by connection. CoNEXT combines the industrial roots of the past, the culture of the community, and the healthcare of the future. This design was influenced by both Steelcase products and research.


20 Healthcare | CoNEXT


Making the connections Zones Care





Flooring Rubber Nora Norament Arargo 5177 Balance

Carpet Interface French Seams 105607 Lyon

LVT Armstrong Bluegrass Barnwood Fiddle Brown U3042

Section A

22 Healthcare | CoNEXT

Finish Plan

Exam Room

exam rooms of the future The exam rooms in the CoNEXT facility embody the treatment spaces of the 21st century. They are fully equipped with Steelcase products that serve the needs of the patient, the medical provider, and any visiting guests. 23

Phone/Huddle Rooms

Quiet, Please These rooms provide much needed private, focus space. They can be used individually or can act as meeting spaces for additional users. 24 Healthcare | CoNEXT


Design Takeaways + Healthcare design is extremely detail-oriented and technical + Healthcare is still a business, productivity is key

+ Technology should be integrated, but carefully controlled + The medical field is growing and reshaping itself into the future 25

College of design lounge + Cafe College Gathering Space | 1,500 SF 4th Year | 48-Hour UK CoD Charrette Revit, Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite First Place

26 Education | College of Design Lounge + CafĂŠ

designing community

Baffle System

Reimagine Pence Hall’s Garden Level to be a space where departments, faculty, students, and staff can come together to meet, share ideas, and strengthen the College of Design’s community with a design solution that can be primarily fabricated in the college’s workshop

suspended linear ribs

This design addresses the posed challenges and transforms the space through new physical interventions, color schemes, and a compelling furniture layout. The focal piece of this project is the baffle system, an innovative design solution that mitigates the prominent noise issue and unites the Café and “Living Room”.

built-in storage built-in booth

acoustic baffles

built-in booth


Section A

28 Education | College of Design Lounge + Café

The Living Room

the design comes to life | may 2018 + Completed with Hannah DiNardo from Interiors, and Nick Hodge and Blane Hornung from Architecture + With the help of the team and Bill Massie, the proposed project will be fabricated and completed by May 2018 29

mixtape Retail, Event, & Workspace | 13,000 SF 3rd Year Studio AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Adobe Creative Suite

30 Mixed-Use | Mixtape

work | learn | listen Develop a social, retail, and workspace for the Southland community The Southland Drive section of Lexington, KY is known for its connection to Bluegrass and country music. The area is home to a collection of music stores, but lacks workshop and performance space. Mixtape focuses on this facet of the area, helping to give the community a reminder of its roots while also providing a place for exploring and innovating music.


32 Mixed-Use | Mixtape

Why the Locals Love It

“fun healthy


variety neighborhood


Floor Plan Retail

Logos Event




behind the design Mixtape meets the need expressed by locals to have a space to listen to live music, or even just sit and socialize. It further unites Southland as a music corridor and gives it the ability to flourish. 34 Mixed-Use | Mixtape


design Takeaways + Showed the importance of community meetings, site visits, and observational studies + By combining retail, event, and work environments in one location, this design explored how mixed-use spaces operate 35

a pop-up hangout spot Create a temporary installation, based on the discovered needs of the Southland community of Lexington, KY, that fits in no more than three parking spaces and costs within a $9,000 budget

This mobile structure may seem small in size, measuring 20’ x 16’, but it is vast in terms of opportunity. It addresses the identified desire for shade and a comfortable community space. It encourages users to sit, stay, and socialize. This project reiterated the importance of on-site research.

Southland Hangs Pop-Up Installation | 640 SF 3rd Year Studio | 2-Week Competition 3ds Max, Adobe Creative Suite

FF&E Process Diagram rooftop

Community Choice Winner


moveable benches

lockable ceiling track 36 Installation | Southland Hangs

wall materials

meaning of the model Collaborate to digitally model and fabricate an exhibition piece that shows an understanding of forms and their relationships The model explores digital modeling and CNC milling. This volumetric geometry began as a rectangle and was manipulated to become a new form. This piece was created through different modeling techniques such as cutting away from an object and creating levels, all while maintaining a strategic design language. The design team included Annah Price, Veronica Steen, Jake Toloczko, and Alyssa VanDierendonck.

Digitally Fabricated Model Collaborative Conceptual Model 2nd Year Digital Media Rhino, CNC Milling

38 Fabrication | Digitally Fabricated Model


architectural inspiration Research an accomplished architect, Michael Graves, and create a parti and model inspired by one of his famous designs This model was inspired by one of Graves’ most notable projects, the Humana Building in Louisville, KY. After researching and analyzing the building, a parti was developed and laser cut out of chipboard. The partis were arranged into a 3D model. Its symmetry and multi-level aspects were directly inspired by the building. This interpretation adds in the element of contrast, perceived differently based on the viewing angle.

Michael Graves Inspired Model

The Humana Building


3D Model 1st Year Studio AutoCAD, Laser Cutting

40 Fabrication | Michael Graves Inspired Model


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Emily Hozza Portfolio  
Emily Hozza Portfolio  

A collection of professional and undergraduate interior design work