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Your hoping she wont mention anything but you know it’s a problem and it’s very clearly affecting both of you… It’s distressing, embarrassing not to mention painful… every time it makes you feel less like a man… If its been going on for some time then it’s getting worse… having to shamefully, quietly not talk about it… Not knowing what she’s thinking… hoping it’s not about other men that can give her what she wants and please her needs… If you were a woman & your man couldn’t last longer then a few minutes, couldn’t please you the way you needed it or even give you normal sex… Would your mind think about other men? I know how insecure I was about her because knowing she was thinking about other men is where is started… I knew it was gonna happen one day but not as soon as it did… Premature Ejaculation isn’t just a problem it’s a huge problem…it’s not just about sex it’s about happiness, stress relief, closeness & intimacy… Your feelings, your thoughts, your moods & ultimately success are all based on the happiness you experience in life. Medical reports show that Premature Ejaculation is a problem for approximately 30% of men worldwide. Worst is you feel something is wrong with you or that you have some medical problem …chances are you don’t. Premature Ejaculation believe it or not has very little to do with physical abnormalities or dysfunctions… In fact for many years… I thought I had a medical problem but…

Stamina Trainer

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Stamina Trainer